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  After the "Big Crash" when all of the root members left KILLER, guitar player JAN v. CROW attached with a few friends a fourth Album named YOUNG BLOOD. The Sound changed completely! Brilliant guitar parts and a steamhammer drum joined the new powerful voice of MARK B. LAY. This is the last ever official released KILLER Album... until now..!   


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Killer: Young Blood - A New Chapter in Swiss Heavy Metal

Released in 1986, "Young Blood" marked a significant turning point for Swiss heavy metal band Killer. The album, released on Scratch Records, signaled a fresh start for the band after a major lineup change and a shift in their musical direction.

Historical Context and Musical Exploration

In the mid-1980s, the heavy metal scene was evolving, with bands experimenting with different sounds and styles. "Young Blood" reflected this trend, showcasing a more melodic and accessible approach compared to Killer's earlier, rawer sound. The album incorporated elements of hard rock and even hints of glam metal, broadening their appeal to a wider audience.

Controversies and Challenges

The release of "Young Blood" was not without its controversies. The departure of several original members and the subsequent lineup change led to some skepticism among long-time fans. Some criticized the band for straying too far from their heavy metal roots, while others embraced the new sound as a natural progression.

The Making of "Young Blood"

"Young Blood" was recorded at Spygel Studio, a renowned Swiss recording facility known for its high-quality productions. The band collaborated with producer Tom Krüger, who helped them refine their sound and achieve a polished, radio-friendly sound.

Band Members and Frontman

"Young Blood" introduced a new lineup for Killer, with guitarist Jan Van Crow taking on a leading role in the band's creative direction. The album also featured new vocalist Mark B. Lay, whose powerful voice and charismatic stage presence added a fresh energy to the band's performances.

Music Genre:

Swiss Heavy Metal / Hard Rock 

Album Production information:

Young Blood has been recorded in December 1985 at the Spygel Studios in Kirchheim/Teck Western Germany.

Sound Engineers: Batze Kramer, Tom Kruger

Walter "Batze" Kramer is German Sound Engineer, managing the sound quality for Heavy Metal Bands like: Starstruck, Tyrant, Sacrifice, Gravestone, Restless, Bloody Six, Vampyr, Maniac, Tox, Killer, Stormwitch, Necronomicon, Lustfinger, Veto, Tox and many others.

Tom Krüger, a German producer, sound and mixing engineer, and musician, is a prominent figure in the world of heavy metal music. Born in Germany, his passion for music began at a young age, and he dedicated his life to honing his skills and making a significant impact on the music industry.


Krüger's journey in the music world started in the 1980s when heavy metal was gaining immense popularity. He was captivated by the raw energy and power of the genre, and he set out to contribute his talents to this thriving movement. With his exceptional technical abilities and a keen ear for sound, he quickly made a name for himself as a producer and engineer in the German heavy metal scene.

Throughout his career, Krüger collaborated with numerous influential bands, working on over two dozen German heavy metal albums during the 1980s. His skills as a producer and engineer brought a distinct sound to each project, helping to shape the overall atmosphere and tone of the albums. He had an innate ability to capture the essence of the heavy metal sound, emphasizing the aggression and intensity that fans craved.

Krüger's contribution to the heavy metal genre extended beyond his role as a producer and engineer. He was also a talented musician, proficient in playing various instruments, including guitar and keyboards. His musical prowess allowed him to understand the creative process from both sides of the studio, enabling him to communicate effectively with the bands he worked with.

During his career, Krüger collaborated with renowned German heavy metal acts, including Accept, Helloween, Scorpions, and Kreator, among many others. His collaborations resulted in the creation of iconic albums that have stood the test of time, solidifying his reputation as a leading figure in the German heavy metal scene.

In addition to his work as a producer and engineer, Krüger also ventured into other areas of the music industry. He established his own recording studio, where he continued to produce and engineer albums for various bands and artists. His studio became a hub for creativity, attracting talented musicians seeking to achieve the distinctive sound that Krüger was known for.

Krüger's impact on the German heavy metal scene during the 1980s cannot be overstated. His contributions helped shape the genre's sound and solidify its place in the global music landscape. His meticulous attention to detail, technical expertise, and innate musicality made him a sought-after professional in the industry.

Today, Tom Krüger's legacy lives on through the albums he worked on and the countless heavy metal fans who continue to appreciate the music he helped bring to life. His dedication to his craft and his unwavering passion for heavy metal have left an indelible mark on the genre, ensuring his place as a respected and influential figure in the history of German heavy metal.

Mastered by Rico Sonderegger, St Gallen, Switzerland.

Preproduction at MBB Studios Switzerland.

Album cover design: Martin Appoldt.

Photography: Pascal Hegner

Record Label Information:

SCRATCH Records 941310 

Album Packaging:

This album "KILLER Young Blood" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, and photos of the Killer band

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram 

Year & Country:

1986 Made in Germany 
Band Members and Musicians on: KILLER Young Blood
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Mark B. Lay - Vocals

    Peter McTanner started his singing career in the "Bloody Six" band, followed by the bands: "Witchcraft", Headhunter , Killer , Krokus and "The Heavy's". He has also been using the pseudo "Mark B Lay".

  • Jan van Crow - Guitars
  • Martin Morelli - Bass
  • Ronny Woolf - Drums
Track Listing of: "KILLER Young Blood"
    Side One:
  • I Want It
  • Young Blood
  • She Wants More
  • Wild Boys
  • Run for You

    Side Two:
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Top Secret
  • She's a Crazy Driver
  • Heavy Metal
  • The Show is Over

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- Young Blood ( 1986, Germany ) - Young Blood ( 1986, Switzerland )