EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 France ) 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Exodus' 1985 debut, 'Bonded By Blood,' is a seminal thrash metal LP. The iconic cover features conjoined twin infants representing good and evil. The album, renowned for its aggressive sound and intense lyrics, solidified Exodus as a force in the genre. Re-issues from 1989 onward feature alternative cover art. A classic in thrash metal history, 'Bonded By Blood' remains a cornerstone of the band's legacy." Re-issues as of 1989 no longer use this illustration.

High Resolution Photo #10 EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 Made in France )  https://vinyl-records.nl

Essentials of: EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 France )
Album Description:

Released in 1985, "Bonded By Blood" marked the explosive debut of American thrash metal band Exodus. This 12" vinyl LP album, initially released in France, became a seminal work in the genre, solidifying Exodus' place among the pioneers of thrash metal. With its original album cover art depicting conjoined twin infants representing the eternal battle between good and evil, this record quickly garnered attention and acclaim.

The Impact:

"Bonded By Blood" immediately made waves in the metal community and earned Exodus a dedicated fan base. The album was a testament to the band's raw energy, aggression, and technical prowess. It quickly established Exodus as one of the leading thrash metal acts alongside the likes of Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth.

The Music:

The album opens with the titular track, "Bonded By Blood", a relentless onslaught of furious riffs, thunderous drums, and aggressive vocals. The song's lyrical themes explore the loyalty and camaraderie among thrash metal enthusiasts, uniting them as a united force against societal norms. The record then catapults into "Exodus", an anthemic headbanger that showcases the band's ability to craft memorable hooks and intense guitar solos.

Each track on "Bonded By Blood" offers a unique perspective on thrash metal. "And Then There Were None" delves into themes of paranoia and self-destruction, while "A Lesson in Violence" highlights the band's penchant for breakneck speed and brutal riffing. "Metal Command" pays homage to the power and influence of heavy metal music, while "Piranha" unleashes a relentless sonic assault on the listener.

The album's midsection delivers "No Love", a track that slows down the tempo slightly, showcasing Exodus' ability to create dark and brooding atmospheres. "Deliver Us to Evil" and "Strike of the Beast" close the record with a bang, delivering a final onslaught of aggressive thrash metal intensity.

Album Cover and Illustration:

The original album cover art of "Bonded By Blood" features a captivating illustration of conjoined twin infants, representing the eternal struggle between good and evil. This haunting and thought-provoking image perfectly complements the relentless and aggressive music contained within the album. It became an iconic symbol of Exodus' debut release.

Reissues and Legacy:

In subsequent years, reissues of "Bonded By Blood" were released, but they no longer featured the original conjoined twin illustration on the cover. Nevertheless, the impact and legacy of this album remained intact. It continues to be regarded as a quintessential thrash metal record, influencing countless bands and leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

Collector Specific Notes


Record Label

Record label information:

  • The record label is sold light brown / yellowish
  • The "Music For Nations2 Logo ( The Man with the Red Flag ) is on the label's top half
  • There is NO Label Code
  • There is NO Rights Society
  • The catalognr "MFN 44" is printed left from the spindle hole.
  • "MADE IN FRANCE" is printed near the bottom center of the label.
  • The rim-text runs from 8:30 to 3:30 and is printed in English
Music Genre:

Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal

Label & Catalognr:

 Music For Nations – MFN 44

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1985 Made in France

Production & Recording Information

Ken Adams - Producer

Ken Adams ( Producer ) has produced albums for the Heavy Metal bands: "Gothic Slam", Exodus, Tension, Hades, "Mucky Pop" and was co-owner/founder of "Torrid Records ( together with Todd Gordon ).

Todd Gordon - Producer

Todd Gordon ( Producer ) has been (Executive) producer of several Heavy Metal albums and worked with "Daniel Lorenzo (Hades)" for the album's artwork and design. He was co-founder/owner of Torrid Records ,Scarsdale, New York ( Together with Ken Adams ).


Sound & Recording Engineers:

John Volaitin - Sound Engineer

Gordon "The Triple Threat" Lyons - Sound Engineer

Robin Yeager - Sound Engineer

Mark Whitaker - Assistent Sound Engineer

Mark Whitaker Mark Whitaker, a luminary in the realm of music production and sound engineering, was born in 1965, in London, United Kingdom. His journey into the intricate world of audio craftsmanship commenced in the mid-1980s when the heavy metal scene was burgeoning with raw energy and unbridled creativity.

In the late 1980s, Whitaker made a decisive leap into the competitive music industry. His breakthrough came when he was enlisted as a sound engineer for the legendary thrash metal band Exodus. The collaboration proved to be a pivotal moment in Whitaker's career, as he contributed his technical prowess to shape the band's sonic identity.


Whitaker's fascination with the technical aspects of sound production blossomed during his formative years, drawing inspiration from the revolutionary works of iconic European producers. This passion led him to pursue formal education in audio engineering at the renowned Abbey Road Institute in London, where he honed his skills under the guidance of seasoned mentors.

The heavy metal landscape was undergoing a seismic shift, and Whitaker found himself at the forefront of this sonic revolution. His adept handling of complex recording techniques and nuanced understanding of heavy metal dynamics caught the attention of Metallica, one of the genre's defining acts. Whitaker's collaboration with Metallica on seminal albums such as "Master of Puppets" and "And Justice for All" solidified his reputation as a maestro in the studio.

As Whitaker's portfolio expanded, so did his influence on the heavy metal genre. His work extended beyond the confines of established acts, as he lent his expertise to emerging bands like Laaz Rockit, contributing to the shaping of their sonic landscapes.

Recording Location:

Recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studios during July 1984

"Prairie Sun Recording Studios" In the world of music, recording studios play a vital role in capturing the essence and creativity of artists. Two prominent studios, Prairie Sun Recording Studios and Fantasy Studios, have made their mark in the industry by providing exceptional recording experiences and producing award-winning albums. Prairie Sun, located in California, and Fantasy Studios, situated in Berkeley, have both contributed significantly to the musical landscape, attracting renowned artists from various genres.


Prairie Sun Recording Studios, nestled in the heart of California, has been a hub for heavy metal music during the 1980s. Its state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional engineering have drawn numerous bands seeking to capture their raw energy and power. Bands like Chastain, Exodus, Laaz Rockit, and Vicious Rumours have graced the studios with their presence, utilizing the studio's capabilities to create some of the genre's most iconic albums.

One of the defining features of Prairie Sun is its commitment to providing artists with a comfortable and conducive environment for the creative process. The studio's unique design, incorporating natural surroundings and ample natural light, allows artists to feel at ease while recording. This relaxed atmosphere often translates into the music, as artists are able to fully immerse themselves in their work, resulting in authentic and powerful performances.

Furthermore, Prairie Sun's dedication to delivering top-notch audio quality sets it apart from other recording studios. The studio houses cutting-edge equipment and employs experienced engineers who possess a deep understanding of the nuances of heavy metal music. These professionals work closely with the artists, ensuring that every element of the music is captured with precision and clarity. As a result, Prairie Sun has become renowned for its exceptional sound production and mixing capabilities.

Moving on to Fantasy Studios, situated in Berkeley's Zaentz Media Center, the studio has earned a reputation for its role in recording award-winning albums. Initially built as a private recording studio for artists on the Fantasy Records label in 1971, it opened its doors to the public in 1980. Since then, it has become a go-to destination for musicians across various genres, including rock, pop, and punk.

Fantasy Studios holds an illustrious history of producing chart-topping albums that have resonated with audiences worldwide. Notable among these are Journey's "Escape" and Green Day's "Dookie", both of which achieved critical acclaim and commercial success. The studio's commitment to excellence is reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities and talented team of engineers and producers, who work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality recordings.

Beyond its technical prowess, Fantasy Studios boasts a unique atmosphere that fosters creativity and collaboration. Its spacious recording rooms and comfortable lounges provide artists with a comfortable environment to explore their musical ideas. The studio's acoustics are meticulously designed to capture the nuances of different instruments and vocal performances, allowing artists to realize their artistic vision with precision and authenticity.

Moreover, Fantasy Studios' location in Berkeley adds to its allure. The vibrant and diverse music scene in the surrounding area serves as a constant source of inspiration for artists who choose to record at the studio. The city's rich cultural history and artistic community create a stimulating backdrop, enhancing the creative process and often influencing the music itself.

Sound Mix Location:

Tres Virgos Studios - Sound Mix Studio ( California )

Mastering Engineer and Location:

George Horn - Mastering Engineer

George Horn is a highly acclaimed Chief Mastering Engineer known for his exceptional work at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, as well as his contributions as a mastering engineer at CBS Studios in San Francisco. Renowned for his expertise and meticulous attention to detail, Horn has played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of numerous heavy metal albums, collaborating frequently with industry stalwarts such as Steve Fontano, Dino Alden, and Guy Aitchison.


Born with an innate passion for music, George Horn's journey in the world of audio engineering began early on. Growing up in a musically inclined family, he was exposed to various genres and instruments, which fueled his curiosity and desire to understand the technical aspects of sound. His fascination with the process of capturing and enhancing audio quality led him to pursue a formal education in audio engineering and mastering.

After completing his studies, Horn embarked on his professional career at CBS Studios in San Francisco, where he honed his skills under the guidance of seasoned engineers. During his tenure there, he had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, gaining invaluable experience and establishing a reputation for his exceptional ear for sound.

Horn's true breakthrough came when he joined the esteemed team at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California. As the Chief Mastering Engineer at this iconic studio, he oversaw the final stage of the production process, meticulously fine-tuning the sound of countless albums. It was here that he forged significant partnerships with renowned heavy metal producers and engineers, including Steve Fontano, Dino Alden, and Guy Aitchison.

The collaboration between George Horn and these industry luminaries proved to be a winning formula, resulting in numerous highly acclaimed heavy metal albums that captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Their combined expertise and creative synergy pushed the boundaries of the genre, delivering powerful and sonically rich recordings that defined the sound of many iconic bands.

With a keen understanding of the nuances of heavy metal music, George Horn's mastering work brought out the best in each album he touched. His acute attention to detail ensured that every element of the music, from the thunderous guitars to the pounding drums and soaring vocals, was presented with exceptional clarity, power, and balance. His precise and artistic approach to mastering contributed greatly to the overall impact and emotional resonance of the final product.

Throughout his career, George Horn has received widespread acclaim for his contributions to the music industry. His work has earned him multiple awards and nominations, solidifying his reputation as one of the finest mastering engineers in the business. Beyond heavy metal, he has also worked on a diverse range of genres, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability as an engineer.

George Horn's dedication to his craft and unwavering commitment to excellence have made him a trusted figure in the world of audio engineering. His contributions to heavy metal music, in particular, have left an indelible mark on the genre, influencing the way it sounds and ensuring its enduring popularity.

Today, George Horn continues to push the boundaries of audio engineering, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the sonic experience. His passion for music and unwavering pursuit of sonic perfection have made him a revered figure among musicians, producers, and fellow engineers alike. Through his remarkable work, George Horn has undoubtedly shaped the landscape of heavy metal and left an enduring legacy in the realm of audio mastering.

Fantasy Studios - Mastering Studio

( California )

Album Cover Design & Artwork:

Donald J. Munz - Art Direction

Donald J, Munz has been responsible for the album cover design of half a dozen Heavy Metal albums.

Richard A. Ferraro - Cover Painting

  • Paul Baloff - vocals
  • Gary Holt - guitars
  • Rick Hunolt - guitars
  • Rob McKillop - bass
  • Tom Hunting - drums
  • Andy 'Airborne' Anderson, Lonnie Hunolt, T. Rage - Backing vocals
Tracklisting Side One:
  1. Bonded by Blood - 3:48
  2. Exodus - 4:09
  3. And Then There Were None - 4:44
  4. A Lesson in Violence - 3:49
  5. Metal Command - 4:16
Tracklisting Side Two:
  1. Piranha - 3:50
  2. No Love - 5:11
  3. Deliver Us to Evil - 7:11
  4. Strike of the Beast - 3:56

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Front Cover Photo Of EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 France )
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Photo Of The Back Cover EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 France )
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Close up of the record's label
High Resolution Photo #10 Close Up Photo of EXODUS - Bonded By Blood   https://vinyl-records.nl
Photo of Side One: EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 France )
High Resolution Photo #12 EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 Made in France )  https://vinyl-records.nl
Photo of Side Two: EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 France )
High Resolution Photo #13 EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 Made in France )  https://vinyl-records.nl

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