Elton John - Breaking Hearts - 1980s pop 12" VINYL LP ALBUM


large photo of the album front cover of: Elton John - Breaking Hearts


Produced by Chris Thomas

Music Genre:


Album Packaging / Information:

Original custom inner sleeve with album details, lyrics and photos. 

Label Information:

Rocket Record Company 822 088 (822088)

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 

Year & Country:

1984 Made in Germany

Band Members and Musicians on: Elton John - Breaking Hearts

Track Listing of: Elton John - Breaking Hearts

    Side One:
  1. Restless
  2. Slow down Georgia (She's Poison)
  3. Who wears these shoes?
  4. Breaking Hearts (ain't what it used to be)
  5. Li'l frigerator
    Side Two:
  1. Passengers
  2. In Neon
  3. Burning Buildings
  4. Did he Shoot her
  5. Sad Songs (Say so much)

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