MASSADA - Pukul Tifa - 12" LP Vinyl Album

Massada's "Pukul Tifa" 12" LP Vinyl Album, released in 1979, is a captivating offering from the Dutch Latin Fusion band. Recorded at the Relight Studio in Hilvarenbeek, this album is a musical journey that defies boundaries. The accompanying web page provides high-resolution images of the album cover and record label, along with a comprehensive description, making it a valuable resource for fans of this unique fusion sound.


MASSADA - Pukul Tifa 12" LP Vinyl Album front cover

Album Description:

"Pukul Tifa" is an iconic 12" LP vinyl album by the Dutch Latin Fusion band Massada. Released in 1979, this album showcases the band's unique blend of Latin rhythms, rock, and Indonesian influences, creating a captivating musical experience. With its talented band members and diverse track listing, "Pukul Tifa" stands as a testament to Massada's creative prowess and their ability to push musical boundaries.

The band consists of a group of highly skilled musicians and performers who each bring their individual talents to the table. Johnny Manuhutu takes on the role of lead vocalist and percussionist, infusing his energy and passion into every track. Nino "Kapitan" Latuny and Christ Latul deliver mesmerizing guitar work, while Usje Sabander provides a solid bass foundation. Zeth Mustamu contributes his rhythmic expertise on percussion, and Eppy Manuhutu keeps the beat on drums. Frans Eschauzier's moogs and synthesizers add a distinct atmospheric element, and the brass section, featuring Peter Kuyt on trumpet and Fred Berkemeier on saxophone, adds a dynamic and vibrant touch. Neppie Noya's congas contribute to the Latin flavor, completing the ensemble's rich sound.

The track listing of "Pukul Tifa" is a delightful journey through various musical landscapes. The album opens with "Impulse of Rhythm", setting the stage for what's to come. The energetic beats and infectious melodies instantly grab the listener's attention, inviting them to join in the musical celebration. "There's no time to return" continues the momentum, with its catchy hooks and lively instrumentation.

One of the standout tracks on the album is "Fathers within one father". This song explores deeper themes, touching on identity, heritage, and the interconnectedness of generations. The band's ability to infuse these profound ideas into their music showcases their artistic depth and lyrical prowess.

"Arumbai" showcases Massada's Indonesian influences, with its traditional melodies and captivating rhythms. The band seamlessly weaves together different cultural elements, creating a fusion that is both exciting and harmonious. "Tjakalele" continues the exploration of Indonesian sounds, with its vibrant percussion and infectious grooves.

"Unknown Destination" takes the listener on a musical adventure, evoking a sense of curiosity and anticipation. The atmospheric elements and intricate instrumentation create a sense of mystery and intrigue. The album concludes with "Air Mata Tumpa", a poignant and emotional track that leaves a lasting impact. Its heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melodies demonstrate Massada's ability to connect with their audience on a deep and personal level.

"Pukul Tifa" is a testament to Massada's innovation and creativity in the realm of Latin Fusion music. The band's ability to blend diverse musical influences into a cohesive and engaging album is truly remarkable. Their infectious energy and impeccable musicianship shine through each track, captivating listeners and leaving a lasting impression.

As a 12" LP vinyl album, "Pukul Tifa" not only offers an exceptional musical experience but also serves as a tangible piece of art. The larger format allows for beautiful album artwork and provides a more immersive listening experience. The physicality of the vinyl record adds a nostalgic touch, making it a cherished item for music enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Music Genre:

Latin rock genre, with elements of jazz, funk, and Caribbean music

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: MASSADA - Pukul Tifa
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Johnny Manuhutu - vocals, percussion
  • Nino "Kapitan" Latuny - guitar
  • Christ Latul - guitar, bass
  • Usje Sabander - Bass
  • Zeth Mustamu - percussion
  • Eppy Manuhutu - drums

    Eppy Manuhutu is a musician who is best known as the drummer for the Dutch-Indonesian fusion band Massada. The band Massada was formed in the 1970s and became a prominent band in the world music scene, blending various musical styles, including rock, jazz, funk, and Indonesian influences.

    Eppy Manuhutu's drumming skills played a significant role in shaping Massada's unique sound. His rhythmic contributions, along with the band's use of traditional Indonesian instruments and melodies, created a distinctive fusion that appealed to a broad audience.

    The band Massada released several albums during their career, with some of their most notable works including titles like "Astaganaga" and "Pukul Tifa." These albums often featured intricate percussion work by Eppy Manuhutu, adding depth and complexity to the band's music.

    While Eppy Manuhutu may not be as widely recognized as some other drummers in the music industry, his contributions to Massada's music helped establish the band's signature sound and left a lasting impact on fans of world fusion music.

  • Frans Eschauzier - moogs, synthesizers
  • Peter Kuyt - trumpet
  • Fred Berkemeier - saxophone
  • Neppie Noya - Congas

Complete Track-listing of the album "MASSADA - Pukul Tifa"

The detailed tracklist of this record "MASSADA - Pukul Tifa" is:

  1. Impulse of Rhythm
  2. There's no time to reurn
  3. Fathers within one father
  4. Arumbai
  5. Tjakalele
  6. Unknown Destination
  7. Air Mata Tumpa


Front Cover Photo Of MASSADA - Pukul Tifa 12" LP Vinyl Album


MASSADA - Pukul Tifa 12" LP Vinyl Album front cover

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Photo Of The Back Cover MASSADA - Pukul Tifa 12" LP Vinyl Album


MASSADA - Pukul Tifa 12" LP Vinyl Album back cover

Close up of record's label MASSADA - Pukul Tifa 12" LP Vinyl Album Side One

"Pukul Tifa" Record Label Details: Kendari Records KDR 21010 ℗ 1979 Sound Copyright

"Pukul Tifa" Record Label Details: Kendari Records KDR 21010 ℗ 1979 Sound Copyright