"WILDFIRE - Summer Lightning," the NWOBHM gem, embodies the movement's spirit with its raw energy and anthemic tracks. Released in 1984, it's a testament to the band's brief yet impactful journey. The vinyl LP format adds nostalgia, offering collectors a tangible piece of metal history. WILDFIRE's legacy lives on, not just in music but as a time capsule of the vibrant NWOBHM era.


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"Summer Lightning": A Forgotten Gem of NWOBHM
Album Description:

In the heart of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) explosion of the early 1980s, WILDFIRE emerged, a band that, despite its short lifespan, left a mark on the scene with their sole album, "Summer Lightning." Released in 1984, the album showcased a blend of hard rock and heavy metal that captured the energy and spirit of the era.

Historical Context and Musical Exploration

WILDFIRE was formed in the fertile musical landscape of 1980s Britain, where a wave of bands was revitalizing the heavy metal genre. The NWOBHM movement gave rise to iconic acts like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, and Saxon, among others. WILDFIRE's music reflected this vibrant scene, blending powerful vocals, soaring guitar riffs, and driving rhythms.

The album, "Summer Lightning," was a testament to the band's musical exploration. The tracks ranged from anthemic rockers like the title track to more melodic pieces, showcasing the versatility of their sound. Their music embraced the raw energy of the NWOBHM movement while incorporating elements of classic hard rock, creating a unique sonic identity.

The Production Team and Studio

The album was produced by Guy Bidmead for Hooligan Productions, known for their work with various NWOBHM bands. Alfie Falckenbach served as the executive producer, overseeing the project. Patrick Cogneaux and Steve McNeill handled the sound engineering duties, ensuring a polished and powerful sound. The album was mastered by Kevin Metcalf, a renowned engineer in the industry.

The recording sessions took place in an undisclosed studio, adding to the mystique surrounding the album's creation. The band's dedication to their craft was evident in the final product, which captured their live energy and intensity.

Musicians and Frontman

WILDFIRE featured a talented lineup of musicians. Paul Mario Day, who had previously sung for Iron Maiden, led the band with his powerful vocals. His distinctive voice, combined with the band's dynamic instrumentation, created a memorable sound that resonated with fans.

Jeff Summers and Martin Bushell delivered electrifying guitar work, showcasing their technical skills and melodic sensibilities. Jeff Brown's basslines provided a solid foundation for the music, while Bruce Bisland's drumming drove the songs with relentless energy.

Music Genre:

 Heavy Metal

Album Production information:

The album: "WILDFIRE - Summer Lightning" was produced by: Guy Bidmead for Hooligan Productions

Guy Bidmead, producer and sound engineer has worked on the vinyl albums for several Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands during the 1980s. These bands include: Motorhead, Wildfire, Trojan, Warfare, Exciter, Deaf Dealer, Coroner, Vanadium.

Alfie Falckenbach (1950-2016) - Executive Producer

Alfie Falckenbach was a visionary figure in the European Heavy Metal scene, known for his contributions as the founder of the Belgian record company, Mausoleum Records. Born on 7 April 1950, in Belgium, Falckenbach displayed an early passion for music and a keen entrepreneurial spirit that would lead him to shape the landscape of heavy metal in the 1980s.

Falckenbach's journey into the world of music began when he discovered his love for rock and roll during his teenage years. Inspired by the energetic and rebellious nature of the genre, he immersed himself in the music and developed a deep appreciation for heavy metal. Recognizing the potential of this genre, Falckenbach became determined to provide a platform for emerging European bands and offer them the exposure they deserved.


In 1982, Falckenbach established Mausoleum Records , a record company dedicated to promoting and supporting heavy metal music. Through his label, he aimed to give voice to talented European bands, particularly those from his home country of Belgium. Falckenbach's commitment to fostering talent and promoting the heavy metal scene resulted in the creation of numerous influential bands.

Working closely with talented collaborators like Leo Felsenstein and Stonne Holmgren, Falckenbach nurtured the growth of Mausoleum Records. He played a pivotal role in producing and promoting the music of various European heavy metal bands, giving them a platform to showcase their talent to a wider audience. His collaborations with Felsenstein and Holmgren brought a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and business acumen to the table, contributing to the success of the record label and the bands associated with it.

Under Falckenbach's guidance, Mausoleum Records became synonymous with quality heavy metal releases, launching the careers of many iconic bands. The record label introduced the world to Belgian metal acts like Acid, Ostrogoth, Killer, and Crossfire, among others, who would go on to make their mark in the metal scene. These bands not only gained recognition within Europe but also garnered international acclaim, thanks to the efforts of Falckenbach and his team.

Falckenbach's commitment to the heavy metal movement extended beyond Mausoleum Records. He played an active role in organizing concerts and festivals, providing a platform for metal bands to connect with their fans and expand their reach. His dedication to the genre and his understanding of its nuances made him a respected figure within the heavy metal community.

Alfie Falckenbach's influence on the European heavy metal scene cannot be overstated. His founding of Mausoleum Records, his collaborations with Leo Felsenstein and Stonne Holmgren, and his unwavering support for emerging bands shaped the landscape of heavy metal music in the 1980s. Today, his contributions continue to resonate, and his legacy lives on in the enduring music of the bands he helped to establish.

Although Alfie Falckenbach is no longer with us, his impact on the heavy metal genre remains as a testament to his dedication and passion for music. His visionary approach and unwavering commitment to supporting talented artists have left an indelible mark on the history of European heavy metal.

Patrick Cogneaux - Sound Engineer

Patrick Cogneaux a sound engineer associated with "Shiva Studio, Brussels, Belgium" who has worked on albums for "FN Guns", Ostrogoth, Steelover, TSA, Wildfire, Warhead and many others.


Steve McNeill - Sound Engineer

Kevin Metcalf - Mastering Engineer

Claudia Randall - Photography

Francesca Sullivan - Photography

Record Label Information:

 Mausoleum records SKULL 8338

Media Format:

 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

 1984 Made in Belgium

Band Members and Musicians on: WILDFIRE - Summer Lightning
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Vocals : Paul Mario Day

    Paul Mario Day is a British singer and the first singer in the British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) band: "Iron Maiden" from 1975 until 1976. In 1986 Paul Day migrated to Australia.

  • Guitars : Jeff Summers
  • Guitars : Martin Bushell
  • Bass :Jeff Brown
  • Drums : Bruce Bisland

Track Listing of: "WILDFIRE - Summer Lightning"

The Songs/tracks on "WILDFIRE - Summer Lightning" are

  1. The Key 04:41
  2. Summer Lightning 04:28
  3. Gun Runner 04:16
  4. Give Me Back Your Heart Again 04:08
  5. Nothing Lasts Forever 03:43
  6. Natural Selection 04:52
  7. Fight Fire With Fire 03:33
  8. Blood Money 03:54
  9. Passion For The Sun 05:18
  10. Screaming In The Night 04:03
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Close-up of the Mausoleum Record Label of "Summer Lightning" 

Close-up of the Mausoleum Record Label of "Summer Lightning"   

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"WILDFIRE - Summer Lightning," the NWOBHM gem, embodies the movement's spirit with its raw energy and anthemic tracks. Released in 1984, it's a testament to the band's brief yet impactful journey. The vinyl LP format adds nostalgia, offering collectors a tangible piece of metal history. WILDFIRE's legacy lives on, not just in music but as a time capsule of the vibrant NWOBHM era.

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