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Burzum is a highly controversial yet undeniably influential one-man black metal project from Norway. Founded by Varg Vikernes in 1991, Burzum played a central role in the early Norwegian black metal scene. The project's raw, atmospheric music and dedication to dark themes drew a dedicated following. While Vikernes's crimes and extremist views have overshadowed the music, Burzum's impact on black metal remains significant. Its early albums are considered classics of the genre, noted for their grim melodies and lo-fi production that helped shape the genre's distinctive sound.

BURZUM Norwegian Black Metal

"Burzum" Band Description:

In the tumultuous landscape of European music during the early 1990s, a genre emerged that was both groundbreaking and controversial - Nordic black metal. Among the pioneers of this movement was Burzum, a one-man band formed by Varg Vikernes. This article delves into the historical context of the time period, exploring the socio-cultural factors that influenced the birth of Burzum and its impact on the black metal scene.

The Rise of Nordic Black Metal:

The early 1990s witnessed the rise of a unique musical and cultural phenomenon known as Nordic black metal. Rooted in the rebellious spirit of the youth and heavily influenced by Scandinavian folklore, this genre sought to break away from conventional norms in both music and ideology. Bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, and Emperor were at the forefront of this movement, creating an atmosphere of darkness and mysticism that defined Nordic black metal.

Burzum's Genesis:

Amidst this cauldron of artistic rebellion, Burzum emerged as a solo project by Varg Vikernes in 1991. Vikernes, a controversial figure known for his extreme views and involvement in criminal activities, became the face of Burzum. The name "Burzum" itself means "darkness" in the Black Speech, a fictional language from J.R.R. Tolkien's works, reflecting the band's inclination towards the obscure.

Socio-Cultural Context:

To truly understand the genesis of Burzum, one must delve into the socio-cultural context of the early 1990s in Europe. The collapse of the Soviet Union, the end of the Cold War, and the rise of nationalism in various European countries created an atmosphere of uncertainty and upheaval. This backdrop provided fertile ground for the emergence of countercultural movements, with black metal serving as a sonic rebellion against mainstream norms.

Production and Musical Style:

Burzum's early works, particularly the self-titled debut album released in 1992, were characterized by raw and lo-fi production. Vikernes intentionally adopted a minimalist approach, using basic recording equipment to achieve a sound that was both primitive and atmospheric. The album's musical style blended traditional black metal elements with ambient and dungeon synth influences, creating an eerie and haunting sonic landscape.

Controversies and Notoriety:

Burzum's journey was marred by controversies, most notably Varg Vikernes' involvement in the church burnings and the murder of Øystein 'Euronymous' Aarseth, a member of the band Mayhem. These events catapulted Burzum into infamy, overshadowing its musical contributions and solidifying its place in the darker realms of European music history.

Ebay's Ban on Burzum albums:

Burzum's albums were banned from eBay in August 2014 due to a number of factors, including the band's association with the Norwegian black metal scene of the 1990s, which was known for its violence and extremism, and the band's frontman Varg Vikernes' history of criminal activity.

In the early 1990s, Norwegian black metal bands were involved in a series of church burnings and other acts of violence. Burzum was one of the most notorious bands in the scene, and Vikernes was convicted of the murder of Mayhem guitarist Øystein Aarseth in 1994. He was also convicted of arson for burning three churches.

After his release from prison in 2009, Vikernes continued to make controversial statements and promote extremist views. In 2014, he was convicted of inciting racial hatred in France for publishing blogs that glorified war crimes and promoted discrimination against Jews and Muslims.

Based on these factors, eBay decided to ban the sale of Burzum merchandise on its platform. The company's policy prohibits the sale of items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, or racial intolerance.

The ban on Burzum merchandise has been controversial, with some fans arguing that it is an infringement on free speech. However, eBay has defended its decision, saying that it is necessary to protect its users from harmful content.

As of today, Burzum albums are still banned from eBay. However, there are other online retailers where the albums can be purchased.

Burzum's Music:

  Burzum is a Norwegian black metal band that was formed by musician and songwriter Varg Vikernes in 1991. Despite its relatively short career, Burzum has left a lasting impact on the black metal scene and has become one of the most influential and controversial bands in the genre.

 Burzum's early music was characterized by raw and atmospheric production, with an emphasis on unconventional song structures and unconventional instrumentation. The band's lyrics often dealt with themes of nature, heathenism, and anti-Christianity, and were often written in a pseudo-medieval style that reflected Vikernes' interest in Norse mythology and paganism. This blend of musical and lyrical elements helped establish Burzum as one of the pioneers of the second wave of black metal, along with other influential bands such as Mayhem and Darkthrone.

 However, despite its musical influence, Burzum is perhaps best known for its association with the wave of church burnings and murders that took place in Norway in the early 1990s. Vikernes was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the murder of Mayhem guitarist Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth, as well as for his role in the arson of several churches. These events have cast a long shadow over Burzum's legacy, and many black metal fans and musicians continue to debate the merits of Vikernes' music and ideologies.

 Despite this controversy, Burzum has continued to release music from prison, with several albums appearing in the years following Vikernes' incarceration. These releases have continued to reflect Vikernes' fascination with nature and heathenism, as well as his antipathy towards Christianity and modern society. In recent years, Vikernes has also become a controversial figure in the far-right, white nationalist movement, and his views and beliefs have drawn criticism from many quarters.

Index of BURZUM Vinyl and CD Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery
BURZUM - Demo LP Vynil Maniac records 001 1992 12" Vinyl LP
BURZUM - Demo LP Vynil Maniac records 001 1992  album front cover vinyl record

The Burzum Demo LP, released in 1992 by Maniac Records, encapsulates the essence of Norwegian black metal. Featuring instrumental rehearsal demos from 1991 and sessions recorded in 1992, this rare vinyl showcases Varg Vikernes, also known as Count Grishnackh. The release, a collector's gem, reflects the tumultuous early 1990s black metal scene and Burzum's influential and controversial role within it.

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BURZUM - Det Som Engang var CD
BURZUM - Det Som Engang var CD  album front cover vinyl record

Som Engang Var" by BURZUM, released in 1993 during the tumultuous era of Norwegian Black Metal, epitomizes the genre's raw and aggressive sound. Led by Varg Vikernes, the album's lo-fi production and controversial themes contributed to its historical significance. With enduring influence, multiple releases, and collector's appeal, it remains a seminal work, symbolizing a rebellious moment in extreme metal history.

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BURZUM - Feeble Screams / Depressive Visions of Cursed Warrior
BURZUM - Feeble Screams / Depressive Visions of Cursed Warrior  album front cover vinyl record

Burzum's "Feeble Screams" 12" LP Vinyl Album, released in 1992, embodies the essence of early Norwegian black metal. Formed by Varg Vikernes under the pseudonym Count Grishnackh, Burzum played a pivotal role in shaping the genre. Featuring tracks like "Depressive Visions of the Cursed Warrior" and "Lord of the Depths," the album showcases atmospheric intensity, contributing significantly to black metal's musical evolution.

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BURZUM - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss CD
BURZUM - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss CD  album front cover vinyl record

"Hvis Lyset Tar Oss," Burzum's 1994 Black Metal masterpiece, released under Misanthropy Records Amazon 001 / Cymophane EYE 002, encapsulates the rebellious spirit of early '90s Norwegian Black Metal. Crafted by Varg Vikernes as Count Grishnackh, the album's raw production and dissonant compositions, notably "Det Som En Gang Var" and the titular track, define the genre. Collectors cherish its cryptic matrix code (AMAZON 001 MPO 04 @@), making it a timeless relic of extreme music.

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BURZUM - Once Emperor 12" Vinyl LP
BURZUM - Once Emperor album front cover vinyl record

Burzum's early black metal influence is encapsulated in the rare 7" vinyl single album, "Once Emperor." Founded in 1991 by Varg Vikernes, also known as Count Grishnackh, Burzum played a pivotal role in shaping the genre. This limited edition release offers a glimpse into the band's formative years, featuring the elusive Rehearsal '92 Recording and contributing to the enduring legacy of Norwegian black metal.

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Tribute to Burzum a Man, a Hand 12" Vinyl LP
Tribute to Burzum a Man, a Hand album front cover vinyl record

The red vinyl 12" LP "Tribute to Burzum" by Wolfgang Productions USA pays homage to Varg Vikernes' influential era of black metal in the early 1990s. Meticulously produced, the album features all music and lyrics by Vikernes, capturing the essence of his atmospheric compositions. With tracks echoing Burzum's diverse discography, this homage serves as a contemporary bridge to the rebellious and mystique-laden roots of black metal.

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BURZUM - The Tribute 2LP with Veil. Xasthur, Wolfmond 12" Vinyl LP
BURZUM - The Tribute 2LP with Veil. Xasthur, Wolfmond album front cover vinyl record

"The Tribute with Xasthur, Wolfmond" 2LP album, produced by Ash Nazg and Perverted Taste Productions, immerses listeners in the dark realms of black metal. Released during the genre's pivotal period in the 1990s, this sonic journey unfolds through a meticulously crafted Double LP Gatefold cover, 12" Vinyl LP, and a captivating 12-page photo booklet. A homage to black metal's essence, it invites enthusiasts to explore its depths in a tangible, immersive experience.

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