Ten Years After - Stonehenge Gatefold 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

Album Summary:  This album cover has a small die-cut hole on back.This hole allows you to see the inner sleev. The color of the inner sleeve was used by Deram to indicate mono or stereo records. 

Music Genre:

Blues, Hard Rock Music 

Collector's info:

Produced by Mike Vernon

Album Packaging / Information:

Gatefold (FOC) cover design 

Label Information:

White/Red Deram Label SML 1029

Media Format:

12" LP 

Year & Country:

1968 Made in England

Album cover photos of : Ten Years After - Stonehenge

Photo of Front Cover 

Large Hires Photo Album Front Cover Photo

Large Hires Photo Record Label  

Band Members and Musicians on: Ten Years After - Stonehenge

  • Alvin Lee
  • Leo Lyone
  • Ric Lee
  • Chick Churchill
  • Mike Vernon
  • Roy Baker
  • Martin Smith
  • Count Simon (Stable) de la Bedoyere
  • The Bird

Track Listing of: Ten Years After - Stonehenge

    Side One:
  1. Going To Try
  2. Can't Live without Lydia
  3. Woman Trouble
  4. Skoobly-oobly-doobos
  5. Hear Me Calling
    Side Two:
  1. A Sad Song
  2. Three Blind Mice
  3. NoTitle
  4. Faro
  5. Speed Kils

Ten Years After - LP's Discography and Album Cover Photos