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  This web-page lists details of the discography of the Swiss Heavy metal band: "Killer" ( not to be confused with the Belgian band with the same name )


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KILLER Band Description:

Killer was a Swiss heavy metal and hard rock band that emerged in the late 1970s and gained prominence in the early 1980s. Hailing from Switzerland, the band was formed by a group of passionate musicians who sought to make their mark in the burgeoning heavy metal scene.

The band's lineup consisted of Mark Broman on lead vocals, E. Crown Kocher on lead guitar, Many Maurer on rhythm guitar, Beat "Tiger" Kofmehl on bass, and Ali Allemann on drums. Each member brought their unique skills and musical influences to the table, contributing to the band's distinct sound.

Killer's music was characterized by its powerful and energetic compositions, blending elements of heavy metal and hard rock. Their sound encompassed a raw and intense approach, characterized by heavy riffs, catchy melodies, and a driving rhythm section. Mark Broman's commanding vocals added a dynamic and forceful element to their music, while the guitar work of E. Crown Kocher and Many Maurer delivered blistering solos and memorable hooks.

In 1981, Killer released their debut album, "Ladykiller," which garnered significant attention and acclaim within the metal community. The album showcased the band's ability to combine aggression with melodic sensibilities, resulting in a collection of tracks that captivated fans of heavy music. Songs like the title track "Ladykiller," "Time Bomb," and "Destroyer" demonstrated the band's talent for crafting powerful and memorable compositions.

Following the release of "Ladykiller," Killer continued to tour extensively, sharing stages with renowned acts such as AC/DC, Motörhead, and Krokus. Their energetic live performances and dedication to their craft further solidified their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Swiss metal scene.

Despite their initial success, Killer faced challenges in sustaining their momentum. Internal conflicts and lineup changes plagued the band, ultimately leading to their dissolution in the mid-1980s. However, their impact on the Swiss heavy metal scene remained significant, and their music continues to be celebrated by fans of classic heavy metal.

Killer's legacy lies in their contribution to the development of Swiss heavy metal and their ability to deliver powerful and memorable music that resonates with fans of the genre. Their debut album, "Ladykiller," stands as a testament to their talent and remains a cherished piece of the Swiss metal catalog.

Index of KILLER ( Switzerland ) Vinyl Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery

KILLER - Ladykiller 12" Vinyl LP
KILLER - Ladykiller album front cover vinyl record

"Ladykiller" was expertly produced by Corry Knobel and Christoph Berger, who skillfully captured the raw power and intensity of Killer's music. The album was recorded at New Sound Studio, with the talented Gwyn Mathias serving as the sound engineer, ensuring the best possible sound quality for the band's tracks.

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KILLER - Stronger Than Ever 12" Vinyl LP
KILLER - Stronger Than Ever album front cover vinyl record

"Stronger Than Ever" showcased Killer's growth as musicians. The album was a departure from their earlier sound, incorporating more melodic elements while retaining their signature hard rock edge. This musical evolution was a testament to their willingness to experiment and push boundaries.

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KILLER - Thriller 12" Vinyl LP
KILLER - Thriller album front cover vinyl record

The early 1980s was a time of burgeoning heavy metal, with bands emerging from various corners of the world, each contributing their unique flavor to the genre. Killer, with their raw energy and undeniable talent, stood as a testament to Switzerland's contribution to the global heavy metal movement.

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KILLER - Young Blood (German and Swiss Release) 12" Vinyl LP
KILLER - Young Blood (German and Swiss Release) album front cover vinyl record

Released in 1986, "Young Blood" marked a significant turning point for Swiss heavy metal band Killer. The album, released on Scratch Records, signaled a fresh start for the band after a major lineup change and a shift in their musical direction.

- Young Blood ( 1986, Germany ) - Young Blood ( 1986, Switzerland )