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  Loudness is a Japanese heavy metal band from Osaka formed in 1981 by Akira Takasaki, known at first locally in Japan and then world-wide as a guitar virtuoso, and drummer Munetaka Higuchi. They have been very productive with releasing an music album every year during the 1980s. This web-page contains detailed album information of all vinyl records produced by the Heavy Metal band: Loudness


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ATCO 790 619 / LC 0120

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LOUDNESS - Hurricane Eyes 12" Vinyl LP (1987)

Loudness' 'Hurricane Eyes' 12" Vinyl LP Album, enriched by background vocals from Ace Frehley of KISS, is a pinnacle of Japanese heavy metal. Released with thunderous energy in the 1980s, the album showcases Loudness' mastery. With powerful vocals and intricate instrumentals, 'Hurricane Eyes' stands as a testament to the band's international collaboration and enduring influence in the global metal scene.

ATCO 790 512 / LC 0120

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LOUDNESS - Lightning Strikes 12" Vinyl LP (1986, USA)

"Loudness' 'Lightning Strikes' 12" Vinyl LP Album, the band's sixth studio release, is a seminal chapter in Japanese heavy metal. Released on July 25, 1986, the album exemplifies Loudness' evolving sound and impact. With powerful compositions and skilled musicianship, 'Lightning Strikes' solidifies Loudness' position as pioneers of the genre, leaving an enduring mark on the global heavy metal landscape."