Warfare - Two Tribes - Metal Noise Mix NWOBHM 12" Vinyl Single

Warfare's "Two Tribes," a 1984 NWOBHM 12" vinyl single, epitomizes the band's raw power and influence. Formed in 1982, Warfare, led by charismatic frontman Evo, crafted a sonic onslaught with ferocious guitar riffs and primal vocals. The EP, a product of the vibrant NWOBHM movement, showcased the band's commitment to a hard-hitting, DIY ethos. "Two Tribes" remains a pivotal chapter in British Heavy Metal's rich history.


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"Two Tribes" Album Description:

In the world of British Heavy Metal, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s stands as a pivotal moment. Among the myriad of bands that emerged during this era, Warfare earned their place with their electrifying sound and uncompromising style. The release of their second EP, "Two Tribes," in 1984 marked a significant chapter in the band's history.

Warfare, hailing from Newcastle, England, was formed in 1982 by vocalist and guitarist Evo (real name Ian Davison). The band quickly gained recognition for their high-energy performances and a raw, unapologetic approach to heavy metal. Evo, a charismatic frontman, led Warfare through the trenches of the burgeoning NWOBHM movement, leaving an indelible mark with their distinctive sound.

The genesis of "Two Tribes" can be traced back to Warfare's relentless dedication to their craft. The EP, released as a 12" vinyl single, showcased the band's evolution since their debut. It encapsulated the essence of NWOBHM, blending ferocious guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and gritty vocals that defined the genre.

The title track, "Two Tribes," exemplifies Warfare's commitment to a hard-hitting, no-frills sonic assault. The song, with its pulsating rhythm and memorable guitar hooks, resonated with fans hungry for the intense energy that characterized NWOBHM. Evo's distinct vocal delivery added a layer of authenticity, making the track an anthem for those immersed in the heavy metal subculture.

The creation of "Two Tribes" not only represented Warfare's musical prowess but also mirrored the DIY ethos prevalent in the NWOBHM scene. Independent record labels played a crucial role in providing a platform for bands like Warfare to unleash their sonic onslaught upon the world. The 12" vinyl format, a staple of the era, allowed for an extended sonic experience, giving fans a more immersive journey into Warfare's sonic battleground.

Despite the EP's significance in Warfare's discography, the band faced challenges that would alter their trajectory. Internal conflicts and lineup changes plagued the group, impacting their subsequent releases. However, "Two Tribes" remains a testament to Warfare's contribution to the NWOBHM movement and their unyielding commitment to the spirit of heavy metal.

Music Genre:  Speed Metal, NWOBHM new wave of british heavy metal Music

Album Production Information:

Produced and engineered by Keith Nichol at Impulse 24

Record Label Information:

  Neat Records Neat 45
Media Format: 45rpm 12" EP / Maxi-Single  

Year and Country:

  1984 Made in England

Collector notes:

Keith Nichol, Producer, Sound Engineer, ( Guest ) musician has been in-house producer for the NEAT Record label. He has been responsible for the production and sound engineering of many NWOBHM bands during the 1980s. Most notable these bands include: Atomkraft, Blitzkrieg, Fist, Raven, Venom, Warfare, and many others.

On Warfare's album "A Conflict of Hatred", Keith Nichol takes care of the production, sound engineering and as guest musician playing violin and keyboards.

Band Members and Musicians on: Warfare Two Tribes
    Warfare's Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Paul Evo - Vocals, drums
  • Gunner - Guitars
  • Falken - Bass
Track Listing of: Warfare Two Tribes
    Side One:
  • Two Tribes
    Side Two:
  • Hell
  • Blown to Bits
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