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 In the spirited world of Merengue, "Las Chicas Del Can" radiate like a rhythmic sun. Their discography, a whirlwind of melodies and beats, encapsulates the heart of the Dominican Republic. Step into Las Chicas Del Can's vinyl record gallery, a vibrant fiesta of sound adorned with larger-than-life album cover photos. Let the music sway you to the infectious Merengue rhythms, where lyrics and dance unite in joyous harmony. "Las Chicas Del Can" is a famous and extremely successful all-female merengue group from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Originally created by Wilfrido Vargas, several teams of female vocalists and musicians have alternately performed under the name "Las Chicas del Can" throughout the group's history.

  Originally founded in 1982, "Las Chicas del Can" performed hit after hit throughout the eighties, and a great number of their singles and albums achieved gold and/or platinum status. Hits such as "El Negro No Puede", "La Media María", Sukaína, "Juana la Cubana", Culeca, "Ta' Pillao", Fuego, Fiebre, and Las Pequeñas Cosas are now considered "classics" of merengue music.

 Band-members of "Las Chicas Del Can" have been: Lead singer "Belkis Concepción" left the group early in its history to go solo in 1985. Singers "Míriam Cruz" (the uncrowned queen of the Merengue) and "Eunice Betances" then teamed up and got vocal support from, among others, Luchy Betances (younger sister of Eunice) and Verónica Medina. Medina herself then went solo in 1987. Las Chicas del Can members also included: Ana Maria Cruz, Nancy Perez, Maria Acosta, Xioma Quelis, Vilma Frias, Zunilda Veras, Maria Teresa Dominguez, Romina Rojas, Josefina Perez, Eunices Betances, Miriam Cruz, Amaura Marinez


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LAS CHICAS DEL CAN Band Description:

 Chicas del Can was a popular all-female merengue group from the Dominican Republic that rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s. The group consisted of several talented vocalists and musicians who combined their skills to create catchy, upbeat music that captivated audiences throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

 The group was founded in 1983 by Wilfrido Vargas , a renowned musician and bandleader who had previously achieved significant success with his own merengue group. Chicas del Can was initially comprised of six members, including singers Belkis Concepción, Luchy Vicioso, and Mily Quezada, as well as instrumentalists Aura Rivas, Marina Franco, and Patricia Pereyra.

 From their early beginnings, Chicas del Can stood out for their unique sound and energetic performances. They quickly gained a loyal following of fans, and their popularity only continued to grow as they released hit after hit. Some of their most popular songs include "Juana la Cubana," "El Negro No Puede," and "La Loba."

 One of the key reasons for Chicas del Can's success was the group's ability to blend traditional merengue rhythms with contemporary pop and rock influences. They were known for their catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, which often addressed themes of love, heartbreak, and social justice. Their music was also infused with a strong sense of female empowerment, as the group's members sought to challenge traditional gender roles and stereotypes through their art.

 Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Chicas del Can toured extensively throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, performing at festivals and concerts to sold-out crowds. They also won numerous awards and accolades for their music, including several Latin Grammy nominations.

 Sadly, the group disbanded in 1998, after 15 years of creating music together. However, their legacy lives on, and their music continues to inspire and entertain fans around the world. Chicas del Can paved the way for other all-female merengue groups, and their influence can still be heard in contemporary Latin pop and dance music.

What is Merengue Music

 Merengue is a style of music and dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is characterized by a fast and upbeat rhythm, typically played with a combination of percussion instruments such as the tambora, guira, and accordion. The music has African and European influences and is known for its catchy melodies and lively energy.

 Merengue is also a popular dance style, typically danced in pairs with a lot of hip and foot movements, as well as quick, tight turns. It is a social dance and is often performed at parties, festivals, and other events. Merengue has become a popular genre of Latin music around the world and has influenced many other styles of music and dance.

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LAS CHICAS DEL CAN - Los Grandes Exitos Super Dance Mix 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail Of  LAS CHICAS DEL CAN - Los Grandes Exitos Super Dance Mix album front cover

SONO Latin Records SD-1430 , 1989 , USA

"Las Chicas del Can - Los Grandes Exitos Super Dance Mix" is a captivating 12" LP Vinyl Album showcasing the vibrant merengue rhythms of the renowned all-girl band from Santo Domingo. Flourishing in the 1980s, the compilation features their top hits, including the infectious "Juana La Cubana" and the rhythmic "Sukaina." This musical anthology captures the essence of an era and the enduring charm of Las Chicas del Can.

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LAS CHICAS DEL CAN - Pegando Fuego 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail Of  LAS CHICAS DEL CAN - Pegando Fuego album front cover

SonoTone Latin Records SO-0403 , 1986 , USA

"Pegando Fuego," the fourth official album by the Dominican all-female music ensemble "Las Chicas Del Can," set ablaze the music scene upon its 1986 release. This 12" Vinyl LP showcased the group's fiery talent, leaving an indelible mark on the era's cultural landscape. With infectious rhythms and compelling vocals, the album's contribution to the vibrant musical tapestry of the time remains a testament to the group's enduring impact.

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Thumbnail Of  LAS CHICAS DEL CAN - Sumbaleo  album front cover

Palm Pro 10.284 , 1990 , Venezuela

In 1990, Las Chicas del Can's "Sumbaleo" 12" Vinyl LP, produced by Wilfrido Vargas, made a significant impact in the thriving merengue scene. With a stellar lineup of musicians led by Maria Acosta, the album's fusion of traditional and contemporary elements resonated globally. Its enduring legacy continues to influence and inspire, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of merengue music.

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Thumbnail Of  LAS CHICAS DE NUEVA YORK - Mejor Que Nunca  album front cover

Alegria Records , 1989 , USA

"Mejor Que Nunca", the 12" vinyl LP by "Chicas de Nueva York", shines with the talents of Jackie Sanchez, Rosa Melendez, Lucia "Kenny" Diaz, and Asia Gonzalez. Produced by the skilled hands of Raphy Pou, this album embodies their finest work. With captivating harmonies and melodies, it's a musical journey that proves they're better than ever.

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