ELTON JOHN - ICE ON FIRE Pop 12" Vinyl LP Album


large album front cover photo of: ELTON JOHN - ICE ON FIRE

Album Summary:

Ice on Fire, Produced by Gus Dudgeon

Music Genre:


Collector's Information: 

"Ice On Fire" was released on Elton John's own record company: Rocket Record

Record Company/Label: 

The Rocket Record Company

Catalog/Release nr: 

826 213-1 (822131)

Vinyl Record Format:

12" LP 

Year and Country of this record

1985, Made in Holland

Track Listing of: ELTON JOHN ICE ON FIRE

    Side One:
  1. This Town
  2. Cry to heaven
  3. Soul Glove
  4. Nikita
  5. Too Young
    Side Two:
  1. Wrap Her Up
  2. Satelite
  3. Tell me what the papers say
  4. Candy by the pound
  5. Shoot down the moon

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