The Georgia Satellites' self-titled debut album is a Southern rock masterpiece. Released in 1986, it showcases the band's raw talent and energetic spirit. From the infectious hooks of "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" to the scorching guitar solos of "Railroad Steel", this album captures the essence of Southern rock with its gritty vocals and bluesy swagger.


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Album Description:

The Georgia Satellites burst onto the music scene in 1986 with their self-titled debut album, a gritty and unapologetic celebration of Southern rock. Produced by Jeff Glixman and featuring iconic photography by David Michael Kennedy, this album quickly became a cornerstone of the genre and showcased the band's raw talent and infectious energy.

Formed in Atlanta, Georgia, the Georgia Satellites consisted of Dan Baird on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mauro Magellan on drums, Rick Price on bass, and Rick Richards on lead guitar. Together, these musicians created a sound that paid homage to the classic rock and blues influences of the South while injecting their own brand of rebellious spirit.

The self-titled debut album, released in 1986 and made in Germany, immediately made waves with its infectious hooks, memorable guitar riffs, and Baird's distinctive raspy vocals. The record opens with their breakout hit, "Keep Your Hands to Yourself", a catchy and raucous anthem that remains one of the band's most recognizable songs to this day. The track's upbeat tempo, playful lyrics, and infectious melody perfectly encapsulate the band's unique blend of rock, country, and blues.

The Georgia Satellites continue to deliver hard-hitting rock 'n' roll throughout the album, showcasing their versatility and songwriting prowess. Tracks like "Railroad Steel" and "Can't Stand the Pain" exemplify the band's ability to create high-energy rockers that get the crowd on their feet and heads banging. The scorching guitar solos and tight rhythm section highlight the band's musical proficiency and their ability to capture the essence of live performances on record.

While the Georgia Satellites are primarily known for their energetic and rowdy tracks, they also display a softer side on songs like "Battleship Chains" and "Red Light". These tracks showcase the band's ability to infuse heartfelt emotion into their music, while still maintaining their trademark Southern grit.

The self-titled album by the Georgia Satellites is a remarkable debut that solidified their place in rock history. With its blend of Southern rock, bluesy swagger, and infectious hooks, it remains a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences. The band's genuine passion for their music shines through in every track, making it an essential addition to any rock enthusiast's vinyl collection.

Decades after its release, the Georgia Satellites' self-titled debut continues to resonate with fans old and new, serving as a testament to the enduring power of Southern rock. With their distinctive sound and captivating performances, the band laid the groundwork for a new generation of rock musicians and left an indelible mark on the genre.

Music Genre:

  Hard Rock

Collector's Information:

This is the self-titled debut album of the Georgia Satellites

Album Producers:

 Produced by Jeff Glixman.

Jeff Glixman is a highly respected and accomplished music producer, sound engineer, and mastering engineer. With a career spanning several decades, Glixman has made significant contributions to the music industry, working with renowned artists and leaving an indelible mark on numerous recordings.

Born on 10 June 1951, in New York City, Jeff Glixman developed a passion for music at an early age. He began playing guitar and exploring various genres, immersing himself in the vibrant music scene of the city. Glixman's love for music soon expanded beyond performing, and he became fascinated with the technical aspects of sound production.

Glixman's journey in the music industry took off when he started working at the legendary Record Plant Studios in New York. There, he honed his skills as a recording engineer, working with a diverse range of artists and learning from experienced professionals. Glixman's talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of industry insiders, earning him a reputation as a skilled engineer with a keen ear for sound.

In the 1970s, Glixman made a significant breakthrough when he began collaborating with progressive rock band Kansas. He worked on their critically acclaimed albums, including "Leftoverture" (1976) and "Point of Know Return" (1977), which featured the chart-topping hit "Dust in the Wind". Glixman's meticulous attention to detail and innovative production techniques helped shape Kansas' distinctive sound and contributed to their commercial success.


Following his success with Kansas, Glixman went on to work with other notable rock acts, including Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, and Y&T. He became known for his ability to capture the essence of a band's sound and bring out the best in their performances. Glixman's collaborations with these artists resulted in iconic albums, such as Gary Moore's "Run for Cover" (1985) and Y&T's "In Rock We Trust" (1984).

In addition to his work as a producer and engineer, Glixman also excelled as a mastering engineer. His expertise in the final stages of the recording process allowed him to fine-tune and enhance the overall sound quality of albums. Glixman's mastering credits include albums by artists like Eric Clapton, Cinderella, and Krokus, further showcasing his versatility and skill set.

Throughout his career, Jeff Glixman's contributions to the music industry have earned him numerous accolades and recognition. His work has garnered multiple gold and platinum certifications, reflecting the commercial success of the albums he has been involved in. Glixman's dedication to his craft, commitment to excellence, and ability to create a dynamic and immersive sonic experience have solidified his reputation as one of the industry's most sought-after producers and engineers.

With a career that has spanned over four decades, Jeff Glixman continues to be actively involved in the music industry, collaborating with emerging and established artists alike. His passion for music and his unwavering pursuit of sonic perfection make him a respected figure in the field. Glixman's enduring legacy lies not only in the albums he has produced but also in the inspiration he has provided to aspiring producers and engineers around the world.


Photography David Michael Kennedy

Record Label:  Elektra 960 496-1

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 

Year & Country:

  1986 Made in Germany
Band Members and Musicians on: Georgia Satellites - Self-titled debut
Track Listing of: Georgia Satellites - Self-titled debut
    Side One:
  1. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
  2. Railroad Steel
  3. Battleship Chains
  4. Red Light
  5. The Myth of Love
    Side Two:
  1. Can't Stand the Pain
  2. Golden Light
  3. Over and Over
  4. Nights of Mystery
  5. Every Picture Tells a Story
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Close-up Photo of "GEORGIA SATELLITES - S/T SELF-TITLED DEBUT" Record Label 
High Resolution Photo #3 GEORGIA SATELLITES Self-Titled Vinyl Record  

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The Georgia Satellites Band History

The Georgia Satellites were an American rock band that emerged in the 1980s and gained significant recognition for their raw, high-energy sound. Formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1980, the band consisted of lead vocalist and guitarist Dan Baird, lead guitarist Rick Richards, bassist Rick Price, and drummer Mauro Magellan.

The band's roots can be traced back to a previous group called Keith and the Satellites, which included Dan Baird and Mauro Magellan. After going through several lineup changes, the band eventually settled on the name The Georgia Satellites in 1980. They quickly built a strong local following with their energetic live performances and a sound heavily influenced by classic rock and roll, blues, and southern rock.

In 1986, The Georgia Satellites signed a record deal with Elektra Records and released their self-titled debut album. The album's lead single, "Keep Your Hands to Yourself", became a major hit, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and propelling the band to national and international fame. The song's catchy guitar riff and Baird's gritty vocals helped define the band's signature sound.

The success of "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" catapulted The Georgia Satellites' debut album to platinum status, and it also produced another minor hit with the song "Battleship Chains". The band's blend of rock, country, and blues resonated with audiences, and they became known for their high-energy live shows.

Their second album, "Open All Night", was released in 1988. While it failed to match the commercial success of their debut and received favorable reviews from critics. The band continued to tour extensively and built a loyal fan base through their live performances.

In the early 1990s, The Georgia Satellites faced internal conflicts and lineup changes, resulting in the departure of guitarist Rick Richards and bassist Rick Price. Despite these challenges, Baird continued to lead the band and released two more albums under the Georgia Satellites name, "In the Land of Salvation and Sin" (1989) and "Shaken Not Stirred" (1997). However, these albums did not achieve the same level of commercial success as their earlier work.

Eventually, The Georgia Satellites disbanded in 1991, and its members pursued various solo projects and collaborations with other artists. Dan Baird embarked on a successful solo career, releasing several albums and continuing to perform live.

While their time in the limelight was relatively short-lived, The Georgia Satellites left a lasting impact on the rock music scene with their infectious blend of rock and roll and southern influences. Their hits, particularly "Keep Your Hands to Yourself", continue to be played on classic rock radio stations and have become enduring rock anthems.

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Elektra EKT 47 / 960 793 , 1988 , Made in Germany

"Open All Night" is the second studio album by American rock band The Georgia Satellites, released in 1988. This 12" vinyl LP showcases the band's raw, energetic sound with a mix of rock, country, and blues influences. The album captures the band's signature high-octane live performance style.

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Thumbnail of The Georgia Satellites Band History album front cover

Elektra 960 496-1 , 1986 , Made in Germany

The self-titled debut album by The Georgia Satellites, released in 1986, is a 12" vinyl LP that ignited the band's rise to fame. Packed with their signature blend of rock and roll, blues, and southern influences, this album features the smash hit "Keep Your Hands to Yourself", a catchy rock anthem that propelled them into the mainstream.

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