EARTHSHAKER Heavy Metal Made in Japan

  The Earthshaker band comes from Japan and was formed in 1978 and one of the first Japanese Heavy Metal bands. Despite their start in 1978, they did not release any official record prior to 1983 and performed until 1994 when they broke up. Around 1999 they re-united, remarkable is that all four members are still in the band.


large album front cover photo of: Earthshaker


EARTHSHAKER - Blondie Girl 12" LP
 EARTHSHAKER - Blondie Girl   12" LP

RoadrunneR RR 125517 , 1983 , Netherlands

This mini-album "Blondie Girl" by the Japanese Heavy Metal band: "Earthshaker" contains two studio tracks ("Blondie GIrl", "I Need The Woman" and two live tracks ("Earthshaker", "Marionette").The Live tracks have been recorded 17 August 1983 at Shibuya Koukaido.

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EARTHSHAKER - Fugitive 12" LP
  EARTHSHAKER -  Fugitive  12" LP

Roadrunner Records – RR 9858 , 1984 , Netherlands

Earthshaker's album Fugitive is the follow-up album on Earthshaker's first album. It was produced by the Producer, Journalist: Masa Itoh.

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EARTHSHAKER - Midnight Flight 12" LP
 EARTHSHAKER - Midnight Flight  12" LP

RoadrunneR RR 9809 , 1984 , Netherlands

"Midnight Flight" is the third album released by the Japanese Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band "Earthshaker". The album was produced by "Masa Itoh". It was recorded from 3 until 17 July at "The Automatt".

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