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This is the complete vinyl discography of STATUS QUO and lists all albums of STATUS QUO released on vinyl LP, click on the links of the album--name to see the complete details of each record The "STATUS QUO" has been a very successful British Rock and Roll band which has produced many great sounding albums. Because their great successes , they have sold millions of records and these are ease to find. This makes that the vinyl albums of STATUS QUO are not with great values, you can expect up to 5-10€ for albums in absolute Mint condition

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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title
Vertigo 834 604
Status Quo - Aint Complaining

STATUS QUO - Aint Complaining

The 1988 release of Status Quo's "Ain't Complaining" marked the band's 20th studio album and showcased their enduring rock sound. Produced by Pip Williams, a renowned British producer known for his work with Quo and other notable artists, the album featured a collection of energetic and catchy tracks that solidified the band's reputation as a leading force in the rock music scene.

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The 1973 French release of Status Quo's "Best of Status Quo" is a compilation album that showcases the band's early hits and highlights their distinctive rock sound. Featuring tracks like "Pictures of Matchstick Men" and "Ice in the Sun," the LP captures the band's energetic performances and catchy melodies. With its collection of well-known songs, the album serves as a solid introduction to Status Quo's music and remains a popular choice among fans of classic rock.

Vertigo 6360 128

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  STATUS QUO - Blue For You (1976, Netherlands)  

"Blue for You" by the English Rock band STATUS QUO, released in March 1976. It entered the British album chart at No. 1 and stayed there for three weeks, making it one of their most successful long players.


STATUS QUO - Blue For You

This is the German release of "Blue for You" the ninth studio album by British rock band Status Quo, originally released in 1976. The German release of the album features the same nine tracks as the original UK release, with a slight variation in the track order. The album is considered a classic work in the band's discography, blending the band's signature boogie rock sound with blues and pop influences.

PYE Records SLDPY 818

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STATUS QUO - Dog of Two Head Gatefold (1971, France)

This album "STATUS QUO - Dog of Two Head Gatefold" is the 1971 rock album by STATUS QUO released by Pye Records, their fourth studio album. At the time of recording, the band consisted of Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan.

Status Quo - Le Double Disque D'Or

STATUS QUO - Double Disque D'Or

The 1970 release of Status Quo's "Le Double Disque d'Or de Status Quo" on Vogue PYE Records is a 2LP vinyl album that celebrates the band's early successes. The album features a collection of their popular hits, including "Spicks and Specks" and "Down the Dustpipe ", showcasing their signature rock sound. With its double-disc format, this album offers a comprehensive overview of Status Quo's early career and serves as a must-have for fans of the band's classic rock repertoire.

Golden Hour – GH 604

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STATUS QUO - Down The Dustpipe  

"Down The Dustpipe" is a 12" vinyl LP album by Status Quo, featuring their distinctive blend of rock and boogie rock, highlighted by the popular title track and a collection of energetic and catchy songs.

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The 1973 release of Status Quo's "Hello!" on 12" vinyl LP is a dynamic and high-energy album that epitomizes the band's classic rock sound. Produced by Status Quo and engineered by Damon Lyon-Shaw. "Hello!" is an electrifying record that captures the raw energy and infectious spirit of Status Quo's live performances, making it a fan favorite and a standout addition to their discography.

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STATUS QUO - Hit Album

The "Hit Album" by Status Quo is a compilation 12" vinyl LP that showcases the band's chart-topping hits from various albums. Released in (insert release year), the album offers a comprehensive overview of Status Quo's most popular tracks, including "Rockin' All Over the World", "Down Down", and "Whatever You Want". T

Status Quo - If you can't stand the heat

STATUS QUO - If you can't stand the heat

The 1978 release of Status Quo's "If You Can't Stand the Heat" on a gatefold 12" vinyl LP is a rock-solid album that exemplifies the band's classic sound. Produced by Pip Williams, the album features a mix of hard-driving rockers like "Again and Again" and "Long Legged Linda" alongside melodic tracks such as "Oh! What a Night" and "Like a Good Girl". With its memorable hooks and infectious energy, "If You Can't Stand the Heat" is a quintessential addition to Status Quo's discography and a favorite among fans of their energetic rock style.

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STATUS QUO - In the Army Now

"In the Army Now" is the seventeenth studio album by British rock band Status Quo. Released in 1986, it features a mix of rock and pop influences, including the hit single of the same name, and was produced by Pip Williams. The album received mixed reviews but was a commercial success.

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STATUS QUO - Just Supposin'

The 1980 release of Status Quo's "Just Supposin'" on a 12" vinyl LP, under the Vertigo record label, showcases the band's rock prowess. The album features a blend of upbeat tracks like "What You're Proposing" and "Run to Mummy" along with more mellow numbers such as "Over the Edge". The iconic black background and the two "mushroom" symbols on the Vertigo label add a distinctive touch to this record. "Just Supposin'" is a solid addition to Status Quo's catalog, delivering their trademark sound with a mix of energetic rockers and heartfelt ballads.

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The 7" single vinyl picture sleeve of Status Quo's "Lies b/w Don't Drive My Car" offers a compact but impactful musical experience. Released as a double A-side in (insert year), the single showcases the band's rock 'n' roll prowess. "Lies" delivers a punchy and energetic sound with catchy hooks, while "Don't Drive My Car" presents a more laid-back groove. The picture sleeve adds visual appeal to this collector's item, making it a prized addition for fans of Status Quo and vinyl enthusiasts alike.

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thumbnail of front cover STATUS QUO - Quo
thumbnail of front cover STATUS QUO - Rockin' All Over The World

Capitol Records – ST-11509

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New Entry   STATUS QUO - STATUS QUO ( self-titled , 1976 , USA )

This is the American release of the album "Blue For You" with a Die-Cut cover and different artwork

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They began as a rock and roll freakbeat band called the Spectres. By 1967, with very little commercial success, they discovered psychedelia and changed their name to Traffic (later Traffic Jam, to avoid confusion with Steve Winwood's Traffic.) At this time the line-up also included organist Roy Lynes and drummer John Coghlan. Late in 1967 they recruited second guitarist Rick Parfitt and became The Status Quo, scoring Top 10 singles with Pictures Of Matchstick Men and Ice in The Sun. 

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STATUS QUO - Whatever you Want

In 1979, a legendary rock album made its way onto the turntables of fans worldwide. Status Quo's "Whatever You Want" 12" Vinyl LP Album, released on Vertigo Records, delivered a sonic experience that resonated with listeners and solidified the band's reputation as one of the pioneers of British rock.

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STATUS QUO - You Are in the Army Now 12" Vinyl Max-Single

In the year 1986, a vinyl gem emerged from the musical landscape. It was none other than Status Quo's "You Are in the Army Now" 12" Vinyl Maxi-Single, made in Holland. Produced by Pip Williams for Handle Artists, this release showcased the band's ability to deliver a powerful rock anthem that captivated listeners worldwide.