Timi "Grabber" Hansen (1958-2019) - Mini-Biography AND CAREER

- Bassist with Mercyful Fate

Timi "Grabber" Hansen (1958-2019) was a Danish bassist who laid down the low-end foundation for the iconic heavy metal band Mercyful Fate. His distinctive playing style and powerful basslines were integral to the band's signature sound throughout the 1980s, helping cement their influence in the metal world.


Timi "Grabber" Hansen

Timi "Grabber" Hansen, born on 5 October 1958, in Copenhagen, Denmark, was a renowned Danish musician best known as the bassist for the influential heavy metal band Mercyful Fate . With his distinctive playing style and stage presence, Hansen left an indelible mark on the world of metal music during his career.

Hansen's passion for music developed at an early age. Inspired by the energy and intensity of rock and roll, he picked up the bass guitar and honed his skills with unwavering dedication. In the late 1970s, Hansen joined the band Mercyful Fate, which would become one of the most significant and influential acts in the development of the black metal genre.

As a core member of Mercyful Fate, Hansen played a pivotal role in shaping the band's sound. His thunderous bass lines and tight rhythm section contributed to the dark, ominous atmosphere that became the band's signature. Alongside vocalist King Diamond, guitarist Hank Shermann, and drummer Kim Ruzz, Hansen's contributions helped establish Mercyful Fate's unique style, blending elements of heavy metal, thrash, and occult-inspired lyrics.

The band released their debut self-titled EP in 1982, followed by their groundbreaking full-length album "Melissa" in 1983. Hansen's bass work on these recordings demonstrated his technical prowess and creative flair. His ability to provide a solid foundation while adding intricate melodies and memorable hooks elevated the band's music to new heights.

Mercyful Fate continued to release critically acclaimed albums, including "Don't Break the Oath" (1984) and "In the Shadows" (1993), further solidifying their status as one of metal's most respected acts. Hansen's performances on these albums showcased his versatility, seamlessly transitioning between blistering, fast-paced tracks and slower, more atmospheric compositions.

In 1985, following the release of Mercyful Fate's third album, "The Beginning", Hansen left the band due to personal reasons. However, his departure did not mark the end of his musical journey. He briefly joined the Danish hard rock band Danger Zone before stepping away from the music industry for a period of time.

After a hiatus, Hansen returned to music and formed the band Memento Mori in 1993. As the lead vocalist and bassist of the group, he explored a different musical direction, focusing on a progressive metal sound. Memento Mori released several albums, including "La Danse Macabre" (1996) and "Songs for the Apocalypse, Vol. IV" (2002), earning positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Throughout his career, Hansen's contributions to the metal genre earned him immense respect and admiration from fellow musicians and fans worldwide. His bass playing, characterized by a mixture of speed, precision, and creativity, set him apart as a true virtuoso.

Tragically, on 4 November 2019, Timi "Grabber" Hansen passed away at the age of 61 after battling cancer. His untimely death marked the end of an era, leaving a void in the metal community. However, his legacy lives on through his influential work with Mercyful Fate and the enduring impact he had on the world of heavy metal.

Timi "Grabber" Hansen will always be remembered as a talented musician whose contributions helped shape the sound and aesthetic of metal music. His bass playing continues to inspire generations of musicians, ensuring that his influence will endure for years to come.