Edgar Winter - JASMINE NIGHTDREAMS 12" LP Vinyl Album

Edgar Winter's 1975 masterpiece, 'Jasmine Nightdreams,' transcends genres, blending rock and jazz with experimental flair. Released as a 12" LP in the Netherlands, it showcases Winter's musical evolution. Collaborations with talented artists yield a timeless collection, praised for its innovation. This sonic journey, marked by classics like 'Jasmine Nightdreams,' continues to resonate, capturing the essence of the dynamic 1970s music scene.This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.


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"Jasmine Nightdreams" Album Description:

In the vibrant tapestry of musical history, Edgar Winter's "Jasmine Nightdreams" stands as a testament to the creative energy of the 1970s. Released as a 12" LP vinyl album in 1975 in the Netherlands, this masterpiece has etched its place in the world of music, showcasing Winter's versatility and innovation.

Edgar Winter: A Musical Maestro:

Before delving into the creation of "Jasmine Nightdreams," it's essential to appreciate the musical prowess of Edgar Winter. Born on December 28, 1946, in Beaumont, Texas, Winter is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter. He gained prominence for his distinctive approach to blending various genres, including rock, jazz, blues, and pop.

The Making of "Jasmine Nightdreams":

"Jasmine Nightdreams" was Edgar Winter's fifth studio album, following the success of previous releases like "Entrance" and "They Only Come Out at Night." The album marked a departure from Winter's earlier works, exploring a fusion of rock and jazz elements with a touch of experimental flair.

Background and Influences:

The mid-1970s was a dynamic period in the music industry, witnessing a surge of experimentation and innovation. Winter, known for his dynamic live performances, drew inspiration from the eclectic soundscape of the era. The album is a reflection of his musical journey, capturing the essence of the diverse influences that shaped his artistry.

Collaborations and Featured Artists:

"Jasmine Nightdreams" features collaborations with exceptional musicians, adding layers of depth to the sonic landscape. Winter's ability to assemble a talented ensemble is evident in the album's rich instrumentation and intricate arrangements. Each track unfolds like a musical journey, guided by the synergy of the artists involved.

Reception and Legacy:

Upon its release, "Jasmine Nightdreams" received critical acclaim for its innovative sound and artistic vision. The album showcased Winter's growth as an artist, pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms. Tracks like "Jasmine Nightdreams" and "Hello Mellow Feelin'" became instant classics, resonating with audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

Vinyl Release in the Netherlands:

The choice to release the album as a 12" LP vinyl in the Netherlands was strategic. The vinyl format, known for its warm and authentic sound quality, complemented the analog nature of the music. The Netherlands, with its rich musical culture, served as an ideal platform to unveil this auditory masterpiece.

Album Description & Collectors information:

Gatefold (FOC) cover design with artwork / photos on the inside cover pages

This album "Edgar Winter - Jasmine Nightdreams" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Music Genre:

Pop, Rock 

Album Production Information:

The album: "Edgar Winter - Jasmine Nightdreams" was produced by: Steve Paul, Rick Dobbis

Steve Paul (Born Stephen Neal Paul 28 April 1941 – 21 October 2012)) is an influential figure in the music industry, best known for his role as the manager of the renowned rock and blues musicians Johnny Winter and Edgar Winter. Throughout his career, Paul played a vital role in shaping the success and careers of these talented brothers, helping them reach new heights in the music world. With his keen business acumen and deep passion for music, Steve Paul left an indelible mark on the industry and the lives of the artists he represented.


Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Paul was born in The Bronx, New York City, to a high school principal and a homemaker. He attended Dobbs Ferry High School in Dobbs Ferry, New York, where he graduated at the age of 16. He began his career at the age of 17 doing public relations for a New York City restaurant and Peppermint Lounge.

Born in the mid-20th century, Steve Paul grew up with a profound love for music. His fascination with the blues, in particular, led him to explore the vibrant music scenes in his hometown of New York City.

In the early 1964, Paul opened a blues club called The Scene in Greenwich Village, which soon became a mecca for both established and up-and-coming musicians. The club quickly gained a reputation for showcasing remarkable talent, attracting legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, and The Rolling Stones.

Managerial Role:

Paul was the one-time manager of Johnny Winter, among other related performers, as well as being the owner of The Scene, a popular New York City club from 1964 to 1970, and the founder of Blue Sky Records. In 1969, Paul founded Blue Sky Records, an independent record label. The label released albums by Winter, Hendrix, and other artists. Blue Sky Records was eventually acquired by Atlantic Records in 1972.

Steve Paul's journey as a manager began when he discovered the immense talent of Johnny Winter, a blues guitarist and singer known for his electrifying performances. Recognizing Johnny's potential, Paul took him under his wing and became his manager. He worked tirelessly to secure record deals, book tours, and promote Johnny's music to a wider audience.

Paul's keen eye for talent didn't stop with Johnny Winter. He also recognized the exceptional musical abilities of Johnny's younger brother, Edgar Winter, who played multiple instruments and possessed a distinctive musical style. Inspired by his brother's success, Edgar embarked on his own solo career. Steve Paul recognized the potential in Edgar as well and became his manager, guiding him through the music industry and helping him establish his unique musical identity.

Contributions and Achievements:

Under Steve Paul's guidance, both Johnny and Edgar Winter achieved remarkable success. Johnny Winter, known for his virtuosic guitar skills and soulful voice, became one of the most respected blues-rock musicians of his time. He released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including "Johnny Winter" and "Second Winter". Paul's managerial expertise ensured that Johnny secured record deals with major labels, toured extensively, and gained recognition worldwide.

Meanwhile, Edgar Winter flourished as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. His versatility and genre-bending style, incorporating elements of rock, jazz, and blues, captivated audiences and set him apart as a true musical innovator. With Steve Paul's guidance, Edgar released his groundbreaking album "They Only Come Out at Night", which included the chart-topping instrumental "Frankenstein" and the timeless hit "Free Ride".


Steve Paul's contributions to the careers of Johnny and Edgar Winter cannot be overstated. As their manager, he played an instrumental role in shaping their artistic paths, helping them navigate the complexities of the music industry, and introducing their music to a global audience. Paul's dedication to his artists, combined with his astute business acumen, set the stage for the Winter brothers' enduring success and their lasting impact on the rock and blues genres.

In 1990, he published a book about his life and career, called "The Scene: Steve Paul's Adventures in Rock and Roll."

Paul died in Queens, New York City, in 2012, at the age of 71. He was survived by his wife, two children, and two grandchildren.



Album cover photography: Dave Still, Paul Prestopino, Steinbicker, Houghton, Wendi E Lombardi, Bruce Weber

Record Label Information:

Blue Sky (CBS) 1975, SKY 80772

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram 

Year & Country:

1975 Made in Netherlands
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: Edgar Winter - Jasmine Nightdreams
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Edgar Winter - piano
  • Rick Derringer - guitar

    Rick Derringer (born Ricky Zehringer on 5 August 1947) an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer. He first gained fame as a member of The McCoys, a rock group that had a hit with the song "Hang On Sloopy" in 1965. He later became a solo artist and has worked as a producer and collaborator with many well-known musicians.

    Derringer was born in Fort Recovery, Ohio and grew up in Union City, Indiana. His family was musical, and he began playing guitar at an early age. In the mid-1960s, he formed The McCoys with his brother Randy and three other musicians. They had several hits, including "Hang On Sloopy," which was a number one hit in the United States in 1965.

    After The McCoys disbanded, Derringer formed the band "Johnny Winter And" with blues guitarist Johnny Winter. He also played on several of Winter's albums, including "Johnny Winter And Live" and "Still Alive and Well." In 1973, Derringer released his first solo album, "All American Boy," which featured the hit song "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo."


    Derringer continued to release solo albums throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including "Spring Fever," "Guitars and Women," and "Face to Face." He also worked as a producer, producing albums for artists such as Cheap Trick, Meat Loaf, and Mason Ruffner.

    In the 1990s and 2000s, Derringer continued to perform and record. He also worked as a collaborator with many musicians, including Edgar Winter, Steely Dan, and Kiss. He has been inducted into the Guitar Player Hall of Fame and the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

    Throughout his career, Derringer has been known for his guitar skills and his ability to write catchy rock songs. He has influenced many musicians and continues to be a respected figure in the rock music world.

    Rick Derringer's career highlights

    1947: Rick Derringer (Born Rick Zehringer) is born on 5 August in Fort Recovery, Ohio, United States.

    1963: Derringer forms his first band called The McCoys with his brother Randy. The band gains national attention with their hit single "Hang On Sloopy", which reaches No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    1966: The McCoys release their self-titled debut album, which includes "Hang On Sloopy" as the lead single. The album achieves moderate success.

    1969: Derringer leaves The McCoys and embarks on a solo career. He releases his debut solo album titled "All American Boy", which features the popular song "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo". The album establishes Derringer as a notable guitarist and rock artist.

    1970: Derringer collaborates with Johnny Winter, joining Winter's band and contributing his guitar skills to Winter's album "Johnny Winter And".

    1973: Derringer continues his collaboration with Johnny Winter, appearing on Winter's critically acclaimed album "Still Alive and Well". Derringer's guitar work shines throughout the record.

    1973: Derringer releases his second solo album, "Spring Fever".

    1974: The Edgar Winter Group releases their successful album "They Only Come Out at Night", which includes the hit singles "Frankenstein" and "Free Ride". Derringer's guitar work is prominently featured throughout the album.

    1976: Derringer releases his third solo album, "Derringer", which includes the popular single "Let Me In". The album showcases his blues-rock style and receives positive reviews.

    1980: Derringer releases his fourth solo album, "Face to Face", which includes the single "Goodbye Again". The album marks a transition to a more commercial sound.

    1983: Derringer forms the band DNA (Derringer and Appice) with drummer Carmine Appice. They release their self-titled debut album, which features a mix of hard rock and pop-oriented tracks.

    1987: Derringer releases his fifth solo album, "Back to the Blues", returning to his blues roots. The album receives critical acclaim for his guitar skills and soulful performances.

    1990s: Derringer continues to release albums and perform live, showcasing his versatility as a musician and songwriter. He also collaborates with various artists, including Cyndi Lauper and Alice Cooper.

    2000s: Derringer remains active in the music industry, touring and recording new material. He also makes occasional guest appearances and collaborates with other musicians.

    2010s: Derringer continues to perform live and release albums independently. He also collaborates with Johnny Winter on various projects, including live performances and recordings.

  • Johnny Winter - slide guitar
  • Dan Hartman

    Dan Hartman was born on 8 December 1950, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. From a young age, he displayed a deep passion for music and began playing various instruments, including the guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. This diverse musical background would later become a significant factor in shaping his successful career.

    Musical Career Beginnings:
    In the early 1970s, Dan Hartman gained recognition as a member of the rock band, The Edgar Winter Group. He joined the band as a bassist and backing vocalist, contributing to their critically acclaimed album, "They Only Come Out at Night" (1972). This album featured the band's biggest hit, "Frankenstein", which showcased Hartman's musical versatility and solidified his position in the music industry.

    Collaboration with Johnny Winter:
    After his stint with The Edgar Winter Group, Hartman began collaborating with blues-rock guitarist Johnny Winter. He worked as a songwriter and producer for Johnny's albums, bringing his expertise to enhance Winter's bluesy sound. One of their notable collaborations was on Johnny Winter's album "White, Hot and Blue" (1978), where Hartman's contributions as a songwriter and musician helped in creating a successful record.


    Solo Success:
    As a solo artist, Dan Hartman achieved significant success, especially during the late 1970s and early 1980s. In 1978, he released his debut album, "Who Is Dan Hartman", which garnered attention with the hit single "Instant Replay". The song became a dancefloor favorite and climbed the charts, establishing Hartman as a force to be reckoned with in the disco and dance music scene.

    In 1984, he released the album "I Can Dream About You", which featured the title track as well as "We Are the Young". Both songs became major hits, with "I Can Dream About You" reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album's success further solidified Hartman's reputation as a skilled songwriter, vocalist, and producer.

    Later Career and Legacy:
    Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Dan Hartman continued to release albums and singles, exploring various musical styles and maintaining a dedicated fanbase. While he didn't replicate the massive success of his earlier hits, he remained a respected artist in the music industry.

    Tragically, on 22 March 1994, Dan Hartman passed away at the age of 43 due to a brain tumor. His untimely death was a significant loss to the music community. However, his contributions to music, particularly in the disco and dance genres, continue to be celebrated by fans and fellow musicians alike.

  • Chuck Ruff - drums
  • Rick Marrota - drums
Complete Track-listing of the album "Edgar Winter - Jasmine Nightdreams"

The detailed tracklist of this record "Edgar Winter - Jasmine Nightdreams" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. One day tommorow
  2. Little brother
  3. Hello mellow feelin'
  4. Tell me in a whisper
  5. Shuffle-low
  6. Keep on burnin'
  7. How da you like your love
  8. I always wanted you
  9. Outa control
  10. All out
  11. Sky train
  12. Solar strut

Album Photo Gallery of Jasmine Nightdreams


Front Cover Photo Of Jasmine Nightdreams


Jasmine Nightdreams front cover https://vinyl-records.nl

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Photo Of The Back Cover Jasmine Nightdreams


Jasmine Nightdreams back cover

First Photo Of Custom Inner Sleeve Jasmine Nightdreams


Jasmine Nightdreams custom inner sleeve

Close up of Side One record's label Jasmine Nightdreams


Close up of Side One record's label Jasmine Nightdreams
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