SABBAT Vinyl Records Discography 1988-1991 and album cover Gallery

  SABBAT is a British Speed / Thrash Metal band from Nottingham, it was founded in 1985 ( when they renamed from Hydra into Sabbat). During the 198s they released three full-length albums: "History of a Time to Come" , Dreamweaver and "Mourning Has Broken". This is an index page with an overview of these records, select one of the items below to review detailed descriptions.


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Sabbat's Dark and Powerful Discography: Pioneers of Black and Thrash Metal

Sabbat Band Information:

Sabbat is a heavy metal band that was formed in Nottingham, England, in 1985. The band has been considered one of the pioneers of black metal and thrash metal, and their music has influenced many other bands in the genre. Sabbat has released several albums over the years, and their unique sound and style have made them a favorite among metal fans.

The band was founded by vocalist Martin Walkyier and guitarist Andy Sneap, who met through a mutual friend. Walkyier had previously been a member of the band Pariah, while Sneap had been playing in a local thrash band called Hydra. They decided to form a new band that would combine the aggression and speed of thrash metal with the darkness and occult themes of black metal.

Sabbat's first album, "History of a Time to Come," was released in 1988. The album was well received by both fans and critics, and it established Sabbat as a major force in the metal scene. The album's title track is considered one of the band's signature songs, and it features a mix of fast and slow sections, along with Walkyier's powerful vocals.

Sabbat's second album, "Dreamweaver," was released in 1989. The album was even more ambitious than the first, featuring longer songs and more complex arrangements. The album's epic title track, which is over 23 minutes long, is considered one of the band's masterpieces. It features a mix of acoustic and electric sections, along with Walkyier's spoken word passages.

Sabbat continued to release albums throughout the 1990s, including "Mourning Has Broken" and "The Dwelling." The band's sound evolved over time, with the later albums featuring more of a power metal influence. However, the band never lost its dark and occult themes, and their music remained unique and powerful.

One of the reasons why Sabbat has been so influential in the metal scene is their willingness to experiment with different styles and sounds. The band has always been open to incorporating elements from other genres into their music, and they have collaborated with musicians from different backgrounds. For example, on their album "Karmagmassacre," the band worked with a choir and a string section to create a more orchestral sound.

Sabbat has also been known for their engaging and theatrical live shows. The band often wears elaborate costumes and uses props and pyrotechnics to create a visual spectacle. Walkyier is an engaging frontman, and he has a unique stage presence that has made him a favorite among metal fans.

Despite their success, Sabbat has always been a somewhat underground band. They have never achieved the same level of commercial success as some of their peers, and they have always remained true to their underground roots. However, this has only added to their mystique, and their fans have remained dedicated to the band over the years. 

SABBAT - Dreamweaver 12" LP

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Noise International – N 0132-1 , 1989 , Germany

"Dreamweaver" is their second and before last official full-length record and was released in 1989.

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SABBAT - History Of A Time To Come ( Accord )

Thumbnail Of  SABBAT - History Of A Time To Come ( Accord ) album front cover

ACCORD 100.801 , 1988 , France

This is the ACCORD Records release of Sabbat's debut full-length album.

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SABBAT - History Of A Time To Come ( NOISE )

Thumbnail Of  SABBAT - History Of A Time To Come ( NOISE ) album front cover

NOISE International N 0098 , 1988 , Germany

Sabbat's debut album, "History of a Time to Come," emerged in 1988 after the British thrash metal band secured a contract with Germany's NOISE Records. Recorded promptly, the album showcases Sabbat's aggressive energy, intricate guitar work, and intellectual lyrics.

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