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Band Information:

  Lizzy Borden is the name of an American heavy metal band that was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1983. The band was named after the infamous Lizzie Borden murder case, and the band's lyrics often revolve around horror themes and macabre subject matter.

 Lizzy Borden's original lineup consisted of lead vocalist Lizzy Borden (born Gregory Charles Harges), guitarists Gene Allen and Tony Matuzak, bassist Michael Davis, and drummer Joey Scott Harges (Lizzy Borden's brother). The band's first release was a self-titled EP that was independently produced and released in 1984. The EP was a critical success, and it led to the band being signed to Metal Blade Records.

 Lizzy Borden's debut album, "Love You to Pieces," was released in 1985. The album was produced by Ron Goudie, who had previously worked with acts such as Motley Crue and W.A.S.P. "Love You to Pieces" was well-received by critics and fans, and it featured the hit single "Give 'Em the Axe." The album's success led to Lizzy Borden touring with bands such as W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, and Y&T.

 Lizzy Borden's second album, "Menace to Society," was released in 1986. The album featured a heavier sound than its predecessor and included the hit single "Notorious." The band continued to tour heavily, and they gained a reputation for their energetic live shows, which often included elaborate stage props and theatrical elements.

 In 1987, Lizzy Borden released their third album, "Visual Lies." The album featured the hit single "Me Against the World" and included a music video that received heavy rotation on MTV. The album also featured a guest appearance by guitarist Steve Vai.

 Lizzy Borden continued to release albums throughout the 1990s, including "Master of Disguise" (1989), "Deal with the Devil" (2000), and "Appointment with Death" (2007). The band's lineup underwent several changes over the years, with Lizzy Borden being the only constant member. However, the band's sound and style remained consistent, and they continued to tour and perform throughout the United States and Europe.

 Lizzy Borden's music is characterized by its heavy guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and theatrical elements. The band's lyrics often explore dark and sinister themes, such as murder, revenge, and the occult. Despite the band's controversial subject matter, they have maintained a dedicated following of fans who appreciate their unique brand of heavy metal.

Notes on the band-members of "Lizzy Borden"

Lizzy Borden is the pseudonym used by "Gregory Charles Harges)" while being lead singer in the American Heavy Metal/Glam Metal band with the same name "Lizzy Borden".

Alex Nelson was guitarist of Lizzy Borden from 1985 until 2004, with a break in 1989 when he played in a band called "Animal".

Gene Allen has been guitarist with "Lizzy Borden" from 1983 until 1985.

Joseph "Joey" Vera a bass player and singer from Los Angeles, California and has performed with many bands. During the 1980's Joey Vera he has mainly performed in the American Heavy Metal band "Armored Saint" and "Lizzy Borden"-

Mychal Davis (real-name Michael "Mike" Davis) has been playing together with J, Holmes in the Terriff band (1983-1987) and Dogma band, before both joined the "Lizzy Borden" band.

Steve Hochheiser an American Bass player , started his musical career around 1983 in "Lizzy Borden" followed by bands called "Catalepsy" and "Détente"

Love You to Pieces: The Definitive 1980s Vinyl Albums Collection by Lizzy Borden
LIZZY BORDEN - Love You To Pieces 12" Vinyl LP
LIZZY BORDEN - Love You To Pieces album front cover vinyl record >

Produced by the enigmatic Lizzy Borden himself, the album showcased the band's evolution and solidified their presence in the glam metal scene. The contribution of "Love You To Pieces" within the context of its time lies in its ability to encapsulate the essence of the genre

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LIZZY BORDEN - Master of Disguise 12" Vinyl LP
LIZZY BORDEN - Master of Disguise album front cover vinyl record

Lizzy Borden's 1989 masterpiece, "Master of Disguise," showcased metal prowess in a dynamic era. Produced by Alex Woltman and Elliot Solomon, mixed at Manta Sound Studio in Toronto, the album's sonic journey unfolded at Dodge City Sound. Wendy Kramer's graphics and John Zeleznik's illustration on the cover

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LIZZY BORDEN - The Murderess Metal Road Show (European and USA Releases)
LIZZY BORDEN - The Murderess Metal Road Show (European and USA Releases) album front cover vinyl record

Released in 1986, this iconic album showcases Lizzy Borden's prowess as a theatrical metal band, bringing a unique blend of showmanship and raw musical talent to the forefront. Produced by the Lizzy Borden Group and the legendary Brian Slagel, the album's recording engineer, Bill Metoyer, played a crucial role in capturing the band's electrifying live performance.

- The Murderess Metal Road Show (1986, Netherlands) - The Murderess Metal Road Show (1986, USA)
LIZZY BORDEN - Terror Rising 12" Vinyl EP
LIZZY BORDEN - Terror Rising  album front cover vinyl record

The 1980s were a golden era for the heavy metal genre, marked by the rise of iconic bands and the release of numerous influential records. Among these, Lizzy Borden's "Terror Rising" EP stands out as a testament to the vibrant and dynamic metal scene of that time.

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LIZZY BORDEN - Visual Lies 12" Vinyl Picture Disc
LIZZY BORDEN - Visual Lies Picture Disc album front cover vinyl record

Lizzy Borden's "Visual Lies" Picture Disc Vinyl LP is a visual and auditory spectacle. The album's striking imagery comes to life on the picture disc, while the music itself delves into a realm of dark glam metal. Tracks like "Me Against the World" resonate with the band's signature theatricality

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