T.Rex - Hot Love b/w Woodland Rock - 7" Vinyl Single Picture Sleeve

"Hot Love" is a song by English glam rock act T. Rex, released as a standalone single in 1971. This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


T.REX - Hot Love / Woodland Rock 7" Vinyl Single front cover https://vinyl-records.nl

Album Description:

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of rock music, there are certain artists and songs that leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of listeners. T.Rex, led by the charismatic Marc Bolan, is undoubtedly one such band, and their 1971 7" Vinyl Single Picture Sleeve release of "Hot Love" b/w "Woodland Rock" stands as a testament to their innovative sound, glittering glam-rock aesthetic, and undeniable musical brilliance.

The year 1971 marked a pivotal moment in T.Rex's career. With their previous hits like "Ride a White Swan" and "Get It On (Bang a Gong)", the band had already established themselves as pioneers of the glam rock movement. However, it was "Hot Love" that would catapult them to superstardom, solidifying their status as icons of the era.

"Hot Love", the lead track on this single, is a dazzling display of T.Rex's signature sound. From the moment the needle hits the vinyl, the listener is transported into a world of infectious rhythms, catchy hooks, and Bolan's seductive and whimsical vocals. The song exudes an irresistible energy that is impossible to resist, inviting listeners to sing along, dance, and embrace the sheer joy of rock music.

On the flip side of the single, we find "Woodland Rock", a hidden gem that showcases T.Rex's versatility and musical range. This track delves into a more introspective and mystical realm, with Bolan's poetic lyrics and the band's enchanting instrumentation creating a dreamlike atmosphere. It serves as a reminder of T.Rex's ability to balance their glittery, flamboyant image with a deep musicality and lyrical depth.

The inclusion of a picture sleeve with this vinyl single adds an extra layer of visual appeal and collectibility. The artwork captures the essence of T.Rex's glam rock aesthetic, with Bolan's charismatic presence and iconic style on full display. The picture sleeve not only protects the vinyl but also serves as a portal into the world of T.Rex, enhancing the overall listening experience and providing a tangible connection to the band's captivating visual identity.

Released during a time when vinyl singles were a dominant form of music consumption, this 1971 T.Rex single holds a special place in the hearts of fans and collectors alike. It represents a golden era in rock music when glam rock reigned supreme, and T.Rex stood at the forefront of the movement. The single encapsulates the band's ability to push musical boundaries, blend genres, and create an irresistible sonic tapestry that continues to captivate listeners to this day.

Beyond its musical and artistic merits, this single serves as a time capsule of the cultural zeitgeist of the early 1970s. It embodies the spirit of liberation, self-expression, and decadence that characterized the era, with T.Rex serving as the perfect musical embodiment of this ethos. The impact of their music and the influence of their glam rock aesthetic can still be felt in contemporary rock and pop music, cementing their place in the pantheon of rock legends.

Music Genre:  Rock Music
Production Info:  Produced by Tony Visconti for Tarentula Records
Tracks side A:  Hot Love
Tracks side B:  Woodland Rock
Record Label:  Ariola 14 896 (14896)
Vinyl Record Format 7" Record, PS Picture Sleeve  
Country of Origin:  1971 Made in Germany


Front Cover Photo Of T.REX - Hot Love / Woodland Rock 7" Vinyl Single


T.REX - Hot Love / Woodland Rock 7" Vinyl Single front cover https://vinyl-records.nl

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Close up of Side One record's label T.REX - Hot Love / Woodland Rock 7" Vinyl Single

"Hot Love" Record Label Details: Ariola 14 896

"Hot Love" Record Label Details: Ariola 14 896