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This section of the Vinyl Record Collectors guide lists the complete gramophone aka vinyl LP record discography of the German Krautrock band: CAN. On this summary page you will find album/record catalognrs, album titles, year of issue and country in which the record was issued.

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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
Spoon Records 009
CAN Future Days

CAN - Future Days

Future Days is the last album to feature Japanese vocalist Damo Suzuki. On Future Days, the band employs more of an ambient sound than on their previous efforts, especially on the title track and the twenty minute "Bel Air".

1973 Germany
Spoon Records 009
CAN Future Days  

CAN - Future Days

"Future Days" is the fifth studio album by the German experimental rock band Can, released in 1973. The album features the title track "Future Days" as well as other songs such as "Bel Air" and "Spray". It is considered one of the band's most experimental and minimalistic albums and is known for its use of unconventional instruments, electronic sounds, and extended instrumental passages. The album received critical acclaim upon its release and is considered a classic of the krautrock genre. It has been cited as an influence by a number of bands and musicians in various genres.

1973 Germany
United Artists UAS 29505
Can Future Days Bel Air Holger Czukay Spoon
CAN - Future Days ( 1973 , England )
United Artists Records
CAN - Limited Edition    

White Spoon Records Spoon 004 / 66.22.237-01

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CAN - Monster Movie

Monster Movie is the debut album by the German krautrock band Can, recorded and released in 1969. After the release of their first two singles in 1968, Can produced an album that was to be their full-length debut, entitled Prepared to Meet Thy Pnoom, but no record company was willing to release it. Monster Movie was Can's attempt to make a more accessible record for commercial release.

1989 Germany
Talent Twentytwo EFA 12618
CAN Out Of Reach Transparent Silver VinYL 12" LP  

CAN - Out Of Reach

"Out of Reach" is a collection of 1968–1974 rare recordings.

1999-2001 Germany
Tago Mago Records Salem TM-2215

CAN - Prehistoric Future

"Prehistoric Future is supposed to be Can's first-ever jam, "spontaneously composed by Can at Scholss Nörvenich, West Germany, June 1968". The core lineup of Karoli / Czukay / Schmidt / Liebezeit are joined by David Johnson (flute, tapes) and Manni Löhe (vocals, percussion, flute)    

CAN Radio Waves Czukay Suzuki 12" Vinyl LP  

CAN - Radio Waves

Radio Waves is a collection of rare CAN live and studio recordings recorded between 1969-1972 

United Artists UAG 29673

CAN - Soon Over Babaluma ( 1973 , England )

SOON OVER BABALUMA was Can's last album which was recorded straight onto stereo without a multi-tracking machine. An era came to an end  

SPOON Records 010
Can - Soon Over Babaluma Germany  

CAN - Soon Over Babaluma ( 1974 , Germany )

SOON OVER BABALUMA was Can's last album which was recorded straight onto stereo without a multi-tracking machine. An era came to an end

Liberty LBS 83 437

CAN - Soundtracks

Soundtracks is a soundtrack album by the Krautrock group Can. It was first released in 1970 and consists of tracks written for various films. The album marks the departure of the band's original vocalist Malcolm Mooney, who sings on two tracks, to be replaced by new member Damo Suzuki.    

1970 Germany
United Artists 35 304
Can Spoon / Shikako Maru Ten 7" Single vinyl  
CAN - Spoon / Shikako Maru Ten 7" Single    
Spoon Records 006/7
Can - Tago Mago Spoon Records 12" Vinyl LP  

Can - Tago Mago

TAGO MAGO was CAN's official second album and was an attempt in achieving a mystery musical world from light to darkness and return. The album consisted not only out of regularly recorded music, but for the first time CAN combined 'in-between-recordings', that means the musicians were secretly recorded in the pauses when a new microphone and recording set up was being established. In that time the rest of the group just played in order to make the time pass by instead of waiting till the technical problems were solved. And there was always one microphone and one recorder on standby position for such cases. Altogether certainly a psychedelic experience, and the studio itself even turned into something new e.g. by changing dramatically the whole illumination.

1971 Germany
Spoon 023/024
Can Unlimited Edition 2LP  

CAN - Unlimited Edition

Unlimited Edition is a compilation album by the band Can. Released in 1976 as a double album, it was an expanded version of the 1974 LP Limited Edition on United Artists Records which, as the name suggests, was a limited release of 15,000 copies (tracks 14-19 were added). The album collects unreleased music from throughout the band's history from 1968 until 1976, and both the band's major singers (Damo Suzuki and Malcolm Mooney) are featured. The cover photos are taken in Pantheon room of The British Museum.

1976 Germany