Udo Lindenberg / Alla Pugacheva - Songs Instead of Letters 12" Vinyl LP Album

The 1988 USSR release "Songs Instead of Letters" on 12" Vinyl LP showcases the collaborative brilliance of German rock icon Udo Lindenberg and Soviet pop sensation Alla Pugacheva. Amidst the Cold War's thaw, their unique musical fusion transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. This rare gem, reflecting the era's changing dynamics, stands as a testament to the power of music in fostering understanding and unity across geopolitical divides.


Photo of album back cover of Udo Lindenberg Songs Instead of Letters

"Songs Instead of Letters" Album Description:

In the midst of the Cold War, a unique cultural exchange took place that transcended political boundaries and brought together two musical giants from opposite ends of the spectrum. The 12" Vinyl LP Album titled "Songs Instead of Letters," featuring Udo Lindenberg and Alla Pugacheva, stands as a testament to the power of music to bridge gaps and foster understanding.

Released in 1988 in the USSR, this rare Russian pressing carries historical significance, reflecting the socio-political climate of the time. The late 1980s marked a period of changing dynamics in the Soviet Union, with the policies of glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) introduced by Mikhail Gorbachev. These reforms paved the way for increased cultural exchanges with the West, and it was against this backdrop that the collaborative album emerged.

Udo Lindenberg, a prominent German rock musician known for his distinctive style and socially conscious lyrics, joined forces with Alla Pugacheva, a beloved Soviet pop icon. The juxtaposition of their musical genres – Lindenberg's rock influences and Pugacheva's pop sensibilities – created a captivating blend that transcended cultural and linguistic barriers.

The album's title, "Songs Instead of Letters," suggests a form of communication that goes beyond language, relying on the universal language of music. Each side of the record showcases the distinctive artistry of the respective artists. Udo Lindenberg's side delivers the raw energy and rebellious spirit characteristic of his work, while Alla Pugacheva's side brings forth the emotive and melodic qualities that endeared her to audiences across the Soviet Union.

The collaboration between Lindenberg and Pugacheva on this rare vinyl pressing serves as a symbol of artistic unity in a period of geopolitical tension. The record, with its distinctive cover art and Cyrillic lettering, embodies the cultural exchange that was made possible by the thawing of Cold War relations. It stands as a tangible artifact of a time when music became a conduit for shared expression and mutual appreciation.

Alla Pugacheva Biography :

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva is a Soviet-born Russian and Israeli singer-songwriter. She is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in Russian popular music history.Pugacheva's career spans over five decades, and she has released over 200 albums, sold over 180 million records worldwide, and performed over 1,500 concerts.

Born in Moscow, Pugacheva began her career as a child performer in the 1960s. She quickly rose to fame in the Soviet Union, becoming known for her powerful vocals, glamorous stage presence, and her willingness to experiment with different musical genres. Pugacheva was also a pioneer of the concept of the pop diva in the Soviet Union, and she was often seen as a rebellious figure who challenged the conservative norms of the Soviet era.

Pugacheva's popularity continued to grow in the 1970s and 1980s, and she became one of the most beloved entertainers in the Soviet Union. She was also a successful businesswoman, and she founded her own record label and fashion brand. In 1991, Pugacheva was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR, the highest honor that could be bestowed upon a Soviet performer.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Pugacheva continued to be a major star in Russia. She hosted her own television show, and she continued to release new albums and perform on stage. In 2001, she retired from performing, but she made a comeback in 2009.

Pugacheva is a controversial figure, but she is also one of the most respected and admired entertainers in Russia. She is known for her talent, her charisma, and her willingness to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in popular music. Pugacheva is a true icon of Russian culture, and she has left an indelible mark on the world of music.

Collector's info:  Rare Russian pressing with one side of the record by Udo Lindenberg and the other side by Alla Pugachev
Music Genre:  New Wave Rock Music
Record Label:  Melodiya ROCT 5289-80 / C60 27427 006
Recorded in 1987

Media Format:

  12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 

Year and Country:

  1988 Made in USSR
Band Members and Musicians on: Udo Lindenberg Songs Instead of Letters
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Alla Pugacheva
  • Udo Lindenberg
Track Listing of: Udo Lindenberg Songs Instead of Letters
    Side One:
  • Hello
  • Let the Fate Save You
  • Song-Bird
  • In Home Land

    Side Two:
  • Horizon
  • Johnny Boxer
  • I Don't KNow Who I Should Belong To
  • Say No
  • Sachliche Romanze
Album cover photos of : Udo Lindenberg Songs Instead of Letters

Front Cover Photo Of of Alla Pugacheva Songs Instead of Letters

Front Cover Photo Of of Alla Pugacheva Songs Instead of Letters

Photo of album back cover of Udo Lindenberg Songs Instead of Letters

Photo of album back cover of Udo Lindenberg Songs Instead of Letters

Close-up of Recorder Label Udo Lindenberg Songs Instead of Letters

Close-up of Recorder Label Udo Lindenberg Songs Instead of Letters

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