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DORO ( Pesch ) the band was formed in 1989 out of the former Warlock band and released two albums during the period 1989 until 1990.This web-page has detailed descriptions and background information on DORO Pesch ( ex Warlock ) and a selection of her best vinyl records of this band

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DORO (Solo)Band Information:

DORO is a heavy metal band from Germany, fronted by the charismatic singer and songwriter Doro Pesch. The band has been active for over three decades and is known for its powerful and melodic metal sound, as well as Doro's unique and commanding stage presence. In this article, we will explore the history of the band, its musical style, and some of its most notable achievements.

Doro Pesch started her music career in the early 1980s, as the lead singer of the German heavy metal band Warlock. With her powerful vocals and striking stage presence, Doro quickly became the face of the band, and helped them achieve significant success in Europe and beyond. In 1987, however, Doro decided to leave Warlock and pursue a solo career, which would allow her more creative freedom and control over her music.

Doro's first solo album, "Force Majeure", was released in 1989 and was well received by fans and critics alike. The album showcased Doro's impressive vocal range and her ability to write catchy and memorable metal anthems. Over the years, Doro released many more solo albums, each one demonstrating her growth as an artist and her dedication to the heavy metal genre.

In addition to her solo work, Doro has also collaborated with many other musicians and bands over the years. She has worked with notable artists such as Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, Udo Dirkschneider of Accept, and Tarja Turunen of Nightwish. These collaborations have allowed Doro to explore different musical styles and push the boundaries of what is possible in the heavy metal genre.

One of DORO's most notable achievements is its dedicated and passionate fan base. Doro's fans, who call themselves the "Doro Clan", are known for their fierce loyalty and support of the band. They travel from all over the world to attend DORO's concerts and events, and many of them have been following the band since its early days in the 1980s. Doro herself has always been grateful for her fans' support, and she often makes a point of meeting with them after shows and thanking them for their continued loyalty.

Another notable achievement for DORO is its induction into the "Hall of Heavy Metal History" in 2018. This honor recognizes Doro's contributions to the heavy metal genre and her status as a pioneering female figure in a male-dominated field. Doro has always been an advocate for women in metal, and has inspired many female musicians to pursue their dreams and make their mark in the genre.

Why Doro Pesch Left Warlock
A Tale of Legal Battles and a New Musical Era

Doro Pesch, the iconic voice of German heavy metal, is known for her powerful vocals and enduring solo career. But many fans still wonder about her transition from fronting the band Warlock to her own successful path. While often simplified as a choice, the reality is Doro's hand was forced due to complex legal battles that ultimately changed the course of metal history.

Losing the Name, Not the Spirit

In the 1980s, Warlock achieved significant underground and mainstream success. However, internal turmoil arose when a legal dispute erupted between Doro and the band's manager over rights to the "Warlock" name and associated merchandise. This battle raged on, leaving Doro ultimately stripped of the ability to use the band's name.

To make matters worse, Doro's record label was reluctant to invest in promoting a completely new and unknown band. They saw more marketability in maintaining the "Doro" name, recognizing her as its central figure.

From Warlock to Doro: A Forced Transition

While Doro hadn't planned on a solo career, the pressures from the legal loss and her record label essentially closed the book on her time with Warlock. Original band members had already departed, furthering the instability of the group.

Despite this major setback, Doro's determination and talent remained unchanged. Her solo career became a natural continuation of her musical journey, albeit under a different banner. Notably, she continues to perform classic Warlock anthems in her live shows, a testament to the enduring legacy of the band.

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DORO PESCH - Force Majeure (German & USA Releases) 12" Vinyl LP
DORO PESCH - Force Majeure (German & USA Releases) album front cover vinyl record

"Force Majeure" marks a sonic departure from Warlock's rawer sound. The album, produced by Joey Balin, embraces a polished, radio-friendly hard rock sound while retaining Doro's signature metal edge.

- Force Majeure (1989, Germany) - Force Majeure (1989,USA)
DORO - Live Picture Disc (1993, Germany) 12" Vinyl LP
DORO - Live Picture Disc (1993, Germany) album front cover vinyl record

The "Angels Never Die" tour was a pivotal moment for Doro, showcasing her command of the stage and her unwavering dedication to her fans. The setlist on the "Live" picture disc is a testament to this

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Teutonic Titans: Metal Bands That Ruled Alongside Warlock

Warlock, fronted by the indomitable Doro Pesch, carved a path for women in the male-dominated world of heavy metal during the early 1980s. But they weren't alone in flying the flag for German metal excellence. Here's a look at other Teutonic bands who were making waves during that same era:

The Undisputed Champions

Accept: With their raw energy, anthemic choruses, and Udo Dirkschneider's iconic rasp, Accept became the defining sound of German metal. Their albums "Restless and Wild" (1982) and "Balls to the Wall" (1983) are absolute must-listens.

Scorpions: While already established, the Scorpions truly ascended to global stardom in the early 80s. "Blackout" (1982) and "Love at First Sting" (1984) catapulted them to arena-filling status, blending hard rock power with unforgettable melodies.

Heavy Hitters

Grave Digger: Formed in 1980, Grave Digger delivered classic heavy metal with fist-pumping riffs and powerful vocals. Their early releases, "Heavy Metal Breakdown" (1984) and "Witch Hunter" (1985), cemented their place in the scene.

This era was a golden age for German heavy metal. These bands, alongside Warlock, created a legacy of powerful riffs, soaring vocals, and an unwavering passion that still resonates with metalheads worldwide.