Krokus - Metal Rendez-Vous netherlands Release 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

Krokus' Metal Rendez-Vous: A Legendary 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Metal Rendez-Vous" by Krokus, a landmark 1980 heavy metal album, marked the band's ascent and introduced vocalist Marc Storace. In the Netherlands, the 12" vinyl LP release became a sonic journey for fans, featuring captivating artwork and standout tracks. Beyond its musical brilliance, the album's impact endures, reflecting a pivotal era in metal history and emphasizing the timeless appeal of vinyl records in the digital age.


KROKUS - Metal Rendez-Vous Netherlands Release 12" VINYL LP ALBUM front cover

"Metal Rendez-Vous" Album Description:

In the realm of heavy metal, certain albums stand as milestones, shaping the genre's landscape and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans. Krokus' "Metal Rendez-Vous" is undeniably one such album. Released as a 12" vinyl LP, this iconic record not only marked the band's ascent in the world of metal but also introduced the powerful vocals of Marc Storace to the eager ears of fans. In this article, we explore the significance of "Metal Rendez-Vous" and delve into its impact on the Netherlands, where the vinyl release played a crucial role in cementing Krokus' place in heavy metal history.

A Pivotal Moment: Metal Rendez-Vous

Krokus, a Swiss hard rock and heavy metal band, had already garnered attention with their earlier albums, but it was "Metal Rendez-Vous" that catapulted them into the international spotlight. Released in 1980, the album showcased a perfect blend of hard-hitting riffs, anthemic choruses, and Marc Storace's distinctive and powerful vocals. Storace's addition to the lineup brought a new energy and charisma to Krokus, setting the stage for their future success.

The Netherlands Release: A Vinyl Experience

Vinyl records have always held a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts, providing a tangible and immersive way to experience an album. In the Netherlands, the release of "Metal Rendez-Vous" as a 12" vinyl LP added a unique dimension to the fan experience. The larger-than-life album cover, the tactile nature of the vinyl, and the warmth of analog sound created a sensory journey for listeners.

The Vinyl Artwork: A Visual Feast

One cannot discuss the "Metal Rendez-Vous" vinyl release without acknowledging the captivating artwork that graced the album cover. Featuring a striking image of a winged skull against a backdrop of vibrant colors, the artwork perfectly captured the essence of the music within. The visual impact of the vinyl sleeve added an extra layer of excitement for fans as they eagerly anticipated the sonic journey that awaited them.

Musical Triumphs: Unveiling the Tracks

"Metal Rendez-Vous" boasted an array of standout tracks that solidified Krokus' position as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. From the infectious energy of "Heatstrokes" to the anthemic "Bedside Radio" and the soulful "Streamer," the album showcased the band's versatility and musical prowess. Each track on the vinyl LP contributed to the overall experience, creating a sonic adventure that resonated with fans in the Netherlands and beyond.

Music Genre:

 Swiss Heavy Metal Switzerland

Album Production information:

The album: "Metal Rendez-Vous " was produced by: Martin Pearson and Krokus

Martin Pearson a Swiss Music Producer and Sound engineer, he has produced/engineered several heavy metal bands during the late 1970s until the mid-1980s. Some of the bands he has worked with are: Black Angels, Krokus, Mass, Witchcraft.

Recorded October/November 1979, Studio Platinum One, Switzerland

Juerg Naegeli - Sound Engineer, Bass, Keyboarda, Sound Engineer

Ursli Weber - Sound Engineer

Paul Grau - Photography

Record Label & Catalognr:

 Ariola 201 199 (201199)

Media Format:

 12" Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 210 gram  
Year & Country 1980 Made in Holland
Band Members and Musicians on: Krokus Metal Rendez-Vous
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Marc Storace - Vocals

    Marc Storace, born in Malta in 1951, is a Swiss vocalist best known for his iconic work with the hard rock and heavy metal band Krokus. His powerful vocals, passionate delivery, and impressive range have made him a legend in the music industry.

    Early Career and Rise to Fame:

    Storace's musical journey began in the 1960s with various bands, including TEA, before joining Krokus in 1979. His arrival marked a turning point for the band, leading them to their most successful era. With his instantly recognizable voice, he became the face and voice of Krokus, contributing to their global success with albums like "Metal Rendez-vous" (1980), "Hardware" (1981), and "One Vice at a Time" (1982).

    Chart-topping Hits and International Recognition:

    Singles like "Bedside Radio," "Long Stick Goes Boom," and "Screaming in the Night" became international hits, solidifying Krokus' place in rock history. Storace's electrifying stage presence and captivating vocals made him a fan favorite, earning them a dedicated following worldwide.

    Brief Departure and Return to Krokus:

    In the early 1990s, Storace embarked on a solo project called "Storace," releasing an album and performing under that name. However, he reunited with Krokus in 2002, leading them to renewed success with albums like "Rock the Block" (2003) and "Hoodoo" (2010).

    In 2021, Storace launched his solo career under the moniker "STORACE," releasing his debut album "Live and Let Live" to critical acclaim. He continues to tour extensively, both as a solo artist and with Krokus, captivating audiences with his timeless vocals and undeniable stage presence.

  • Fernando Von Arb - Lead guitar
  • Chris Von Rohr - Bass guitar

    Christoph "Chris" von Rohr (hristoph von Rohr is a Swiss music producer and one of the most influential figures in the Swiss music industry. Born in Switzerland, von Rohr's interest in music began at an early age. He started playing the guitar as a teenager and soon became a member of a local scene.

    In 1971, von Rohr moved to Zurich to study philosophy and German literature. He continued to play music on the side and eventually formed a new band called Toad. The band gained popularity in Switzerland and was signed to a record label in Germany, which allowed them to tour throughout scene.

    After Toad disbanded, von Rohr turned his attention to producing. In 1980, he founded a recording studio in Zurich and began working with a number of Swiss musicians, including the hard rock band Krokus. von Rohr produced several of Krokus' albums, which helped the band achieve international scene.

    In the late 1980s, von Rohr began working with the band Gotthard, which would become one of Switzerland's most successful rock bands. von Rohr produced several of Gotthard's albums, including their debut album, which sold over 250,000 copies in Switzerland scene.

    Throughout his career, von Rohr has been recognized for his contributions to the Swiss music industry. He has won several awards for his work as a producer and has been instrumental in shaping the sound of Swiss rock music. Today, von Rohr continues to work as a producer and is considered a living legend in the Swiss music scene.

  • Freddy Steady - Drums
  • Tommy Kiefer - Rhythm guitar
Track Listing of: "Metal Rendez-Vous "

The Song/tracks on "Metal Rendez-Vous " are

  • Heatstrokes - 4:00
  • Bedside Radio - 3:22
  • Come On - 4:29
  • Streamer - 6:44
  • Shy Kid - 2:33
  • Tokyo Nights - 5:54
  • Lady Double Dealer - 3:13
  • Fire - 6:07
  • No Way - 4:02
  • Back-Seat Rock & Roll - 3:15


Front Cover Photo Of KROKUS - Metal Rendez-Vous Netherlands Release 12" VINYL LP ALBUM


KROKUS - Metal Rendez-Vous Netherlands Release 12" VINYL LP ALBUM front cover

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Photo Of The Back Cover KROKUS - Metal Rendez-Vous Netherlands Release 12" VINYL LP ALBUM


KROKUS - Metal Rendez-Vous Netherlands Release 12" VINYL LP ALBUM back cover

Close up of Side One record's label KROKUS - Metal Rendez-Vous Netherlands Release 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

"Metal Rendez-Vous By Krokus" Light Blue Colour Ariola Record Label Details: Description © Copyright ℗ Sound Copyright

Close up of Side One record's label KROKUS - Metal Rendez-Vous Netherlands Release 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

Headbanging through the Years: The Vinyl Discography of Krokus

Krokus is a Swiss rock band known for their hard-hitting, high-energy sound and catchy choruses. They have sold over 14 million albums worldwide.
KROKUS Band Description:

  Krokus is a Swiss rock band formed in 1975 in Solothurn, Switzerland. The band has released 18 studio albums, sold over 14 million copies worldwide, and is considered one of the most successful Swiss rock bands. Krokus is known for their hard-hitting, high-energy sound, and their dynamic stage presence.


  Krokus was founded by guitarist Tommy Kiefer and drummer Chris von Rohr in 1975. The band's early years were marked by frequent lineup changes, but in 1979, they released their third album, "Metal Rendez-vous," which became a huge commercial success in Switzerland and launched the band's international career. The album featured the hit single "Bedside Radio" and showcased Krokus' hard-rocking sound and catchy melodies. The band continued to release successful albums throughout the 1980s, including "Hardware" (1981), "One Vice at a Time" (1982), and "Headhunter" (1983).

  Krokus' success in the 1980s was due in part to their ability to blend elements of classic hard rock with the emerging heavy metal genre. The band's sound was characterized by heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums, and catchy choruses. Krokus' lyrics often dealt with themes of rebellion, independence, and freedom, and their music was popular with audiences who were looking for an escape from the pressures of everyday life.

  In the late 1980s, Krokus' popularity began to wane, and the band went through a series of lineup changes. In 1995, the band released "To Rock or Not to Be," which marked a return to their hard-rock roots. The album was a commercial success in Switzerland, but it failed to reignite the band's international career. Krokus continued to release albums throughout the 2000s and 2010s, but their popularity remained largely confined to Switzerland and other European countries.

  Musical Style and Achievements:

  Krokus' musical style is characterized by their high-energy hard-rock sound, which incorporates elements of heavy metal, blues, and classic rock. The band's guitar-heavy sound is driven by Tommy Kiefer's virtuosic playing, which is often compared to that of AC/DC's Angus Young. Krokus' lyrics often deal with themes of freedom, rebellion, and independence, and the band's music is known for its catchy choruses and sing-along hooks.

  Krokus' commercial success in the 1980s made them one of the most successful Swiss rock bands of all time. The band's album "Headhunter" sold over 2 million copies worldwide and was certified platinum in the United States. Krokus' live performances were also highly regarded, and the band played sold-out shows in stadiums and arenas around the world.

  Impact on the Swiss and Global Rock Music Scene:

  Krokus' success in the 1980s paved the way for other Swiss rock bands to gain international recognition. The band's high-energy sound and dynamic stage presence inspired a generation of young Swiss musicians, many of whom went on to form their own bands and pursue careers in rock music. Krokus' impact on the Swiss music scene is still felt today, and the band is considered a national treasure.

  Krokus also had a significant impact on the global rock music scene. The band's high-energy sound and catchy hooks influenced countless other bands, and their music remains popular with fans of classic hard rock and heavy metal. Krokus' legacy is evident in the many tribute bands and cover bands