MERCYFUL FATE MELISSA Canadian Release Attic Records 12" Vinyl LP Album

Description: This is the Canadian release of the album "Melissa" by "Mercyful Fate" it was the debut album of Danish black metal band "Mercyful Fate" released in 1983 and released in Canada. Produced by Henrik Lund.

High Resolution Photo of MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa ( Canadian Release )

Music Genre:

Black Thrash Metal (Denmark) 
Production information:

The album: "Mercyful Fate Melissa NL King Diamond" was produced by: Henrik Lund, Roadster Music

Henrik Lund ( Music Producer ) founder of Easy Sound Studio and he produced many Danish albums and several "Mercyful Fate" records. He is the brother of Niels Erik Lund.

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Jacob J Jorgenson
Notes: Jacob J. Jorgenson is a sound engineer from Denmark and has engineered several records of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.

This album was recorded at: Easy Sound Recording Copenhagen, July 1983

Album cover design: Thomas Holm, Studio Dryan
Notes: Thomas Holm started his career as art designer in the early 1980's and has done the album covers for bands like: Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Spartan Warrior, Dark Heart.

Album cover photography: Thomas Grondahl
Notes: Thomas Grondahl is a Danish photographer and has been working for the album covers of the bands: Mercyful Fate, Geisha

Record Label Information:

Attic Records LAT 1187 

Media Format:

12" Vinyl Stereo Full-Length Long-Play  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1983 Made in Canada
Band Members and Musicians on: Mercyful Fate Melissa
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • King Diamond - Vocals

    Danish metal legend King Diamond. Shocking makeup, chilling falsetto vocals, and dark, theatrical concepts. A true master of horror-infused heavy metal. Explore his world

  • Hank Shermann - Guitars

    Rene Krollmark is from Denmark and was born in 1958. He is also known under the aliases Hank De Wank, Hank Shermann started his musical career as guitar player in 1977 with a band called Brats, this was followed by "Danger Zone", "Mercyful Fate", Fate, Lavina, "Zoser Mez"

  • Michael Denner - Guitars

    Michael Denner: Mercyful Fate's guitar master. Iconic melodies, wicked solos, his riffs shaped heavy metal history. Explore his legacy

  • Timi Grabber Hansen - Bass

    Timi "Grabber" Hansen: Mercyful Fate's bass legend. His powerful grooves shaped the sound of 80s heavy metal. Remember his legacy

  • Kim Ruzz - Drums

    Kim Ruzz ( real name: Kim Thyge Jensen) has been playing drums from 1981-1985 in the Danish Thrash metal band: " Mercyful Fate".


Track Listing of: "Melissa"

The Songs/tracks on "Melissa " are

  • Evil 4:45
  • Curse of the Pharaohs 3:57
  • Into the Coven 5:11
  • At the Sound of the Demon Bell 5:23
  • Black Funeral 2:50
  • Satan's Fall 11:23
  • Melissa 6:40
Album cover photos of : Mercyful Fate Melissa

High Resolution Photo of MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa ( Canadian Release )  

High Resolution Photo of MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa ( Canadian Release )  


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