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Prog Rock From Hungary

"OMEGA" is one of the most successful Hungarian rock bands. Formed in Budapest in September, 1962 by the winds player László Benko on organ and János Kóbor as a singer and rhythm guitarist, they initially performed covers of British and American rock songs, frequently changing the lineup of membersThis is the complete vinyl discography of Omega and lists all albums of Omega released on vinyl LP, click on the links of the album--name to see the full details of each record.



Omega Band Description:

Omega, a Hungarian prog rock band, holds a captivating history that intertwines with the rich musical landscape of the 1970s and beyond. Founded in 1962 by keyboardist László Benkő and vocalist János Kóbor, Omega began as a beat and rock group, gradually evolving into one of the most iconic and influential progressive rock acts from Eastern Europe.

During their early years, Omega's sound was heavily influenced by Western rock music, but it wasn't until the 1970s that they fully embraced the progressive rock genre. Their 1972 album "200 Years After the Last War" marked a turning point for the band. With intricate compositions, elaborate instrumentation, and thought-provoking lyrics, Omega established themselves as pioneers of the prog rock movement in Hungary.

The 1970s were a period of prolific creativity for Omega. Albums like "Omega III" (1974), "Time Robber" (1976), and "Skyrover" (1978) showcased their mastery of blending rock, folk, and classical elements into their music. The band's virtuosity was evident in their musicianship, with László Benkő's keyboard wizardry, György Molnár's expressive guitar work, and János Kóbor's distinctive vocals.

Omega's music was not only musically intricate but also thematically profound. Their lyrics often delved into philosophical and existential themes, reflecting the cultural and political climate of the era. The band's popularity extended beyond Hungary's borders, especially in other Eastern European countries and even reaching Western audiences, showcasing their universal appeal.

The 1980s brought challenges as the band navigated changes in musical trends and the political landscape of Eastern Europe. Despite these shifts, Omega continued to release albums that evolved their sound, incorporating elements of pop and electronic music while retaining their progressive core.

The fall of the Iron Curtain in the late 1980s opened new doors for Omega, allowing them to perform in Western Europe and beyond. They gained recognition on an international scale, performing alongside renowned artists of the time.

Omega's legacy extends into the 1990s and beyond. While the band experienced lineup changes over the years, they never ceased to captivate audiences with their live performances and innovative studio albums. Their music continued to inspire newer generations of prog rock enthusiasts, and their influence on Hungarian and global music scenes remains palpable.

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Bacilus Records BAC 2061

OMEGA - Gammapolis

OMEGA - Gammapolis

The 1978 LP vinyl "OMEGA - Gammapolis" exudes progressive brilliance. Produced by Omega and recorded at Europasound Studios, it features the talents of band members Tamás Mihály, Ferenc Debreceni, György Molnár, László Benkő, and János Kóbor. The intricate artistry extends to its gatefold cover, designed by Istvan Nyari. A sonic journey captured in vinyl.

1978 Germany

Bacilus BAC 2035

Omega - Hall of Floaters in the Sky


Omega - Hall of Floaters in the Sky

Experience sonic enchantment with OMEGA's 1975 LP, 'The Hall Of Floaters In The Sky'. The Hungarian Progressive Rock masters' fifth English album, produced by Peter Hauke, weaves ethereal tales. Recorded and mixed at Chipping Norton Studios, England, with sound by Barry Hammon and special effects from Europasound Studios, Germany, helmed by Fred Schreier. The cover's visual journey is designed by Helmut Wenske, complementing Klaus Holitza's evocative paintings

Bacilus BLPS 19220 Omega - Hall of Floaters in the Sky   Germany

Omega - III Quadro

Dive into the captivating world of "OMEGA - III Quadro" with this quadraphonic 12" vinyl LP. Hailing from Budapest, OMEGA stands among Hungary's most triumphant rock bands. Founded by László Benko on organ and János Kóbor as singer and rhythm guitarist in 1962, their legacy is profound.

OMEGA Self-titled Hungarian Prog Psych

Omega - Omega Self-titled 

Embark on a sonic journey with "OMEGA - Self-Titled" 12" vinyl LP. A Hungarian Prog Psych masterpiece, recorded in April 1973 at Dierks Studio by engineer Dieter Dierks. Produced by Peter Hauke, the album's creative essence is captured visually by Dieter Weis's photography and Peter Hauke's cover design. Immerse yourself in this timeless gem, where music and art converge.

OMEGA - On Tour 12" Vinyl LP

Omega -  On Tour 

Delve into Hungarian prog rock with "OMEGA - On Tour" 12" vinyl LP. A sonic odyssey led by László Benkö's keyboards, János Kóbor's vocals, Tamás Mihály's bass, and György Molnár's lead guitar. Ferenc Debreceni's drums add pulse. Produced by Peter Hauke & Christian Kolonovita, Ingo Schantz. A. Weindinger's cover design captures their essence. A journey with Omega's musical virtuosity awaits.


Bellaphon BACILUS Records BAC 2052

thumbnail of front cover


OMEGA - Skyrover

Immerse in the sonic cosmos of 'OMEGA - Skyrover,' the 8th album by Hungarian Rock Band OMEGA, originally titled 'Csillagok útján.' Produced by Omega, published by BELLVER, it showcases transcendent artistry. Sound crafted by Freddy Schreier and Hartmut Plannmuller at Europasound Studio 1976. Istvan Bara's photography graces the album cover

  Omega   - Skyrover 1978  
BACILLUS 2037 Published by Bellver Music

Omega - Time Robber

Experience the sonic tapestry of "OMEGA - Time Robber," a Hungarian prog rock gem on a 12" vinyl LP. Side 1 enchants with symphonic rock, while Side 2 embraces psychedelia, reminiscent of early Pink Floyd. Produced by Peter Hauke & Christian Kolonovits, recorded at Europasound Studios. Engineers Fred Schreier, Hartmu Pfannmuller craft the soundscape. Walter Seyffer's cover design captures the essence of this musical journey.

album front cover thumbnail

Omega - Working

Embark on a sonic journey with "Omega - Working," a Hungarian prog rock masterpiece on a 12" vinyl LP. Originating in Budapest in 1962, Omega stands as a pinnacle of Hungarian rock. Founded by László Benko on organ and János Kóbor as singer and rhythm guitarist, their evolution mirrors the changing lineup.

Omega XI Hungarian Pepita Pressing

Omega -   XI

Dive into history with "Omega - XI", their 11th studio album, showcased on this original Hungarian Pepita Pressing 12" vinyl LP. Released in 1984, it echoes the legacy of Hungarian Prog Rock. The album, marked by the Pepita SLPX 17747 / Artisjus label, holds rarity and significance. A relic of musical evolution captured in an exceptional Hungarian pressing.