CAN - Future Days - 12" Vinyl LP Album

Can was the leading avant-garde rock group of the 70s. Can experimented with noise, synthesizers, non-traditional music, cut-and-paste techniques, and, most importantly, electronic music. "Future Days" is the fifth studio album by the German experimental rock band Can, released in 1973. The album features the title track "Future Days" as well as other songs such as "Bel Air" and "Spray". It is considered one of the band's most experimental and minimalistic albums and is known for its use of unconventional instruments, electronic sounds, and extended instrumental passages. The album received critical acclaim upon its release and is considered a classic of the krautrock genre. It has been cited as an influence by a number of bands and musicians in various genres.

CAN - Future Days German Release 12" Vinyl LP Album 
 front cover

Album Description:

 In the world of avant-garde rock music, few bands have achieved the level of innovation and experimentation as Can. Hailing from Germany, Can emerged in the 1970s as a pioneer of unconventional music, pushing the boundaries of traditional rock and embracing a wide array of eclectic influences. Known for their fearless exploration of noise, synthesizers, cut-and-paste techniques, and, most significantly, electronic music, Can left an indelible mark on the music scene. Among their notable works is the iconic "Future Days", a studio album released in 1973.

"Future Days" stands as a testament to Can's avant-garde approach and showcases their willingness to break away from musical conventions. The album, presented as a 12" vinyl LP, features a mesmerizing collection of tracks that solidify Can's reputation as masters of experimental rock. The band's lineup consisted of Holger Czukay on bass, Michael Karoli on guitar, Jaki Liebezeit on drums, Irmin Schmidt on keyboards, and Damo Suzuki on vocals, each contributing their unique style and talents to the overall sound.

The titular track, "Future Days", captivates listeners from the very beginning. It envelops the senses with its atmospheric and ethereal qualities, immersing the audience in a hypnotic journey. The song's extended instrumental passages, characterized by intricate rhythms and intricate layering of sound, create a sonic landscape that transports listeners to unexplored territories. "Future Days" serves as a testament to Can's ability to construct mesmerizing compositions that defy traditional song structures.

Another notable track on the album is "Spray". Here, Can takes experimentation to new heights, utilizing unconventional instruments and electronic sounds to construct a unique auditory experience. The band's ability to blend disparate elements seamlessly is showcased through intricate percussion work, interwoven guitar melodies, and enigmatic vocal contributions. "Spray" epitomizes Can's ability to create music that challenges listeners and expands their musical horizons.

"Moonshake" is yet another standout track, characterized by its infectious rhythm and pulsating energy. The song's driving bassline, intricate guitar work, and propulsive drumming combine to create a hypnotic groove that is both captivating and irresistible. It exemplifies Can's ability to infuse their music with infectious energy while maintaining an avant-garde edge.

Finally, "Bel Air" completes the album with its dream-like atmosphere and haunting melodies. Can's use of synthesizers and keyboards enhances the ethereal quality of the track, transporting listeners to a realm of otherworldly beauty. The interplay between the various instruments and Damo Suzuki's vocals showcases the band's ability to create a rich and evocative sonic tapestry.

Upon its release, "Future Days" received widespread critical acclaim and has since been hailed as a classic of the krautrock genre. The album's unique blend of experimentalism, minimalism, and electronic music set it apart from its contemporaries, solidifying Can's status as pioneers of avant-garde rock. The influence of "Future Days" can be felt in a wide range of genres, with numerous bands and musicians citing Can as a source of inspiration for their own groundbreaking work.

Music Genre:

  Psych, Acid, Krautrock, Indie, Chill-Out
Collectors' Info: This Can record "Future Days" contains the 20 min masterpiece: "Bel Air"

Album Packaging / Information:

  Recorded At Inner Space Studio 1973
Written And Produced By CAN
Engineering And Editing By Holger Czukay 

Record Label Information:

  Spoon Records 009

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl LP Record Pressed on High Quality 140 grams vinyl

Year & Country:

  1973 Made in Germany
Band Members and Musicians on: Can - Future Days
Track Listing of: Can - Future Days
  1. Future Days
  2. Spray
  3. Moonshake
  4. Bel Air


Front Cover Photo Of CAN - Future Days German Release 12" Vinyl LP Album


CAN - Future Days German Release 12" Vinyl LP Album 
 front cover

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Photo Of The Back Cover CAN - Future Days German Release 12" Vinyl LP Album


CAN - Future Days German Release 12" Vinyl LP Album 
 back cover

Close up of Side One record's label CAN - Future Days German Release 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Future Days" Record Label Details: White Colour Label SPOON-Records Spoon 009, 66.22.236-01-1 ℗ 1973Sound Copyright

"Future Days" Record Label Details: White Colour Label SPOON-Records Spoon 009, 66.22.236-01-1 ℗ 1973Sound Copyright

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