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BAP was one of German's best rock bands, their music was inspired by the Rolling Stones and sung in the Kölsch dialect

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 BAP is a German rock band that was formed in the 1980s. BAP, which stands for Batterie-Akkordeon-Piano, is one of the most popular and influential rock bands in Germany.

 BAP was founded in the city of Cologne and became known for their blend of rock, ska, and reggae music. They were pioneers of the German rock scene and were one of the first German bands to incorporate elements of reggae and ska into their music. The band's unique sound and energetic live performances quickly earned them a large following and helped to establish them as one of the leading acts in the German rock music scene.

 BAP's lyrics often touch on social and political issues, and their music is known for its powerful and thought-provoking messages. Over the years, the band has released numerous albums and hit songs that have become staples of the German rock music scene.

 Despite facing numerous challenges and changes in the music industry, BAP has remained a popular and relevant band. They have continued to tour and release new music, and their influence can be heard in the work of many contemporary German rock bands.

Index of B.A.P. Vinyl Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery
BAP - Affjetaut 12" Vinyl LP
BAP - Affjetaut album front cover vinyl record

"Affjetaut" boldly embraced BAP's unique Kölschrock sound—rock and blues sung entirely in Kölsch, the dialect of Cologne. This rejection of standard German was a statement of regional pride and a powerful connection

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BAP - Live Bess Demnähx 12" Vinyl LP
BAP - Live Bess Demnähx album front cover vinyl record

BAP's "Live Bess Demnähx" is a thrilling double-LP vinyl album capturing the legendary Cologne-based rock band's electrifying stage presence. This live recording showcases BAP's raw energy and their distinctive Kölsch dialect

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BAP - Vun Drinne Noh Drusse 12" Vinyl LP
BAP - Vun Drinne Noh Drusse album front cover vinyl record

In 1982, BAP, the legendary Kölschrock band from Cologne, Germany, released their landmark album "Vun Drinne Noh Drusse" ("From Inside to Outside"). This album, a powerful combination of rock and regional dialect

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BAP - Zwesche, Salzjeback un Bier 12" Vinyl LP
BAP - Zwesche, Salzjeback un Bier album front cover vinyl record

The album's title track, "Zwäsche Salzjebäck un Bier," is a rollicking anthem about the simple pleasures of life. The song's lyrics describe a day in the life of a working man, from getting up for work to going out to the pub

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