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"Quiet Riot" is an American heavy metal band, best known for their hit singles "Metal Health" and "Cum On Feel the Noize." The band was founded in 1973 by guitarist Randy Rhoads and bassist Kelly Garni under the original name Mach 1, before changing the name to "Little Women" and finally "Quiet Riot" in May 1975. The original line-up featured Rhoads and Garni with lead vocalist Kevin DuBrow and drummer Drew Forsyth. Their current lineup features no original members from the Randy Rhoads era, and consists of lead vocalist Scott Vokoun, drummer Frankie Banali, bassist Chuck Wright and guitarist Alex Grossi. They are ranked at No. 100 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock." In a radio interview given by the band in 1979, DuBrow said the band's name was inspired by a conversation with Rick Parfitt of the British band Status Quo, in which Parfitt said he'd like to name a band "Quite Right". With his thick English accent, it sounded like he was saying "Quiet Riot." This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.


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On the discography listing below you will find QUIET RIOT vinyl records released during the 1970s and 1980s. For each record you will have the record company's catalognr, album title, year and country of release. Complete information for each record can be viewed by selecting the corresponding links. Albums have been ordered in ascending alphabetical order of the album titles.

Band Information:

Quiet Riot is an American heavy metal band that was formed in 1973 in Los Angeles, California. The band is known for their high-energy live performances and their catchy, hard-hitting songs that have earned them a loyal fan base over the years. They were one of the pioneering bands in the glam metal movement, and their influence on the genre is still felt today.

Quiet Riot was originally formed by guitarist Randy Rhoads, who would later go on to play with Ozzy Osbourne, and bassist Kelly Garni. The band went through several lineup changes in their early years, but it wasn't until the addition of lead singer Kevin DuBrow and drummer Frankie Banali that they really started to take off.

The band's breakthrough came in 1983 with the release of their third album, "Metal Health," which featured the hit single "Cum On Feel the Noize." The album was a massive success, reaching number one on the Billboard charts and going on to sell over six million copies in the United States alone.

"Metal Health" was followed up by several more successful albums, including "Condition Critical" (1984) and "QR III" (1986), but the band began to experience internal conflicts and lineup changes that led to a decline in their popularity.

Despite these challenges, Quiet Riot continued to tour and record throughout the 1990s and 2000s, with Banali as the only consistent member of the band. In 2007, they released "Rehab," their first album in over a decade, which received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.

Tragically, Banali passed away in 2020 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, bringing an end to Quiet Riot's long and storied history. However, the band's legacy lives on through their music, which continues to inspire new generations of fans.

In addition to their musical achievements, Quiet Riot also played an important role in the history of heavy metal as a genre. They were one of the first bands to combine the loud, aggressive sound of heavy metal with the flamboyant style and image of glam rock, paving the way for other bands like Mötley Crüe and Poison to follow in their footsteps.

Bang Your Head: A Discography of Quiet Riot's High-Energy Heavy Metal and Glam Rock Anthems.

QUIET RIOT - Conditional Critical (Blue Record Label) 12" Vinyl LP
QUIET RIOT - Conditional Critical (Blue Record Label)  album front cover vinyl record

1984's Condition Critical followed Quiet Riot's smash Metal Health. Packed with riffs & a killer Stan Watts cover, it's a must-have for 80s metal fans (Rolling Stone hated it tho).

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QUIET RIOT - Conditional Critical (White Record Label) 12" Vinyl LP
QUIET RIOT - Conditional Critical (White Record Label)  album front cover vinyl record

1984's Condition Critical! Quiet Riot rocks on after Metal Health's smash. ⚡ New anthems, Slade cover & Stan Watts' wild artwork! ‍

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QUIET RIOT - Metal Health 12" Vinyl LP
QUIET RIOT - Metal Health album front cover vinyl record

"Metal Health" is the 1983 album by the American Heavy Metal band "QUIET RIOT". It was recorded at the "Pasha Music House", Hollywood and producer by Spencer Proffer.

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QUIET RIOT - QR III  album front cover vinyl record

QR III is the fifth studio album released by American heavy metal band Quiet Riot in 1986. The name of this recording is short for "Quiet Riot III". Despite the title, this is actually the band's fifth album; however it was on their third major label/worldwide release.

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QUIET RIOT - QR Quiet Riot IV 12" Vinyl LP
QUIET RIOT - QR Quiet Riot IV album front cover vinyl record

QR (also known as Quiet Riot or Quiet Riot IV ) is the sixth studio album released in 1988 by the American heavy metal band Quiet Riot. The album featured a major line-up change.

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