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Testament's "Souls of Black" (1990) pushed thrash metal's boundaries. The album blends relentless aggression with surprising melodic depth and hints of progressive influences. While still a thrash powerhouse, Testament proved the genre could mature and evolve. "Souls of Black" on vinyl offers a powerful listening experience thanks to its raw, warm sound.

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"Souls of Black" Album Description:

Released in 1990, Testament's fourth album, "Souls of Black," solidified their place as titans of the thrash metal scene. This ten-track sonic assault on Megaforce Records delivered a potent blend of aggression and melody, showcasing the band's technical prowess and Chuck Billy's distinctive roar.

The late 80s and early 90s saw thrash metal push its boundaries. While many bands were content to repeat the formula of breakneck tempos and unrelenting aggression, Testament dared to expand their musical horizons. "Souls of Black" reflects a maturation of their sound, evident in a greater emphasis on melody and diverse songwriting.

The album opens with the pummeling "Beginning of the End," setting the tone for a whirlwind ride of thrashing riffs, double-kick drumming, and scorching guitar solos. Tracks like "Face in the Sky" and "Falling Fast" showcase the band's ability to weave intricate instrumental sections with catchy hooks, while "Souls of Black," the title track, is a mid-tempo anthem that embodies the album's thematic exploration of darkness and despair.

"Souls of Black" also features moments of unexpected melody. "Love to Hate" injects a dose of punk rock energy, and "The Legacy" offers a melancholic ballad that showcases Billy's vocal range. The album closes with the epic "Seven Days of May," a powerful track that reflects on the horrors of war.

Album Description & Collectors information:



"Souls of Black" is the fourth album by American Thrash metal band Testament, released in 1990. It preceded several changes in style to rather diverse styles of metal.


Music Genre:

 American Thrash Metal 

Album Production Information:

The album: "TESTAMENT - Souls of Black" was produced by: Michael Rosen and Testament

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Michael Rosen, Vincent "Bro" Wojno

This album was recorded at: Fantasy Studios, Berkeley California

Tom Coyne - Mastering Engineer

Tom Coyne (1954-2017) is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and respected mastering engineers in the music industry. With his exceptional talent, meticulous attention to detail, and a career spanning several decades, Coyne has played an instrumental role in shaping the sound of countless iconic albums.


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Coyne's career began in the late 1970s when he joined the legendary Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs in New York City. Under the guidance of experienced engineers, he honed his craft and gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of audio mastering. His exceptional ear for detail and innate musicality quickly set him apart, earning him a reputation for delivering exceptional sonic quality.

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Bob Defrin - Art Direction

Bob Defrin, a prominent figure in the world of graphic design and album cover art, is best known for his significant contributions as the director, graphic designer, and head of art for Atlantic Records. Born on April 13, 1946, Defrin's creative journey began in Brooklyn, New York, where he developed a passion for art from an early age.


Defrin's career in the music industry took off in the 1980s, a pivotal era for Heavy Metal music. His unique artistic vision and ability to capture the essence of a band's sound through visual imagery made him a sought-after figure among musicians and record labels. As a director and graphic designer at Atlantic Records, Defrin played a pivotal role in shaping the visual identities of numerous Heavy Metal bands during this period.

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Additionally, Defrin's artistic contributions extended beyond AC/DC. He collaborated with numerous other influential bands, including Twisted Sister, Bon Jovi, Krokus, and Skid Row, among others. Each album cover he designed encapsulated the essence of the respective band's music, making a lasting impact on the visual landscape of Heavy Metal.

Bob Defrin's expertise in graphic design and his ability to understand and interpret the musical vision of Heavy Metal bands made him an invaluable asset to Atlantic Records. He left an indelible mark on the music industry, helping to shape the visual identities of some of the most influential Heavy Metal acts of the 1980s.

Beyond his work with Atlantic Records, Defrin's influence continued to resonate in the field of graphic design. His unique style and contributions left a lasting impression on album cover art, inspiring generations of designers to think creatively and push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Bob Defrin's legacy as a director, graphic designer, and head of art for Atlantic Records endures as a testament to his immense talent and profound impact on the Heavy Metal genre. His ability to merge music and visual artistry has forever left an indelible mark on the history of album cover design.

Album cover design: William Benson, Eric Peterson

Album cover photography: Hiro Iro

Record Label Information:

 Megaforce 7567-82143

Album Packaging:

This album "TESTAMENT - Souls of Black" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Media Format:

 12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year and Country:

 1990 Made in Germany
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: TESTAMENT - Souls of Black
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Chuck Billy - Vocals
  • Alex Skolnick - Guitars
  • Eric Peterson - Guitars (Eric Peterson (Guitars) together with his cousin "Derrick Ramirez " founder of the American Thrash Metal band: "Legacy", which will be later renamed into "Testament".)
  • Greg Christian - Bass
  • Louie Clemente - Drums (Louis Clemente is founder of the Testament band.)
Complete Track-listing of the album "TESTAMENT - Souls of Black"

The detailed tracklist of this record "TESTAMENT - Souls of Black" is:

  1. "Beginning of the End" (Eric Peterson) - 0:35
  2. "Face in the Sky" (Chuck Billy, Peterson, Alex Skolnick) - 3:53
  3. "Falling Fast" (Billy, Skolnick, Louie Clemente) - 4:05
  4. "Souls of Black" (Billy, Clemente, Peterson, Skolnick) - 3:22
  5. "Absence of Light" (Billy, Peterson, Skolnick) - 3:54
  6. "Love to Hate" (Billy, Clemente, Peterson, Skolnick) - 3:40
  7. "Malpractice" (Billy, Peterson, Skolnick) - 4:43
  8. "One Man's Fate" (Billy, Clemente, Peterson) - 4:49
  9. "The Legacy" (Billy, Clemente, Peterson, Skolnick) - 5:30
  10. "Seven Days in May" (Billy, Peterson, Skolnick) - 4:40
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Inner Sleeve   of "TESTAMENT - Souls of Black" Album
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Photo of "TESTAMENT - Souls of Black" Album's Inner Sleeve  
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Photo of "TESTAMENT - Souls of Black" 12" LP Record
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Close-up Photo of "TESTAMENT - Souls of Black" Record Label 
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