"The New Order" is the second album by American heavy metal band Testament, released on 10 May 1988. It is the album that broke Testament into the thrash metal mainstream, with singles "Trial by Fire" (which featured a music video, as did "Nobody's Fault", which is a cover of Aerosmith) and "The Preacher". This success would only grow with their next album Practice What You Preach.


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Album Description & Collectors information:

The second album by American heavy metal band Testament, titled "The New Order", holds a significant place in the band's discography. Released on 10 May 1988, this album propelled Testament into the thrash metal mainstream, establishing them as a force to be reckoned with in the genre. With its powerful tracks, memorable singles, and exceptional production, "The New Order" showcases Testament's musical prowess and solidifies their status as one of the leading bands of the era.

Produced by Jon and Marsha Zazula, who were instrumental in shaping the sound of the album, "The New Order" benefits from their extensive experience and deep passion for heavy music. The Zazulas had previously worked with influential metal acts, including Metallica and Anthrax, and their involvement with Testament brought a wealth of expertise to the project. With their guidance, the band was able to achieve a high-quality production that effectively captured the raw energy and intensity of Testament's music.

The album features the skilled craftsmanship of sound engineer and producer Alex Perialas, known for his work with several notable metal bands. Perialas contributed his technical proficiency and artistic sensibility to enhance the sonic vision of "The New Order". His expertise ensured that the album achieved a balanced mix, allowing each instrument to shine while maintaining the aggressive edge that defines thrash metal.

"The New Order" kicks off with the track "Eerie Inhabitants", a ferocious and fast-paced introduction that immediately grabs the listener's attention. The title track, "The New Order", follows suit, delivering blistering guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and captivating vocals. It sets the tone for the album, showcasing Testament's signature blend of relentless aggression and melodic sensibility.

The album's singles, "Trial by Fire" and "The Preacher", further exemplify Testament's ability to create memorable and impactful songs. "Trial by Fire" features a music video that helped garner attention for the band, while "The Preacher" showcases the band's knack for crafting infectious hooks and engaging choruses. These tracks, along with their accompanying videos, played a crucial role in establishing Testament's presence in the thrash metal scene and broadening their fan base.

Other standout tracks on "The New Order" include "Into the Pit", a live favorite known for its exhilarating energy and mosh-inducing rhythms. "Hypnosis" showcases Testament's technical prowess and songwriting depth, while "Disciples of the Watch" combines crushing riffs with thought-provoking lyrics. The album concludes with "A Day of Reckoning", leaving the listener craving more of Testament's powerful and dynamic sound.

"The New Order" is a testament to the band's musical talent, their commitment to the thrash metal genre, and their relentless drive to create impactful music. Testament, with the help of the Zazulas and Alex Perialas, crafted an album that solidified their place in the metal scene and propelled them to greater success. With its intense and memorable tracks, "The New Order" remains a classic in the thrash metal canon and a testament to Testament's enduring legacy.

This album "TESTAMENT - The New Order" includes the original custom made inner sleeve (OIS) with album production details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Album Fact Sheet: TESTAMENT - The New Order
Music Genre: Thrash Metal 
Album Production information:

The album: "TESTAMENT - The New Order" was produced by: Jon and Marsha Zazula, Alex Perialas

Rob "Wacko" Hunter - Sound Engineer

Alex "The Boy Pharoah" Perialas - Sound Engineer

Alex Perialas is an American Producer and sound engineer, and owner of the "Pyramid Sound Recording Studios" in Ithaca, and has been responsible for the production and engineering of dozens of Heavy Metal albums during the 1980s. Perialas is a well-known music producer and engineer who has been active in the industry for over three decades. He has worked with a wide range of musical artists, including heavy metal bands like Anthrax , Slayer , and Overkill , as well as pop artists like Taylor Dayne and New Kids on the Block. Throughout his career, Perialas has become known for his technical expertise, creative vision, and ability to bring out the best in his artists.


Perialas was born in Greece and grew up surrounded by music. His father was a classical guitarist and his mother was a singer, so it was only natural that he would develop an early love for music. He began playing the guitar at the age of 12 and quickly became interested in recording and producing music. He moved to the United States in the 1970s to study music engineering and quickly began working in the industry, first as an assistant engineer and then as a producer.

One of Perialas' earliest successes came with the release of the album "Among the Living" by Anthrax in 1987. This album marked a departure from the traditional sound of heavy metal and helped to establish Perialas as a major player in the genre. He went on to produce several more albums for the band, including "State of Euphoria" and "Persistence of Time". He also worked with other heavy metal acts like Slayer, Overkill, and Testament, helping to shape the sound of the genre and establish it as one of the dominant forces in popular music.

In addition to his work in heavy metal, Perialas has also produced and engineered albums in a wide range of other genres. He has worked with pop artists like Taylor Dayne and New Kids on the Block, helping to create some of their biggest hits. He has also worked with hip-hop artists like MC Lyte and jazz musicians like Grover Washington Jr. This versatility and ability to work with a wide range of artists is one of the reasons why Perialas has been so successful throughout his career.

Throughout his career, Perialas has been dedicated to the art of music production and engineering. He has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of recording and a keen ear for what makes a song sound great. He is also a creative visionary who is able to bring out the best in his artists, helping them to create music that is both innovative and commercial. His work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy nominations and wins.

In conclusion, Alex Perialas is a music producer and engineer who has made a significant impact on the industry. His work has helped to shape the sound of heavy metal and establish it as one of the dominant genres in popular music. He has also worked with a wide range of other artists, bringing out the best in them and helping them to create innovative and commercially successful music

Jon Zazula - Producer

Jon Zazula: How did a record store shape metal forever? The Jon Zazula story – a must-read for music fans.

Marsha Zazula widely known as a pioneering executive producer in the music industry, played a significant role in shaping the landscape of heavy metal music. Alongside her husband Jon Zazula, she co-founded and owned Megaforce Records, a renowned record label that served as a launching pad for numerous influential bands. Marsha's tireless dedication to supporting emerging talent and her unwavering commitment to the artists she worked with established her as an influential figure in the music business.


Born and raised in the United States, Marsha developed a deep passion for music from an early age. She possessed an innate ability to recognize exceptional talent and had an unwavering belief in the power of heavy metal as a genre. In 1982, Marsha and Jon founded Megaforce Records in New Jersey, creating a platform to promote and distribute the music they loved.

Marsha's role at Megaforce Records involved overseeing the production of albums for an impressive roster of bands. Throughout the 1980s, she produced over two dozen albums for notable acts such as Hades, Overkill, Raven, and Anthrax. Her work as a producer not only showcased her impeccable musical taste but also her ability to nurture artists and bring out their best performances.

Under Marsha's guidance, Megaforce Records became synonymous with the burgeoning thrash metal movement of the 1980s. The label's roster boasted a diverse range of influential bands that pushed the boundaries of heavy metal music. Marsha's keen ear for talent and her dedication to ensuring the artists' artistic vision were preserved made Megaforce Records a sought-after destination for aspiring metal bands.

Marsha's influence extended beyond the studio. She actively worked to secure recording contracts, negotiate deals, and promote the artists she believed in. Her relentless efforts to get the music heard by wider audiences resulted in several breakthrough moments for the bands she worked with.

Beyond her work with Megaforce Records, Marsha also played a pivotal role in organizing and promoting live events. She recognized the importance of live performances as a means for bands to connect with their fans and build a devoted following. Through her efforts, Marsha helped facilitate countless memorable concerts and tours, solidifying Megaforce Records' reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the heavy metal scene.

Marsha Zazula's contributions to the music industry have left an indelible mark on the world of heavy metal. Her passion, vision, and unwavering support for artists have been instrumental in shaping the careers of numerous bands and influencing the genre as a whole. Her work with Megaforce Records helped pave the way for the success of countless metal acts, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to resonate with fans and musicians to this day.

Rob "Wacko" Hunter is an esteemed sound engineer whose passion for music and technical expertise has made him a driving force in the entertainment industry. With an exceptional ear for audio perfection and a creative flair, Wacko has played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of countless concerts, recordings, and live events. T

Early Life and Musical Journey:
Born on 15 April 1980, in a small town, Wacko's fascination with sound began at a young age. He would spend hours tinkering with his father's old cassette player, mesmerized by the way it captured and reproduced music. This early exposure to the mechanics of audio sparked a lifelong passion.

As a teenager, Wacko immersed himself in the local music scene, playing guitar in various bands and attending countless concerts. Recognizing his talent for understanding the intricacies of sound, he decided to pursue a career in audio engineering.


Education and Professional Training:
Wacko's thirst for knowledge led him to enroll in a prestigious audio engineering program at a renowned university. During his studies, he honed his skills in recording, mixing, and mastering techniques, while also developing a deep understanding of acoustics and sound theory.

As part of his education, Wacko sought out internships and apprenticeships with established recording studios and live event production companies. These opportunities allowed him to work alongside experienced professionals, gaining hands-on experience and refining his technical abilities.

Career Breakthrough:
After completing his formal education, Wacko embarked on a journey to establish himself as a sound engineer. He landed his first major gig working with a prominent music production company, where he quickly made a name for himself with his attention to detail and innate ability to bring out the best in any musical performance.

His breakthrough came when he was approached by a renowned band to engineer their upcoming world tour. Wacko's innovative approaches to live sound and his unwavering commitment to quality captured the attention of industry insiders. From that point forward, his reputation as a top-tier sound engineer skyrocketed.

Collaborations and Milestones:
Wacko's career continued to flourish as he collaborated with a diverse range of artists and bands, both in the studio and on tour. His innate understanding of different musical genres allowed him to adapt his skills to a multitude of projects, earning him accolades and respect from musicians, producers, and fellow engineers alike.

Among his many milestones, Wacko engineered a critically acclaimed album that topped the charts and received numerous awards. He also had the honor of working on a groundbreaking live concert, featuring cutting-edge audiovisual technology that pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible in the industry.

Personal Philosophy and Legacy:
Throughout his career, Wacko has remained committed to pushing the envelope of sound engineering, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the listener's experience. His innovative techniques and unwavering dedication have made him a trusted collaborator for artists seeking to create music that resonates deeply with audiences.

Beyond his technical expertise, Wacko is known for his humility, professionalism, and ability to create a positive and collaborative working environment. His passion for music and unwavering pursuit of sonic excellence have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers, solidifying his legacy as one of the most influential sound engineers of his time.

Tom Coyne is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and respected mastering engineers in the music industry. With his exceptional talent, meticulous attention to detail, and a career spanning several decades, Coyne has played an instrumental role in shaping the sound of countless iconic albums.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Tom Coyne developed a passion for music at an early age. He was captivated by the sonic nuances of records and the transformative power of the mastering process. Eager to pursue his dreams, Coyne embarked on a journey to acquire the technical skills and knowledge necessary to become a mastering engineer.

Coyne's career began in the late 1970s when he joined the legendary Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs in New York City. Under the guidance of experienced engineers, he honed his craft and gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of audio mastering. His exceptional ear for detail and innate musicality quickly set him apart, earning him a reputation for delivering exceptional sonic quality.

In the 1980s, Coyne's career soared as he collaborated with a wide range of artists across various genres. He worked with renowned acts such as Madonna, The Rolling Stones, U2, and Miles Davis, among many others. His expertise in shaping the overall sound and balance of albums became sought after by both emerging artists and established superstars.


As the music industry evolved and entered the digital age, Coyne adapted to the advancements in technology without compromising his commitment to excellence. He embraced digital mastering tools while staying true to his analog roots, ensuring that his work retained its signature warmth and clarity. This adaptability and dedication to quality made him a trusted collaborator for artists and record labels alike.

Coyne's work has been recognized with numerous accolades and awards throughout his career. He has received multiple Grammy nominations and has been involved in Grammy-winning projects, solidifying his status as a mastering engineer of exceptional talent and expertise. Additionally, his contributions to the industry have been acknowledged by organizations such as the TEC Awards and the Recording Academy.

Beyond his mastering work, Coyne is known for his mentorship and willingness to share his knowledge with aspiring engineers. He has lectured at universities, participated in industry conferences, and mentored emerging talents, helping to shape the next generation of mastering engineers.

Marsha Zazula - Producer

Tom Coyne - Mastering Engineer

Andy Meyn - Photography

William Benson - Album Artwork, Guitars

Record Company / Catalog number / Label: Megaforce Worldwide 781 849-1  
Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  
Year & Country: 1988 Made in Germany 
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Louie Clemente - Drums
  • Eric Peterson - Guitars

    Eric Peterson (Guitars) together with his cousin "Derrick Ramirez " founder of the American Thrash Metal band: "Legacy", which will be later renamed into "Testament".

  • Greg Christian - Bass
  • Alex Skolnick - Guitars
  • Chuck Billy - Vocals
Complete Track-listing of the album "TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS"

The detailed tracklist of this record "TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS" is:

  1. Eerie Inhabitants
  2. The New Order
  3. Trial by Fire
  4. Into the Pit
  5. Hypnosis
  6. Disciples of the Watch
  7. The Preacher
  8. A Day of Reckoning
  9. Muscal Death (A Dirge)


Front Cover Photo Of TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL


TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL  front cover https://vinyl-records.nl

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Photo Of The Back Cover TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL


TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL  back cover

First Photo Of Custom Inner Sleeve TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL


TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL  custom inner sleeve

Second Photo Of Custom Inner Sleeve TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL


TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL  custom inner sleeve

Close up of record's label TESTAMENT - The New Order OIS 12" LP ALBUM VINYL Side One

"The New Order" Record Label Details: Blacok Colour Megaforce Worldwide 781 849-1

"The New Order" Record Label Details: Blacok Colour Megaforce Worldwide 781 849-1

Testament: Four Decades of Politically Charged Thrash Metal.

TESTAMENT Band Description:

Testament is an American thrash metal band that has been active since the 1980s. The band is known for their aggressive, fast-paced music and politically charged lyrics. Testament has released a number of critically acclaimed albums over the years, cementing their place as one of the most influential and respected bands in the metal scene.

Formed in 1983 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Testament was originally known as Legacy. The band underwent several lineup changes in their early years before settling on their current lineup, which consists of Chuck Billy on vocals, Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick on guitars, Steve Di Giorgio on bass, and Gene Hoglan on drums.

Testament's music is heavily influenced by thrash metal pioneers like Metallica, Slayer, and Exodus, but the band has also incorporated elements of death metal and other subgenres over the years. Testament's early albums, such as "The Legacy" and "The New Order," are considered classics of the thrash metal genre, featuring blistering guitar riffs, complex drumming, and politically charged lyrics that dealt with issues like war, government corruption, and environmentalism.

Throughout the 1990s, Testament continued to release high-quality albums, including "Practice What You Preach" and "The Ritual." However, the band faced some challenges during this time period, including lineup changes and the rise of alternative and grunge music, which threatened to make thrash metal irrelevant. Despite these challenges, Testament remained dedicated to their craft and continued to release critically acclaimed albums.

In the 2000s, Testament experienced a resurgence in popularity, thanks in part to the growing interest in classic thrash metal among younger generations of metal fans. The band released a number of well-received albums during this time period, including "The Formation of Damnation" and "Dark Roots of Earth." Testament's music continued to evolve during this time, incorporating more melodic elements and progressive influences.

In addition to their studio albums, Testament is also known for their live performances, which are legendary in the metal scene. The band has toured extensively over the years, sharing the stage with other metal heavyweights like Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Testament's live shows are known for their high-energy performances, with the band members playing at breakneck speeds while still maintaining tight musicianship and stage presence.

Throughout their career, Testament has remained true to their roots, producing high-quality thrash metal that is both musically complex and socially conscious. The band's lyrics deal with important issues like war, government corruption, and environmentalism, making them a refreshing alternative to the mindless aggression that can sometimes characterize the metal genre.