The NWOBHM beast on 12" vinyl - where raw energy meets sonic rebellion!

"Animal Man," Rogue Male's 1986 NWOBHM masterpiece, roars to life on its 12" vinyl release. The album, a sonic beast of gritty riffs and primal energy, encapsulates the band's rebellious spirit. With visceral vocals and explosive instrumentals, each track on the LP is a declaration of heavy metal prowess. This cult classic, celebrated for its DIY ethos, stands as a timeless gem in the world of British heavy metal history.


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"Animal Man" Album Description:

In the world of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), a movement that rejuvenated the heavy metal scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Rogue Male stands as a formidable force. Among their contributions to the genre, the 1986 album "Animal Man" emerges as a landmark release that encapsulates the raw energy and unbridled spirit of NWOBHM. Today, we delve into the depths of this sonic beast, exploring the nuances of the album's 12" vinyl release.

The Rise of Rogue Male:

Rogue Male burst onto the scene in the mid-1980s, a period characterized by a resurgence of interest in heavy metal music. The band's lineup featured Jim Lyttle on vocals, Jimi Brown and Kevin Procter on guitars, Paul Procter on bass, and Kev Graham on drums. With their self-titled debut album in 1985, Rogue Male made a compelling statement, but it was their sophomore effort, "Animal Man," that truly solidified their place in the NWOBHM legacy.

"Animal Man" Unleashed:

Released in 1986, "Animal Man" is a relentless onslaught of gritty riffs, thunderous drums, and Lyttle's distinctive vocals. The album's cover art, featuring a feral-looking man surrounded by primal imagery, perfectly encapsulates the untamed essence of the music within.

The 12" Vinyl Experience:

The 12" vinyl format of "Animal Man" provides a unique sonic journey that complements the raw power of Rogue Male's sound. Vinyl enthusiasts often cherish the tactile experience of handling a record, and "Animal Man" offers a tangible connection to the band's ferocious energy. The larger canvas of a 12" vinyl allows for more detailed artwork, providing fans with a visually immersive experience as they explore the album cover and accompanying inserts.

Music Genre:

  NWOBHM New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Album Production Information:

  The album: "ROGUE MALE - Animal Man" was produced by: Steve James for Multia Media London

This album was recorded at: Marquee Studios and PRT Studios, mixed at the Power Plant

Record Label Information:

  Music For Nations MFN 68
Packaging: This album "ROGUE MALE - Animal Man" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and photos of Rogue Male.

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record

Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram

Year & Country:

  1986 Made in England
Band Members and Musicians on: ROGUE MALE - Animal Man
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Jim Lyttle - Vocals, Guitars
  • Kevin Collier - Bass
  • Johnny Fraser Binnie - Lead guitar
  • Danny Fury - Drums
Track Listing of: "ROGUE MALE - Animal Man"

The Songs/tracks on "ROGUE MALE - Animal Man" are

  1. Progress
  2. Lust
  3. Take No Shit
  4. You're On Fire
  5. The Real Me
  6. AnimalMan
  7. Belfast
  8. Job Centre
  9. Low Rider
  10. The Passing
Album cover photos of : ROGUE MALE - Animal Man
Front Cover Photo of "ROGUE MALE - Animal Man" Album
High Resolution Photos of rogue male animal man nwobhm  
Back Cover  Photo of "ROGUE MALE - Animal Man" Album
High Resolution Photos of rogue male animal man nwobhm  
Inner Sleeve   of "ROGUE MALE - Animal Man" Album

High Resolution Photos of rogue male animal man nwobhm  

High Resolution Photos of rogue male animal man nwobhm    

Close-up Photo of "ROGUE MALE - Animal Man" Record Label 
High Resolution Photos of rogue male animal man nwobhm  
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