ROY BUCHANAN - Loading Zone 12" Vinyl LP Album

- German Release

Roy Buchanan's 1977 masterpiece "Loading Zone," released on a 12" Vinyl LP in Germany, epitomizes the musical fusion of blues and jazz rock during the vibrant late 1970s. Produced by Stanley Clarke, the album showcases Buchanan's virtuoso guitar skills, complemented by Clarke's innovative production. The German vinyl release adds a nostalgic touch, enriching the sonic experience. "Loading Zone" stands as a timeless testament to the collaborative brilliance of Buchanan and Clarke. This album was produced by Stanley Clarke.

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"Loading Zone" Album Description:

In the vibrant musical landscape of 1977, renowned Blues and Jazz Rock guitarist Roy Buchanan unveiled his masterpiece, "Loading Zone." This studio album, with its German release on a 12" Vinyl LP, stands as a testament to Buchanan's exceptional talent and the collaborative efforts that went into its production, led by the skilled hands of producer Stanley Clarke.

The time period surrounding the release of "Loading Zone" was marked by a rich diversity of musical styles and influences. The late 1970s saw the coalescence of various genres, creating a melting pot of sound that embraced experimentation and innovation. Buchanan, a virtuoso in his own right, navigated this musical landscape with finesse, infusing his blues roots with the dynamic energy of jazz rock.

The production of "Loading Zone" was spearheaded by Stanley Clarke, a bassist and producer known for his groundbreaking work in the jazz and fusion realms. Clarke's artistic vision played a pivotal role in shaping the album's sonic identity. His ability to blend different musical elements and genres added a layer of sophistication to Buchanan's raw and emotive guitar prowess.

As one delves into the tracks of "Loading Zone," it becomes evident that the album is a captivating journey through the intricate nuances of blues and jazz rock. Buchanan's guitar solos, characterized by their soulful expression and technical brilliance, take center stage, captivating listeners with each note. The synergy between Buchanan's guitar work and the supporting instrumentation, carefully crafted under Clarke's guidance, creates a harmonious tapestry of sound.

The German release of the album on a 12" Vinyl LP adds a tactile and nostalgic dimension to the listening experience. The warmth and richness of analog sound further enhance the authenticity of Buchanan's performance, allowing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the music in a way that digital formats often struggle to replicate.

Album Production: 

Produced by Stanley Clarke
Music Genre:  Jazz Blues Rock Music

Record Label Information:

  Polydor 2391 295 ( 2391295 )
Media Format: 12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year and Country:

  1977 Made in Germany
Band Members and Musicians on: Roy Buchanan Loading Zone
  • Raymond Gomez - rhythm guitars
  • Stanley Clarke - bass
  • Narada Michael Warden - drums
  • Malcolm Lukens - organ, piano
  • Jan Hammer - piano
  • Scott Musmanno - vocals
  • Steve Cropper - rhythm guitar
  • Dennis Parker - bass
  • David Garibaldi - drums
  • Donald "Duck" Dunn - bass
  • Will Lee - bass
Track Listing of: Roy Buchanan Loading Zone
  1. The heat of the battle
  2. Hidden
  3. The circle
  4. Adventures of Brer Rabbit and Tar Baby
  5. Ramon's blues
  6. Green onions
  7. Judy
  8. Done your daddy dirty
  9. Your love
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