Album Description: "Point of Entry" is the 1981 and 7th album released by the British Heavy Metal band "Judas Pries", it was produced by Tom Allom and recorded in Ibiza, Spain


large album front cover photo of: JUDAS PRIEST - Point Of Entry 12" VINYL LP ALBUM


Produced by Tom Allom & Judas Priest,

  Tom "Colonel" Allom is a British Sound Engineer and Music Producer, during the 1970s and 1980s he has worked with bands like: "Black Sabbath" , "Cobra", " Def Leppard" , "Judas Priest" , "Kix", "Krokus" , "Wolf".

Engineer Louis Austin

  Louis Austin a sound engineer from the UK (United Kingdom) who has engineered several classic rock/heavy albums for british bands like: Deep Purple, Def Leppard , Judas Priest as well as some international heavy metal bands like Accept and Obus .

Mastering - Ray Staff

Ray Staff an experienced mastering engineer from Great Britain, having masters several dozen of albums for Heavy Metal bands.

Music Genre:

Metal, Hard Rock  
Label:  CBS 84834  
Format:  12" LP  

Year & Country:

1981 Made in Holland

Band Members and Musicians on: JUDAS PRIEST Point Of Entry

Track Listing of: JUDAS PRIEST Point Of Entry

    Side One:
  1. Heading out to the Highway
  2. Don't Go
  3. Hot Rockin'
  4. Turning Circles
  5. Desert Plains
    Side Two:
  1. Solar Angels
  2. You Say Yes
  3. All the Way
  4. Troubleshooter
  5. On the Run

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JUDAS PRIEST - Unleashed In The East NWOBHM 1979

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  CBS 83852 , 1979 , Europe

  "Unleashed in the East" is the first official live album by the British heavy metal band Judas Priest. It is the first Priest album to be produced by Tom Allom who would remain at the helm for the next decade for the band, and the last release to feature drummer Les Binks.

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