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  Loudness is a Japanese heavy metal band from Osaka formed in 1981 by Akira Takasaki, known at first locally in Japan and then world-wide as a guitar virtuoso, and drummer Munetaka Higuchi. They have been very productive with releasing an music album every year during the 1980s. This web-page contains detailed album information of all vinyl records produced by the Heavy Metal band: Loudness


LOUDNESS - Hurricane Eyes 12" Vinyl LP
LOUDNESS - Hurricane Eyes album front cover vinyl record

In the realm of rock and heavy metal music, few albums possess the raw energy and melodic prowess as Loudness' "Hurricane Eyes". Released in the 1980s, this iconic album quickly gained popularity and solidified Loudness as one of Japan's most influential rock bands.

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LOUDNESS - Lightning Strikes 12" Vinyl LP
LOUDNESS - Lightning Strikes  album front cover vinyl record

"Lightning Strikes" was a testament to Loudness' musical exploration. While retaining their signature heavy sound, the album incorporated elements of hard rock and even hints of commercial appeal. Songs like "Let It Go" and "1000 Eyes" showcased their ability to write catchy anthems

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