Attak - Zombies punk uk 12" vinyl LP album

Zombies is the debut album by English punk rock band Attak, released in 1983.


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Attak - Zombies: A Roaring Debut from UK82's Punk Scene
Album Description:

Released in 1983 on Roadrunner Records and No Future Records, Attak's "Zombies" album is a raucous testament to the UK82 punk scene. This 12" vinyl LP captures the raw energy, aggression, and social commentary that defined the era.

Historical Context and Musical Exploration

In the early 1980s, Britain was experiencing social and political turmoil, with high unemployment, economic recession, and growing tensions between the working class and the establishment. Punk rock provided an outlet for the frustrations and anger of the youth, who felt disenfranchised and disillusioned with society.

"Zombies" is a sonic assault of distorted guitars, pounding drums, and passionate vocals. The album's 12 tracks are a whirlwind of punk fury, with lyrics that tackle themes of social injustice, political corruption, and the struggle for individual freedom. Attak's music was a call to arms for the disaffected youth, urging them to stand up against the oppressive forces in their lives.

Genre and Controversies

"Zombies" is firmly rooted in the UK82 punk subgenre, characterized by its raw sound, aggressive vocals, and politically charged lyrics. Attak's music, while not as overtly controversial as some of their peers, still sparked debate due to its anti-establishment message and its unflinching portrayal of the harsh realities of working-class life.

Production Team and Recording Studio

The album was produced by Stu, the band's guitarist, and engineered by Stu Pickering. It was recorded at Revolution Studios in Cheadle Hulme, a small studio known for its work with punk and indie bands. The album's raw sound and lo-fi production aesthetic perfectly captured the band's live energy and DIY spirit.

"Zombies" is a testament to the raw power and social relevance of UK82 punk. It's a snapshot of a turbulent era, a musical middle finger to the establishment, and a call to arms for the disenfranchised. The album's raw energy, passionate vocals, and politically charged lyrics continue to resonate with listeners who are drawn to its message of rebellion and social change.

Collector Notes:

  Zombies is the debut album by English punk rock band Attak, released in 1983. The album features the band's aggressive, high-energy sound, characterized by fast-paced guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Zombies is a must-have for fans of punk rock and the UK82 scene. The album's raw, unpolished production perfectly captures the spirit of the band's live shows.

Music Genre:

  UK Punk Rock Music

Album Production information:

Recorded at Revolution Studios, Cheadle Hulme
Engineered by: Stu Pickering
Produced by Attak and Stu
Album Front cover design by : Howard Oliver
Back cover by Attak

Record Label Information:

  No Future Records Punk 6 / Cherry Red Music

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year & Country:

  1983 Made in England
Band Members and Musicians on: Attak Zombies
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Gary
  • Lindsay
  • Woody
  • Chad
Track Listing of: Attak Zombies

The Song/tracks on "Attak Zombies" are

    Side One:
  • Daga I
  • Daga II
  • This is the Time
  • Play the Ace
  • See You in Hell
  • Big Brother

    Side Two:
  • Zombies
  • Demon
  • Trail of Terror
  • Face the Slayer
  • Young and Proud
  • Wild Thing
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