Barrabas Wild Safari (Afro Soul) Orig French release 12" VInyl LP Album

  Fernando ArbeX pulled together 5 fellow musicians to form his own band later that year. At its formation, Barrabas was Tito Duarte, Miguel Morales, Ricky Morales, Ignacio Egana, and Joao Vidal. (Members changed occasionally; the most significant change occurred when vocalist Jose Luis Tejada was added to the lineup.) They spent two years refining their sound. A sound that was rich in funk and psychedelic rock, jazz and even disco. Their first album released in the U.S. was 1972's "Wild Safari" it spawned the radio hit "Woman."


large album front cover photo of: Barrabas Wild Safari

Music Genre:

Disco, Afro Soul Music 


Produced by Fernando Arbex

Record Label:

RCA Victor 443.043 3G2VPS 2.009

Record Format:

12" LP 165 grams vinyl

Year & Country:

1972 Made in France

Track Listing of: Barrabas Wild Safari (Afro Soul)

    Side One:
  1. Wild Safari
  2. Try and Try
  3. Only for Men
  4. Never in this World
    Side Two:
  1. Woman
  2. Cheer Up
  3. Rock and Roll Everybody
  4. Chicco

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Photo of Front Cover 
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