Liege Lord - Burn to my Touch 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Burn to My Touch" by Liege Lord blazes onto a 12" Vinyl LP Album, featuring the exceptional guitar prowess of Paul Nelson, later known for his role in Johnny Winter's band. This release marks a pivotal moment for Liege Lord, showcasing their mastery of power metal. With Nelson's distinct guitar work, the album becomes a sonic journey, solidifying Liege Lord's presence in the metal landscape during the era of its release.


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"Burn to My Touch" is the debut album by American heavy metal band Liege Lord, released in 1987 by Metal Blade Records. The album was produced by Brian Slagel and features Mark Shelton on vocals, Tony Dolan on guitars, Randy Archer on bass, and Rick Storch on drums.

The album is a classic example of American power metal, with a strong emphasis on melody and speed. The songs are characterized by Shelton's soaring vocals, Dolan's blistering guitar solos, and Archer's driving bass lines.

"Burn to My Touch" was a critical and commercial success, helping to establish Liege Lord as one of the leading bands in the American power metal scene. The album has been praised by critics for its strong songwriting, musicianship, and production.

About Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson was the lead guitarist of the American heavy metal band Liege Lord. He was a founding member of the band, and he played on their first two albums, Burn to My Touch (1987) and Master Control (1989). Nelson left the band in 1990, but he rejoined them for a reunion tour in 2000.

Nelson is a skilled guitarist, and he is known for his melodic playing style. He has been praised by critics for his contributions to Liege Lord, and he is considered to be one of the most important guitarists in the American power metal scene.

In addition to his work with Liege Lord, Nelson has also played with a number of other bands, including Tytan, Riot, and Over Under Through. He has also released a solo album, Instrumental Prayers: Hymns of the Cross (2004).

Nelson is a talented guitarist and songwriter, and he has made significant contributions to the American heavy metal scene. He is a respected figure in the genre, and his work with Liege Lord is considered to be a classic.
Paul Nelson was the second guitarist and manager of Johnny Winter from 2005 until Winter's death in 2014. He was instrumental in helping Winter to revive his career and regain his health.

Paul Nelson and Johnny Winter
Nelson first met Winter in 1999, and they quickly became friends. Nelson was impressed by Winter's talent and his passion for music, and he offered to help him get his career back on track.

Nelson helped Winter to clean up his act and get sober. He also helped him to book shows and record new music. As a result of Nelson's efforts, Winter enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the early 2000s.

Nelson also played guitar on several of Winter's albums, including "I'm a Blues Man" (2004), "Roots" (2007), and "Step Back" (2011). He also appeared in the documentary "Johnny Winter: Down & Dirty" (2014).

Nelson was a close friend and confidant of Winter, and he was deeply saddened by his death. He said that Winter was "one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time" and that he was "a true inspiration to me and to so many others".

Nelson's role in helping Winter to revive his career and regain his health was significant. He was a talented musician and a dedicated friend, and he played a major role in ensuring that Winter's legacy will live on.

Music Genre:

  Power / Speed Metal
Album Production information:

Produced by Joe Bouchard and Liege Lord

Engineered by Peter Hodgson

Assistent Sound Engineer: Blaise Sires

Photos Pat Prince

Album Cover Design;

Ioannis Vassilopoulos a graphics artist from Athens, Greece who has during the 1980s illustrated a dozen of album covers for heavy metal bands like: Hallows Eve, Fates Warning and others.


Record Label Information:

  Metal Blade Records RR 9625 ( Metal Blade Records with the Bloody Axe )


  This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by Liege Lord and band-photos. 

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year & Country:

  1987 Made in Holland
Band Members and Musicians on: Liege Lord Burn to my Touch
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Tony Truglio - Guitars
  • Matt Vinci - Bass
  • Paul Nelson - Guitars

    Paul Nelson, an accomplished guitarist, songwriter, and producer, has left an indelible mark on the world of music through his extraordinary talent and innovative approach to guitar playing. With a career spanning several decades, Nelson has showcased his virtuosity across various genres, collaborating with renowned artists and contributing his unique style to the evolution of modern guitar music.


    Early Life and Musical Beginnings

    Born on 14 March 1966, Paul Nelson's musical journey began in Warren, Massachusetts. He exhibited an early fascination with music, particularly the guitar, which soon developed into a lifelong passion. Nelson's insatiable curiosity led him to explore a diverse range of musical genres, from blues and rock to jazz and beyond, ultimately shaping his eclectic and versatile playing style.

    The Influence of Johnny Winter

    One of the pivotal moments in Nelson's career came when he crossed paths with legendary blues guitarist Johnny Winter. Recognizing Nelson's exceptional talent, Winter took him under his wing and became not only a mentor but also a close friend. This association proved transformative for Nelson, as he absorbed Winter's insights into blues guitar techniques and stage presence.

    During his time with Johnny Winter's band, Nelson honed his skills and contributed to Winter's Grammy-nominated albums, solidifying his reputation as a formidable guitarist. The experience also set the stage for Nelson's future endeavors as a solo artist and bandleader.

    Solo Career and Innovation

    Venturing into a solo career, Paul Nelson embraced his musical individuality and showcased his distinct approach to guitar playing. His debut album, "Over Under Through," released in 2010, demonstrated his mastery of various styles while highlighting his ability to infuse traditional blues with modern sensibilities. The album received critical acclaim, cementing Nelson's position as a rising star in the contemporary blues and rock scene.

    Nelson's subsequent releases, including "Badass Generation" (2016) and "Over Under Through" (2020), continued to captivate audiences with their dynamic compositions and Nelson's mesmerizing guitar work. Fusing elements of blues, rock, and soul, Nelson's music defies easy categorization, showcasing his dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.

    A Multifaceted Artist

    Beyond his role as a guitarist, Paul Nelson's contributions extend to songwriting, producing, and mentoring emerging talents. His skills as a producer have led him to collaborate with a diverse array of artists, facilitating the creation of albums that span genres and styles. This versatility is a testament to Nelson's commitment to musical excellence and his desire to continually evolve as an artist.

    Innovation and Legacy

    Paul Nelson's legacy is characterized by his unrelenting commitment to innovation and his relentless pursuit of musical excellence. His ability to seamlessly fuse traditional blues influences with contemporary elements has not only earned him accolades but also inspired a new generation of guitarists to explore the limitless possibilities of their instrument.

  • Andy Michaud - Vocals
  • Frank Cortese - Drums
Track Listing of: Liege Lord Burn to my Touch

The Song/tracks on "Liege Lord Burn to my Touch" are

    Side One:
  • Transgression
  • Birds of Prey
  • Cast Out
  • Portrait of Despair
    Side Two:
  • Black Lit Knights
  • The Manics Mask
  • Legend
  • Walking Fire
  • Speed of Sound
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High Resolution Photo Album Back Cover of Liege Lord - Burn to my Touch

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