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A Brief history on SORTILÈGE and it's core band-members :

The evolution/history of the French Heavy Metal band "Sortilège" starts late 1980 when "Stéphane Dumont" and "Didier Demajean" (both are schoolmates) form the band "Blood Wave". Soon after they are joined by "Jean-Philippe Dumont" and in October 1981 "Daniel Lapp" joins them to make the "Blood Wave" band complete. In January 1983 the name of this band is changed into "Sortilège". "Sortilège" breaks up early 1987 and Stephane and Jean-Philippe Dumont continue in the band "Bouche de Vieille" followed by "Bliss" in 1992.

Christian "Zouille" Augustin was singer in Sortilège from 1981-1986. Before joining Sortilège in 1981, he was in a band called "Correspondance".

Didier "Dem" Demajean played guitars in Sortilège from 1981-1986.

Stéphane Dumont schoolfriend of Didier Demajean and together they formed the band "Blood Wave", this band became later "Sortilege". After Zouille left Sortilege, the band became "Bouche De Vieille". In 1992 "Stéphane Dumont" together with his partner "Carolyn Jones", started the band "Bliss".

Daniel "Lapin" Lapp started in the "Flagrant Delit" band , he joined "Blood Wave" in 1980 and followed "Stephane Dumont" and "Jean-Philippe Dumont" in the bands "Sortilege" and "Bliss".

Jean-Philippe "Bob" Dumont occasionally used the pseudonym "Bob Snake" and has played the drums in the French Heavy Metal/Cult band "Sortilège".

Jacques Hustinx a Dutch musician, producer and co-founder of Rave-On Records.

Jacques Hustinx, a Dutch musician, producer, and co-founder of Rave-On Records, played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of heavy metal music during the 1980s. Learn more about him

Willem Steentjes the owner and sound engineer of Stonesound Studio, Roosendaal, NL.

Alex Mitram has been photographing for the albums of the French Heavy Metal band "Sortilege" which includes albums: Sortilege, Métamorphose and "Larmes de héros"

Sortilège: The Heavy Metal Legacy of Belgium's Finest Rockers from the 80s

Sortilège Band Description:

Sortilège was a heavy metal band that was active in the 1980s. Formed in 1981, the band quickly gained a following in France with their unique blend of heavy metal and hard rock.

The band's original lineup consisted of vocalist Christian Augustin, guitarists Daniel Lapp and Didier Demajean, bassist Bruno Ramos, and drummer Jean-Philippe Dumont. They released their debut album, self-titled "Sortilège," in 1983. The album was a hit in France, and the band soon became one of the most popular heavy metal acts in the country.

Sortilège's music was characterized by its heavy, riff-driven sound and Christian Augustin's powerful vocals. The band's lyrics often dealt with dark and mysterious themes, such as witchcraft, magic, and the occult. Their music was influenced by bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and AC/DC, as well as French heavy metal acts like H-Bomb and Satan Jokers.

In 1984, Sortilège released their second album, "Métamorphose," which further cemented their status as one of the top heavy metal bands in France. The album featured some of the band's most popular songs, including "Métamorphose" and "Amazone."

Sortilège's success continued with their third album, "Larmes de Héros," which was released in 1986. The album was well-received by fans and critics alike and featured some of the band's most complex and ambitious music.

Despite their success, Sortilège disbanded in 1987. The reasons for the breakup are unclear, but it is believed that the band's members wanted to pursue other musical projects.

Sortilège's influence on the French heavy metal scene cannot be overstated. The band paved the way for a new generation of French metal bands, many of whom cite Sortilège as a major influence. Bands like ADX, Blasphème, and Killers all emerged in the wake of Sortilège's success.

Sortilège's music continues to be celebrated by metal fans around the world. The band's albums have been reissued multiple times, and their music has been included on numerous compilations. Christian Augustin, the band's vocalist, has continued to perform and record music, both as a solo artist and as a member of various bands.  

SORTILÈGE - Hero's Tears ( Heavy Metal, France ) 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail Of  Sortilège - Hero's Tears ( Heavy Metal, France ) 12" LP album front cover

Steam Hammer SH 0036 , 1986 , Germany

Explore Sortilège's "Hero's Tears," a French metal gem with a surprising German touch. This iconic album, born in 1986, showcases the prowess of French musicians, breaking stereotypes with its dynamic sound. The web-page offers a visual delight with hi-res photos, making it a must-visit for metal aficionados.

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SORTILÈGE - Metamorphose ( Heavy Metal, France ) 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail Of  SORTILÈGE - Metamorphose ( Heavy Metal, France ) 12" LP album front cover

Devil's Records DLS 584 , 1984 , Made in France

Sortilège's "Métamorphose" is a groundbreaking symphonic power metal album that revolutionized the genre with its powerful vocals, soaring melodies, and innovative blend of classical and heavy metal instrumentation. The album's original French version, distinguished by its authentic and mystical atmosphere, has become the most beloved and cherished by fans. Its impact on the genre and the French metal scene is immeasurable, and the album will continue to inspire and delight fans for generations to come.

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SORTILÈGE - Self-Titled ( Heavy Metal, France ) 12" Vinyl LP
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Rave-On Records – RMLP-003 , 1983 , Netherlands

Sortilège by Sortilège is a 5-track extented play (EP) vinyl record and is the first official record by this French Heavy Metal band.

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