DORO Pesch ( Heavy metal , Germany ) Vinyl Discography and Album Cover Gallery

DORO ( Pesch ) the band was formed in 1989 out of the former Warlock band and released two albums during the period 1989 until 1990.This web-page has detailed descriptions and background information on DORO Pesch ( ex Warlock ) and a selection of her best vinyl records of this band

Album Front Cover Photo of DORO Pesch

Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
Mercury 422 838 016
Doro Pesch Force Majeure Mercury USA Pressing

DORO PESCH - Force Majeure (1989,USA)

"Force Majeure" is Doro's first/debut album . Dorothee Pesch started a solo career in 1989 after her previous band: Warlock dissolved itself.

Orange Vertigo 838 016 (838016)

DORO - Force Majeure (1989, Germany(

Vertigo 518 680
DORO Live Picture disc Limited Edition

DORO - Live Picture disc (1993, Germany)

(Angels Never Die Tour 93) Picture disc