Pete Blakk - Mini-Biography AND CAREER

Pete Blakk is a Swedish guitarist whose claim to fame lies in his brief yet impactful stint with the legendary King Diamond (1988-1990). Beyond his work with metal icons, Blakk founded Blakk Totem, showcasing his guitar mastery. His music continues to resonate within heavy metal circles, leaving a lasting impression on fans of the genre.

Album Front cover Photo of Pete Blakk

PETE BLAKK (Guitarist)

Pete Blakk, born Peter Blakkis in Denmark in 1965, embarked on his musical journey fueled by a passion for the guitar. Influenced by the burgeoning metal scene of the '80s, Blakk honed his skills, showcasing early signs of the guitar virtuoso he would become. The energetic atmosphere of the era fueled his determination to make a mark in the world of heavy metal.

Rising with GEISHA (1985-1988):

In 1985, Pete Blakk joined forces with other talented musicians to form the heavy metal band GEISHA. His technical prowess on the guitar quickly became a defining element of the band's sound. The collaboration resulted in the creation of three impactful demos, setting the stage for the release of their only full-length album, "Phantasmagoria," in 1988. Blakk's intricate solos and innovative approach marked him as a standout guitarist in the Danish metal scene.

A Royal Collaboration with King Diamond (1988-1991):

Following GEISHA's disbandment in 1988, Pete Blakk's journey took a royal turn as he joined forces with the legendary King Diamond. Becoming the lead guitarist for King Diamond, Blakk played a crucial role in albums like "Conspiracy" (1989) and "The Eye" (1990) . His tenure with King Diamond solidified his reputation as a versatile guitarist, contributing significantly to the band's distinctive sound.

Post-King Diamond Ventures and Musical Explorations (1991-Present):

After parting ways with King Diamond in 1991, Pete Blakk continued his musical explorations, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. While specific details about this period may vary, Blakk's post-King Diamond ventures attest to his enduring commitment to musical excellence.

Legacy and Influence:

Pete Blakk's legacy in the world of heavy metal remains indelible. His contributions to GEISHA and King Diamond showcase a guitarist who not only mastered technical intricacies but also left an artistic imprint on the genre. Blakk's influence on aspiring guitarists and his impact on the golden era of metal continue to be celebrated by fans and fellow musicians alike.