KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy ( Germany ) 12" Vinyl LP Album

Conspiracy is the concept album by King Diamond, being the second part of a story that begun on the album " Them ". It was released in 1989. Conspiracy was the last album to feature original drummer Mikkey Dee (however, he was a studio musician at that time). Roberto Falcao is a guest player on the keyboards.

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Album Front Cover Photo of KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy

Essential Album Information For: KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy

Music Genre:

Black Metal, Thrash Metal 

Label & Catalognr:

Roadrunner Records RR 9461-1

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1989 Manufactured in Western Germany.

Rights Society: Stemra

KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy Production & Recording Information

Album Packaging

This 12" LP vinyl music record comes comes in a Fold Open Cover (FOC), which is also also known as a Gatefold cover. The inner pages of this album cover contains photos, artwork.

 Custom Inner Sleeve Text


Roberto Falcao - Producer

King Diamond - Producer

Andy LaRocque - Producer

Guitar solos produced by: Chris Tsangarides

Notes on the production-team of the Conspiracy album:Roberto Falcao is producer and sound engineer since the first King Diamond record "No Presents for Christmas" on this and other "King Diamond" albums, he is producer, sound engineer and guest performer on the keyboards.

Sound & Recording Engineers:

Roberto Falcao - Sound Engineer

Gina Immel - Sound Engineer

Chris Tsangarides - Sound Mix Engineer

Roberto Falcao - Sound Mix Engineer

King Diamond - Sound Mix Engineer

Howie Weinberg - Mastering at Masterdisk, NY

Howie Weinberg is a highly renowned and respected mastering engineer in the music industry. With a career spanning over four decades, he has played an instrumental role in shaping the sound and quality of numerous iconic albums. Born on 14 September 14, 1953, in New York City, Howie's passion for music began at a young age.


In the early 1970s, Weinberg embarked on his journey into the music industry, starting as an assistant engineer at Masterdisk, a leading mastering studio in New York City. Under the guidance of accomplished engineers like Bob Ludwig and Greg Calbi, Howie honed his skills and gained invaluable experience working with a diverse range of artists and genres.

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Recording Location:

This album was recorded and mixed at: Rumbo Recorders, Canoga Park, CA

Album Cover Design & Artwork:

Studio Dzyan - Album Cover Artwork

 Studio Dzyan ( album artwork and graphics design ) was founded by Thorbjorn Jorgensen and has worked with both Thomas Holm and Thorbjorn Jorgensen to illustrate 1980s albums by "King Diamond" and "Spartan Warrior".

Thomas Holm - Album Cover Artwork

 Thomas Holm started his career as art designer in the early 1980's and has done the album covers for bands like: Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Spartan Warrior, Dark Heart.

Thorbjorn Jorgenson - Album Cover Artwork

 Torbjorn Jorgensen a Swedish illustrator and graphic designer and member/founder of the Studio Dzyan in Malmö. Torbjorn has been working on all the artwork for the albums of Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, S.P.O.C.K, Lord Belial and many others.


Krasner/Trebitz - Front Cover Photography

  Krasner / Trebitz Photography are a photography company comprised of Bob Krasner and Debra Trebitz, photographing bands like: King Diamond, Crimson Glory, Banshee, Scorpions, Doctor Nerve.

Alex Solca

Alex Solca is an esteemed photographer who has made an indelible mark in the world of music photography, particularly in the realm of Heavy Metal. With several decades of experience capturing the raw energy and captivating essence of numerous renowned bands, Solca has become an iconic figure in the industry.


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Beyond his technical skills, Solca possesses a unique ability to connect with the musicians he photographs. He understands their passion, their struggles, and their desire to express themselves through their music. This empathetic approach allows him to capture moments that not only showcase the artists' stage presence but also reveal their vulnerability and humanity.

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  • King Diamond - Vocals, Keyboards

    Danish metal legend King Diamond. Shocking makeup, chilling falsetto vocals, and dark, theatrical concepts. A true master of horror-infused heavy metal. Explore his world

  • Andy LaRocque - Guitar

    Andy LaRocque: Swedish guitar virtuoso behind King Diamond's sound. Neo-classical shred, melodic mastery, & top-notch production skills. Dive into his legacy:

  • Pete Blakk - Guitar

    Pete Blakk: Swedish shredder known for his work with King Diamond. His riffs and solos defined a heavy metal era. "Learn more about him"

  • Hal Patino - Bass

    Hal Patino: American bassist who fueled the sound of Danish heavy metal giants Geisha and King Diamond. His powerful basslines are a hallmark of their iconic albums. "Learn about him"

  • Mikkey Dee - Drums

    Mikkey Dee: Drum legend behind Motörhead, Scorpions, King Diamond. A powerhouse of rhythm. Explore his journey

  1. At the Graves (Diamond) 8:56
  2. Sleepless Nights (LaRocque) 5:05
  3. Lies (Diamond) 4:22
  4. A Visit from the Dead (LaRocque) 6:12
  5. The Wedding Dream (Diamond) 6:01
  6. Amon Belongs to Them (LaRocque - Diamond) 3:51
  7. Something Weird (LaRocque) 2:06
  8. Victimized (LaRocque) 5:21
  9. Let It Be Done (Diamond) 1:13
  10. Cremation (Diamond) 4:12

KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy High Resolution & Quality Photos

Front Cover Photo Of KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Front Cover Photo Of KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy

Photo Of The Back Cover KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy

Photo of album back cover KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the inner sleeve KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the inner sleeve KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the inner sleeve KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the inner sleeve KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the custom inner sleeve KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of album back cover KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the merchandise order form KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the merchandise order form KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the merchandise order form KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of the merchandise order form KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of record one KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of record 1 of KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of record two KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy
Photo of record 1   of KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy