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  This web-page has detailed descriptions and background information on Erotic and Fantasy Art Album Covers. These album covers include photograph artists like Andy Warhol, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Sorayama Hajime and many others.

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N 0054

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ASGARD - In the Ancient Days (1986, Germany)

Asgard is a Dutch Power/Thrash metal which was originally named "Angel Dust". This is the only one official album: "In the ancient days".

Album cover by: Ken Kelly

Ken W. Kelly is an American fantasy artist and illustrator who has made a significant impact on the world of visual arts with his breathtaking creations. Born on 19 October 1946, in New London, Connecticut, Ken's early fascination with art and imagination laid the foundation for his illustrious career.

From a young age, Kelly exhibited a natural talent for drawing and painting. He found inspiration in the works of renowned artists such as Frank Frazetta and Roy Krenkel, who had a profound influence on his artistic style. Ken's passion for fantasy and science fiction genres grew, fueling his desire to bring the realms of the imagination to life through his artwork.

In the early 1970s, Ken W. Kelly gained recognition for his remarkable talent when he was commissioned to create cover art for rock albums. His iconic artwork graced the covers of albums for legendary bands such as KISS, Manowar, and Rainbow. These album covers became synonymous with the music and helped shape the visual identity of these bands, cementing Ken's reputation as a master of fantasy art.


Ken's artwork is characterized by its vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and attention to detail. His ability to capture the essence of fantastical creatures, landscapes, and heroic figures brought his illustrations to life, captivating viewers and transporting them to otherworldly realms. Ken's unique artistic vision and technical prowess made him a sought-after illustrator for book covers, role-playing games, and collectible card games.

Throughout his career, Ken W. Kelly has collaborated with numerous renowned authors and publishers, including working on covers for novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, and Michael Moorcock. His artwork has adorned the covers of fantasy and science fiction novels, immersing readers in the worlds created by these talented authors.

Beyond his contributions to the realms of music and literature, Ken's artwork has been featured in galleries and exhibitions worldwide. His work continues to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike. Ken's ability to convey the essence of epic battles, mythical creatures, and heroic adventures has left an indelible mark on the world of fantasy art.

Ken W. Kelly's achievements and contributions to the field of fantasy art have garnered him a dedicated fan base and numerous accolades. His artwork remains timeless, inviting viewers to step into the fantastical worlds he brings to life on canvas.

As a visionary artist, Ken W. Kelly's legacy will continue to inspire generations of artists and enthusiasts, ensuring that his imagination and creativity endure in the annals of fantasy art history. His ability to transport viewers to realms of awe-inspiring beauty and imagination has solidified his place as one of the most celebrated fantasy artists of his time.

Ken W. Kelly has created artwork for several notable album covers, including:

1. KISS - "Destroyer" (1976): Ken W. Kelly's artwork for this album cover features the iconic KISS band members in a post-apocalyptic setting, surrounded by flames and destruction.

2. KISS - "Love Gun" (1977): Ken W. Kelly's cover art for this album showcases the KISS band members as superheroes, with Gene Simmons as "The Demon", Paul Stanley as "Starchild", Ace Frehley as "Spaceman", and Peter Criss as "Catman".

3. KISS - "Rock and Roll Over" (1976): Ken W. Kelly's artwork for this album cover features a close-up of the iconic KISS logo, with each band member's face appearing within the letters.

4. Manowar - "Hail to England" (1984): Ken W. Kelly's artwork for this album cover depicts a warrior raising his sword in triumph, surrounded by a battlefield and an epic sky.

5. Rainbow - "Rising" (1976): Ken W. Kelly's cover art for this album features a powerful and majestic rainbow rising over a mountain landscape, with stormy clouds and lightning.

These album covers are just a few examples of Ken W. Kelly's contribution to the world of music and his ability to create captivating imagery that perfectly complements the spirit and essence of the music contained within.

Geffen GEF 26413
Asia - Astra

ASIA - Astra ( 1985 The Netherlands )

 Album cover design by Roger Dean

  Roger Dean ( full-name: William Roger Dean ) Roger Dean an English artist and designer who is best known for his work creating album covers for numerous rock bands, including Yes, Uriah Heep, and Asia. He was born on 31 August 1944, in Ashford, Kent, England.

  Dean's distinctive style is characterized by his use of fantastical landscapes, surreal imagery, and vivid colors. His album covers often feature otherworldly creatures, floating islands, and intricate patterns. Dean's work has become synonymous with the progressive rock movement of the 1970s, and his iconic designs have become an integral part of the visual language of rock music.

  In addition to his album cover work, Dean has also designed stage sets, costumes, and logos for numerous bands. He has also created artwork for book covers, calendars, and video games.

  Dean's influence extends beyond the world of music, and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. In 2018, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Arts University Bournemouth in recognition of his contributions to the fields of art and design.

NEAT 55-12
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ATOMKRAFT - Queen of Death ) 1986 UK United Kingdom )

Atomkraft's "Queen of Death" (UK Release) 12" vinyl LP is a testament to the band's powerful thrash metal sound. With album cover artwork by David Parker at Fine Art, the visual aesthetic perfectly complements the intensity of the music within. Released under NEAT Records, the album showcases Atomkraft's raw energy and aggressive riffs. A must-have for fans of British thrash metal and collectors of underground gems.

RCA PL 87009

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AUTOGRAPH - That's The Stuff ( 1985 Italy )

The robot woman on the front album cover of Autograph's "That's The Stuff" was clearly influenced by the Female/Women bots by the Japanese Illustrator: Hajime Sorayama .

Autograph is a glam metal band that formed in Los Angeles, USA in 1983.

Elektra ELK 52 148

The album cover was painted by artist Alberto Vargas, known for his paintings of pin-up girls that appeared in Esquire and Playboy magazines in the 1940s and 1960s.

CARS - Candy-O ( France )

The album cover was painted by artist Alberto Vargas, known for his paintings of pin-up girls that appeared in Esquire and Playboy magazines in the 1940s and 1960s. The idea to hire Vargas came from drummer David Robinson, the band's artistic director and a collector of pin-ups. The 83-year-old Vargas had retired several years earlier but was persuaded to take the assignment by his niece, who was a fan of The Cars. The painting, depicting a girl sprawled across the hood of a car, was based on a photo shoot directed by Robinson at a Ferrari dealership. The model, coincidentally named Candy, briefly dated Robinson afterward.

Electrola Harvest 1C 064-45 936

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ELOY - Colours ( 1980 )

Eloy's "Colours" (German Release) 12" LP vinyl album showcases the band's progressive rock mastery. With Klaus-Peter Matziol on bass and vocals, Jim McGillivray on drums and percussion, Hannes Arkona on electric and acoustic guitars, Hannes Folberth on keyboards, and Frank Bornemann leading with vocals and guitars, the lineup is a powerhouse of talent. "Colours" takes listeners on a captivating musical journey with its intricate compositions and thought-provoking lyrics.

Music For Nations RR 9782

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EXCITER - Long Live the Loud ( 1985, The Netherlands )

"Long Live the Loud" is the third studio album by the Canadian speed metal band Exciter, released through Music For Nations in 1984 and rereleased through Megaforce Records in march 2005 with the EP Feel the Knife. All songs were written by Dan Beehler, except "Victims of Sacrifice" by Johnson and Beehler.

Album cover art by Alan Craddock

FLOTSAM and JETSAM - No Place for Disgrace

FLOTSAM and JETSAM - No Place for Disgrace

The front cover of the album. "No place for Disgrace" has been designed by Boris Vallejo Flotsam and Jetsam's "No Place for Disgrace" 12" vinyl LP album solidifies their place in thrash metal history. Recorded between December 1987 and February 1988, this second album is a relentless assault of aggressive riffs, blistering solos, and intense vocals. Released in 1988, it showcases the band's evolution and technical prowess. A must-have for fans of classic thrash and a testament to Flotsam and Jetsam's enduring impact.

Island ZTT 601 096
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Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax .

On January 11, 1984, BBC Radio 1 disc jockey Mike Read was playing the record on his show when he noticed the front cover design (by Yvonne Gilbert), depicting a man and woman pressed against each other, back to back, with clothed upper bodies but bared buttocks, and including a somewhat salacious quote from the song's lyrics.

Cover design by Yvonne Gilbert

Vertigo 710012
Hard Rock Heroes Club Edition

Hard Rock Heroes Club Edition ( Germany )

The Hard Rock Heroes Club Edition 12" vinyl LP album is a powerhouse collection featuring iconic tracks from hard rock legends. Designed by Alan Craddock at Young Artists, Agentur Schluck, the album showcases an array of rock anthems. Side One includes hits like Cinderella's "Shelter Me" and Doro's "Unholy Love". Side Two features Scorpions' "Tease Me, Please Me" and Rush's timeless classic "Tom Sawyer".

SteamHammer SH 0032 thumbnail of front cover

Iron Angel Hellish Crossfire (1985)

Iron Angel's "Hellish Crossfire" German release 12" vinyl LP album is a thrash metal masterpiece. Produced by Horst "Hoddle" Muller and recorded at Caet Studio Berlin in May 1985, it delivers relentless aggression and blistering guitar work. With album photography by Joachim-Peters-Schnee and cover design by Edda & Uwe Karczewski and Peter Wittke, the visual presentation matches the intensity of the music. Featuring the talented lineup of Dirk Schroeder, Sven Struven, Mike Mattes, and Thorsten Lohmann.

Album cover design by Edda & Uwe Karczewski, Hamburg

Uwe Karczewski a German graphics artist known for the 1980's album covers for Heavy Metal bands like: Helloween , Iron Angel .


CBS 25713

JUDAS PRIEST - Defenders of the Faith

JUDAS PRIEST - Defenders of the Faith (1984)

 "Defenders of the Faith" is the ninth studio album by British heavy metal band Judas Priest. It was recorded at Ibiza Sound Studios, Ibiza, Spain and mixed from September to November 1983 at DB Recording Studios and Bayshore Recording Studios in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida.

Gull records / Line Records LIDLP 5.0004

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JUDAS PRIEST - Hero, Hero White Vinyl 2LP ( 1985 )

Judas Priest's "Hero Hero" (White Vinyl 2LP) 12" vinyl LP album is a must-have for fans of the band's early years. This compilation album features two LPs, both pressed on white vinyl, adding a special collector's touch. "Hero Hero" showcases the raw power and iconic sound of Judas Priest in their formative years. With classic tracks like "The Ripper" and "Victim of Changes", it's a definitive collection for any Priest enthusiast.

CBS 26641

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JUDAS PRIEST - Turbo ( 1980, England )

Turbo is the 10th studio album by British heavy metal band Judas Priest, recorded in June – November, 1985, at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas

Noise N0025     Kreator - Endless Pain

KREATOR - Endless Pain ( 1985, Germany )

"Endless Pain" is the debut (first) full-length album released by the Teutonic (German) Thrash Metal band "KREATOR". It was released in October 1985 under "Noise records N 0025". Executive producer was "Karl-Ulrich Walterbach" and production, sound engineering was managed by "Harris Johns". The album cover painting was done by "Phil Lawvere", and the band photo on the back cover by "Fred Baumgart".


"Metal Marathon Part 1: The Heavy's" is a visually captivating compilation album drawn in the style of Japanese illustrator Sorayama Hajime. Produced by J. Lacross, Jürg Naegeli, and R. Weiss, its track origins remain unknown. Released in 1989, "The Heavy's" features cover songs of hard rock and heavy metal. Recorded at Pink Tonstudio, Switzerland, in collaboration with Swatch Hardwear watches, its success led to subsequent compilation albums like "Metal Marathon" and "More Metal Marathon" under the Ariola Records label.

Metal Marathon - Hardrock Remix

This album was produced in Switzerland, the album cover art is by Sorayama Hajime



"Molly Hatchet" is the self-titled debut album by American southern rock band Molly Hatchet, released in 1978 (see 1978 in music). The cover is a painting by Frank Frazetta entitled "The Death Dealer". 

Vertigo 6370 424

NAZARETH - Expect No Mercy

NAZARETH - Expect No Mercy ( 1977, Italy )

"Expect No Mercy" is the ninth studio album by the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, released in 1977.

Epic EPC 26404
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OZZY OSBOURNE - The Ultimate Sin ( 1986 The Netherlands )

Although not specifically credited it seems that the album cover of Ozzy Osbourne's Ultimate Sin was designed by Boris Vallejo or Julie Bell

RoadrunnR RR 9667

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RAILWAY - Climax ( 1987 Netherlands )

The Railway band released their debut album "Climax" in 1987. The album features a unique blend of rock and pop with elements of funk and new wave. "Climax" was well received by critics and is considered one of the most influential albums of its time.

Carrere 66081
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SAXON - Crusader ( 1984 France )

Oil painting by Paul Gregory

"Crusader" is the sixth album by the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) band Saxon, it was released in 1984 The album has been produced and engineered by Kevin Beamish who has worked on several albums for Leatherwolf and Saxon during the 1980s.

Mausoleum SKULL 8387

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SCAVENGER - Battlefields (Belgium, Mausoleum Skull records) ( 1985, Belgium )

This album "SCAVENGER - Battlefields (Belgium, Mausoleum Skull records)" is the only album released by this Belgian Heavy Metal band.

Chrysalis CHR 1665

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SEAHAGS - S/T Self-Titled ( 1989, England )

Sea Hags' self-titled 12" LP vinyl album is a raw and energetic rock experience. With Rob Yocom on vocals and guitar, Chris Schlosshardt on bass and vocals, and Adam Maples on drums, the band delivers a dynamic sound. Frankie Wilsey's guitar work adds a fiery edge, while Kevin Russell makes a guest appearance on guitar. This UK original release is a must-have for fans of hard-hitting rock music.

I.R.S ILP 4604521
Shok Paris - Steel and Starlight

SHOK PARIS - Steel and Starlight ( 1987 )

  "Steel and Starlight" is the 2nd official full-length album, released by the American Heavy Metal band "Shok Paris". "Steel and Starlight" was released three years after their debug album "Go for the Throat" and was produced by "Denny Nowak" and "Bill Peters".

Carrere 8816
This Years Blonde - Who's That Mix Madonna

This Years Blonde - Who's That Mix Madonna ( 1987 France )

"This Year's Blonde - Who's That Mix" Madonna 12" vinyl LP album is a captivating compilation of Madonna's iconic hits. Side One includes favorites like "Who's That Girl", "La Isla Bonita", and "Papa Don't Preach". Side Two features the exclusive "Who's That Mix" and the catchy track "No Big Deal".

Bronze 26 449
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Uriah Heep - Fallen Angel ( 1978 Germany )

The album cover of fallen angel was designed by Chris Achilleos

Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday

Uriah Heep - The Magician's Birthday

This album cover was designed by Roger Dean

Liberty 1C 038 1575651
Whitesnake - Lovehunter . Lovehunter's lurid cover art featuring a naked white female straddling a large snake was created by famed fantasy artist Chris Achilleos. Reportedly the controversial cover proved troublesome for Achilleos who subsequently refused to do album covers for many years

WHITESNAKE - Lovehunter ( 1979 EEC ) .

Lovehunter's lurid cover art featuring a naked white female straddling a large snake was created by famed fantasy artist Chris Achilleos. Reportedly the controversial cover proved troublesome for Achilleos who subsequently refused to do album covers for many years