OverKill I Hear Black 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

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High Resolution Photo of OverKill I Hear Black

 Album details: 

"I Hear Black" is the sixth studio album by thrash metal band Overkill in 1993 on Atlantic Records. It was the band's first to feature drummer Tim Mallare.

Produced by Alex Perialas (Anthrax, Testament), I Hear Black was the first Overkill album released directly through Atlantic Records. The album once again presented a change in style for the band, from the up-tempo thrash of Horrorscope to a more doom metal style. The result was a metal album which had a much darker feel to it. A music video was shot for "Spiritual Void" but failed to receive substantial airplay. The European leg of the 1993 "World of Hurt Tour" featured Savatage as a support act.

Tom Coyne - Mastering Engineer

Amy Guip - Photographer

Danny Clinch - Photographer

Larry Freemantle - Art Direction

Mikel - Album Artwork

Rob "Wacko" Hunter - Sound Enginee

 Detailed background information on the most relevant people which have been responsible for the production of "I Hear Black"

Alex Perialas is an American Producer and sound engineer, and owner of the "Pyramid Sound Recording Studios" in Ithaca, and has been responsible for the production and engineering of dozens of Heavy Metal albums during the 1980s. Alex Perialas and Carl Canedy have been working both together on the albums: Anthrax's "Spreading the Disease" , "Fistful of Metal", Overkill's "Feel The Fire", "E-X-E - Stricken by Might"

  Tom Coyne is a mastering engineer from New Jersey who has mastered dozens of Heavy Metal albums during the 1980s.

  Rob "Wacko" Hunter - Drums, Sound Engineer. Drummer with the Speed Metal band "Raven" from 1979 until 1988, and the Thrash Metal band DéTENTE. Since 1981 also active as Sound Engineer and engineered albums for bands like: Overkill, Raven, "At War", M.O.D. and others.

Music Genre:

American Groove Metal Thrash Metal 

Collector's info:

"I Hear Black" was the first album to feature drummer Tim Mallare.
Production information:
The album: "I Hear Black" was produced by: Alex Perialas and OverKill

Label Information:

Atlantic 7567-82476

Media Format:

12" Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 200 gram  

Year & Country:

1993 Made in EEC

Band Members and Musicians on: OverKill I Hear Black

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • D.D. Verni Bass
  • Bobby Blitz Ellsworth Vocals
  • Merrit Gant Guitars
  • Rob Cannavino Guitars
  • Tim Mallare Drums

Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth (realname: Robert Joseph Ellsworth) Lead singer with the American Thrash Metal band Overkill since 1980

D.D. Verni (real-name Carlo Verni) lead singer with Overkill since 1980. Previously (1979-1980) he was in a band called "The Lubricunts" together with "Rat Skates".

Tim Mallare (Drums) drummer with "M.O.D." from 1988 until 1989 and "Overkill" from 1992 until 2005.

Track Listing of: "I Hear Black"

The Song/tracks on "I Hear Black" are

  • Dreaming in Columbian 4:00
  • I Hear Black 5:37
  • World Of Hurt 5:19
  • Feed My Head 5:36
  • Shades of Grey 5:19
  • Spiritual Void 5:13
  • Ghost Dance 1:46
  • Weight of the World 4:07
  • Ignorance and Innocence 5:00
  • Undying 5:25
  • Just Like You 4:13

Album cover photos of : OverKill I Hear Black

High Resolution Photo of OverKill I Hear Black  


High Resolution Photo of OverKill I Hear Black  


High Resolution Photo of OverKill I Hear Black  


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