- Record Producer, Sound Engineer, Hit Maker

Bob Clearmountain is a legendary force in the music industry. With a Grammy-winning career spanning decades, this iconic producer, engineer, and mixer has worked with giants like Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, and David Bowie. His signature mixes are known for their clarity, punch, and larger-than-life sound. Clearmountain's ability to shape the sonic direction of an album has earned him the title "King of Mixers" and continues to inspire countless music professionals.



Bob Clearmountain isn't just a name in the music industry; he's a force of nature. With a career spanning over four decades, this Grammy-winning producer, engineer, and mix master has worked with an astonishing array of music icons. From Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones to David Bowie and Bryan Adams, Clearmountain's touch has graced countless hits that define generations.

Sonic Sculptor

More than just an engineer, Clearmountain is a sonic sculptor. His mixes are characterized by crystal-clear clarity, punchy dynamics, and an expansive sound that leaps from the speakers. It's a testament to his ear for sonic details and his mastery of complex mixing techniques. His ability to elevate the emotional core of a song while maintaining technical excellence is why artists consistently seek his expertise.

Early Days and the Power Station

Clearmountain's journey began behind the glass at a young age, rapidly progressing from delivery boy to assistant engineer. An early highlight was assisting on a recording session with the legendary Duke Ellington. He became a key player in the development of New York City's famed Power Station studio, a creative hub where countless legendary albums were crafted.

Pioneering the "Specialist Mixer"

As record production grew more complex, Clearmountain helped pioneer the role of the specialist mixer. He would step in after a recording was completed, solely dedicated to crafting the perfect mix. This focus on a single element led to his reputation as a "hitmaker," guaranteeing radio-ready, commercially successful mixes with impact.

Adaptable Collaborator

While Clearmountain's mixes possess a distinct sonic signature, his true genius lies in his adaptability. He seamlessly moves across genres, from Springsteen's heartland rock and Bowie's art-rock experiments to the polished pop anthems of INXS and Bryan Adams. Clearmountain deeply connects with the music's core, acting as a translator between the artist's vision and the final recorded product.

Some of Clearmountains successes
  • Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA: Clearmountain's powerful mix brought Springsteen's anthems to life, making this one of the best-selling albums of all time.
  • The Rolling Stones - Tattoo You: This album showcases his ability to capture the Stones' raw energy and swagger while maintaining clarity.
  • David Bowie - Let's Dance: A perfect blend of pop sensibilities and sonic experimentation, Clearmountain contributed to the album's timeless quality.
  • Bryan Adams - Reckless: The album behind some of Adams' biggest hits, featuring the instantly recognizable punchy sound Clearmountain brings to rock productions.
  • The Church - The Blurred Crusade: This Australian alternative rock album features Clearmountain's ability to create atmosphere and space in his mixes.
  • INXS - Kick: This massive commercial success album showcases his talent for crafting polished, radio-ready pop rock.