HEART ( American Female-Fronted Rock ) Album Gallery and Vinyl Discography 1977-1990

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Capitol PJ-12546
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HEART - Bad Animals (1987, Canada)

"Heart's 'Bad Animals' (Canadian 12" vinyl LP) showcases the band's powerful vocals, skilled instrumentation, and anthemic rock sound. Produced by Ron Nevison, it solidifies Heart's place in rock history and captivates listeners with its memorable hooks and raw energy."

Capitol 1A 064-24 0766 ( 064-240766)

HEART - Bad Animals (1987, EEC)

Heart's "Bad Animals" (1987) showcases the Wilson sisters' powerful vocals, captivating melodies, and dynamic rock sound. A timeless classic in the genre, it highlights Heart's musical brilliance and ability to connect with listeners.

Capitol ESTU 2121
Heart - Brigade

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HEART - Brigade (1990, USA)

"Heart's 'Brigade' (USA release: Capitol ESTU 2121) is a powerful rock album that reached No. 3 on the Billboard 200. With compelling lyrics and captivating vocals, it showcases the band's enduring legacy in the genre."


Capitol 064-7 91820

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HEART - Brigade (1990, Europe)

Note that the EEC/European Pressing of Heart's Brigade LP has a 'colored' Capitol Records Label, while the USA pressing of this album has a Black Label, see photos of the record label further below

Portrait PRT 82075
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HEART - Little Queen (1977, Holland)

Heart's "Little Queen" album, featuring the iconic Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson, is a captivating 12" vinyl LP. Released under the PRT 82075 label, it showcases the band's signature blend of rock, folk, and hard-hitting melodies. Songs like "Barracuda" and "Kick It Out" exhibit Ann's powerful vocals, while Nancy's guitar skills shine throughout the record. A timeless classic, this album exemplifies Heart's musical prowess and enduring influence.

Capitol 1C 064-24 0372 1

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HEART - S/T Self-Titled (1985)

Heart is the self-titled eigth studio album, but ninth album overall, released by Heart. Released in 1985, the album continued the band's transition into mainstream hard rock.