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La India Dancing on Fire b/w Bailando en el Fuego 12" LP

La India Dancing on Fire b/w Bailando en el Fuego album front cover
La India Dancing on Fire b/w Bailando en el Fuego album front cover

  Warner Bros (WB) Records Jellybean 0-20871 , 1988 , USA

La India's 1988 album, "Dancing on Fire / Bailando en el Fuego," epitomizes the fusion of traditional Latin salsa with contemporary influences. Produced by Jellybean and remixed by "Little" Louie Vega, the vinyl 12" Maxi Single reflects the dynamic musical landscape of the late 1980s. La India's iconic release, combining tradition and innovation, remains a timeless gem in the Princess of Latin Salsa Music's illustrious career.

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LA LUPE (GUADALUPE YOLI) - La Lupe es la Reina, La Lupe The Queen

Thumbnail of LA LUPE (GUADALUPE YOLI) - La Lupe es la Reina, La Lupe The Queen album front cover

Latin Soul

"La Lupe (Guadalupe Yoli) - The Queen" is a tribute to the legendary "Queen of Latin Soul". Recorded at A&R Studios in New York City, the album features arrangements by Joe Cain on Side A and Hector Rivera on Side B. With cover design by Ely Besalel and photography by Warren Flagler, this 12" Vinyl LP Album pays homage to the iconic La Lupe and her influential contribution to Latin music. A visual and auditory delight for fans and collectors alike.

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LE FOXXE - Too Hot

Thumbnail of LE FOXXE - Too Hot album front cover

Dance, Disco

"Le Foxxe - Too Hot French Kiss" is part of the Too Hot record label's provocative collection. Released by TSR Mixers between 1984-1985, this 12" vinyl album features a sultry cover with nudity. The title track, "French Kiss", encapsulates the album's sensual theme, making it a captivating and bold addition to collectors of risqué vinyl records from that era.

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LISANDRO MEZA - Estas Pillao

Thumbnail of LISANDRO MEZA - Estas Pillao album front cover

Latin, Cumbia

Lisandro Meza played an important role in the evolution of Cumbia, the traditional big band dance music of Colombia. A master of vallenato sabanero, an accordion-driven style of music that originated in Mexico.

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Thumbnail of LISANDRO MEZA - Mi Carrito album front cover

Latin, Cumbia

"Mi Carrito" is a 12" Vinyl LP album by Lisandro Meza, showcasing his Colombian musical talent. Produced by Julio Segundo Villa, the album encapsulates the vibrant rhythms and melodies of Colombian music. Lisandro Meza's distinctive style shines through in this collection, making it a cherished addition to the world of Latin music

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LYRES - Lyres Lyres

Thumbnail of LYRES - Lyres Lyres  album front cover

New Wave, Alternative Rock

Lyres (sometimes miscredited as The Lyres) are a Boston-area alternative rock musical group led by Jeff "Monoman" Conolly. Lyres were founded in 1979 following the breakup of DMZ. Their most popular songs included "What A Girl Can't Do" and "Help You Ann". The original lineup of the band featured Rick Coraccio(bass),Ricky Carmel (guitar), and Paul Murphy (drums).

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