"Charlotte for Ever" marks the enchanting debut of French artist Charlotte Gainsbourg. Released as a 7" 45RPM picture sleeve single vinyl in 1986, it encapsulates her unique blend of music and acting talents. Produced by Billy Rush and Philippe Lerichomme, the recording took place across the globe, from Dangerous Music in New Jersey, USA, to Studio Plus 30 in Paris. The sleeve's captivating photography by Serge Van Poucke adds an artistic touch to this musical gem.


Photo Of Charlotte & Serge Gainsbourg On The Front Picture Sleeve

Charlotte & Gainsbourg Charlotte For Ever 7" Single

Album Description:

The collaboration between Charlotte Gainsbourg and her father, Serge Gainsbourg, resulted in the mesmerizing single "Charlotte for Ever". Released in the form of a 7" 45RPM picture sleeve single vinyl, this musical gem showcases the unique bond between the legendary French singer-songwriter and his daughter. With its evocative melodies and lyrical depth, "Charlotte for Ever" holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts and admirers of the Gainsbourg legacy.

"Charlotte for Ever" represents a beautiful convergence of talent and family ties. Serge Gainsbourg, known for his provocative and poetic compositions, collaborated with his daughter Charlotte, who inherited his artistic flair and captivated audiences with her own distinct style. The single becomes a testament to the enduring legacy of the Gainsbourg family, as it captures a magical moment in their creative journey.

The single showcases the musical brilliance of both Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The haunting melodies and melancholic atmosphere that permeate the song are reminiscent of Serge's signature style, while Charlotte's ethereal vocals add a touch of vulnerability and emotional depth. Their seamless collaboration creates a musical synergy that is both captivating and enchanting, drawing listeners into their world of introspection and artistic expression.

"Charlotte for Ever" delves into themes of love, loss, and introspection, showcasing the poetic lyricism for which Serge Gainsbourg is renowned. The lyrics possess a profound sense of introspection and vulnerability, touching on universal emotions that resonate with listeners on a deep level. The father-daughter duo's ability to convey such complex emotions through their music creates a profound and intimate connection with the audience.

The inclusion of a picture sleeve adds a visual dimension to the single, further enhancing the listener's experience. The sleeve may feature artwork, photographs, or a visual representation of the themes explored in the song. This aesthetic accompaniment provides a visual narrative that complements the music, elevating the overall artistic presentation and making the single a collector's item cherished by fans.

"Charlotte for Ever" holds a significant place in the Gainsbourg family's musical legacy. It serves as a reminder of the extraordinary artistic talent that runs through their lineage. The single's impact extends beyond its initial release, influencing subsequent generations of musicians and artists who have been inspired by the Gainsbourgs' innovative approach to music and their willingness to explore complex emotions through their art.

Even though "Charlotte for Ever" was released as a single, it remains a cherished piece of music that stands the test of time. Its emotional depth, masterful composition, and the undeniable chemistry between Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg make it a timeless gem in the world of music history. The single represents a snapshot of artistic brilliance and the enduring bond between father and daughter.

Music Genre: Chanson Francaise, French 70s 80s Pop 

Production Details:

The album: "CHARLOTTE & GAINSBOURG - Charlotte For Ever" was produced by: Billy Rush & Philippe Lerichomme

This album was recorded at: Dangerous Music, New Jersey, USA - Studio Plus 30, Paris

Sleeve Photography Serge Van Poucke

Record Label: Philips 888 165, Melody Nelson Publishing
Media Format: 7" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record 
Year and Country: 1986 Made in France
Complete Track-listing of the album "CHARLOTTE & GAINSBOURG - Charlotte For Ever"

The detailed tracklist of this record "CHARLOTTE & GAINSBOURG - Charlotte For Ever" is:

    Side A:
  1. Charlotte For Ever
    Side B:
  1. Pour Ce Que Tu N'Etais Pas - Duette with Serge Gainsbourg
High Quality Photo Sleeve of "CHARLOTTE & GAINSBOURG - Charlotte For Ever"
Photo Of Charlotte & Serge Gainsbourg On The Front Picture Sleeve
Album Back Cover  Photo of "CHARLOTTE & GAINSBOURG - Charlotte For Ever"
Large Hires Photo
Photo of "CHARLOTTE & GAINSBOURG - Charlotte For Ever" 7" Side B
Large Hires Photo

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Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg: A Dynamic Father-Daughter Duo and Their Enduring Cultural Legacy


Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg are two of the most renowned and influential figures in the world of French music, cinema, and art. The father-daughter duo created a unique legacy that has left an indelible mark on French culture. Their contributions to the arts span several decades and continue to inspire new generations of artists.  

Serge Gainsbourg was born in 1928 in Paris, France. He was a prolific singer-songwriter, composer, actor, and filmmaker. His music was characterized by a unique fusion of genres, including chanson, pop, jazz, reggae, and rock. He was notorious for his controversial lyrics and provocative behavior, which often attracted both criticism and admiration. Throughout his career, he released over 20 studio albums and collaborated with numerous artists, such as Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and Vanessa Paradis.  

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Serge's daughter, was born in 1971 in London, England. She is an actress, singer, and filmmaker. Her acting career started in the early 1980s, and she quickly gained recognition for her performances in various French and English-language films. In 1984, she made her musical debut with the song "Lemon Incest," which was a duet with her father. She has since released several albums and collaborated with artists such as Beck, Air, and Jarvis Cocker.  

Charlotte and Serge's relationship was complex and often fraught with tension. Serge was notorious for his wild and sometimes self-destructive behavior, which sometimes put a strain on their relationship. However, they also shared a deep love and admiration for each other's work, and their collaborations were often the result of a profound artistic connection.  

One of their most famous collaborations was the song "Je t'aime... moi non plus." The song was originally written for Brigitte Bardot, who refused to record it. Serge then gave the song to Jane Birkin, who recorded it with him in 1969. The song's explicit lyrics and Birkin's orgasmic moans caused a sensation and were banned by several radio stations. The controversy surrounding the song only added to its popularity, and it has since become a classic of French music.  

Charlotte and Serge's collaborations were also marked by a deep emotional intensity. Their song "Charlotte For Ever" was written and performed by Serge for his daughter, and it explores the complex relationship between a father and his teenage daughter. The song was later turned into a film by Serge, which starred Charlotte in the lead role. The film was controversial and received mixed reviews, but it remains an essential part of their artistic legacy.  

Another collaboration between the two was the film "Jane B. par Agnès V.," which was directed by Agnès Varda and starred both Charlotte and Jane Birkin. The film is a playful and surreal exploration of femininity, fame, and identity, and it features several songs written and performed by Serge.  

Charlotte and Serge's work together demonstrates the power of art to bridge generational and cultural divides. Their collaborations brought together two different artistic sensibilities and created something new and exciting. Their work continues to inspire and influence artists across various genres and mediums.