Blue Öyster Cult - self-titled 12" Vinyl LP Album

Produced by Murray Krugman & Sandy Pearlman, David Lucas. Recorded at the Warehouse October 1971. Cover by Gawlik

BLUE OYSTER CULT - Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP Album  front cover

Album Description:

In the world of rock history, few bands have left an indelible mark as profound as Blue Öyster Cult. The band's self-titled debut 12" vinyl LP album, released in 1972, stands as a testament to their unique blend of rock, metal, and mysticism. Produced by Murray Krugman, Sandy Pearlman, and David Lucas, and recorded at the Warehouse in October 1971, the album's enigmatic cover by artist Gawlik became the gateway to a sonic journey that would captivate generations of music enthusiasts.

A Mystic Introduction: The Album Cover

Before even dropping the needle on the vinyl, listeners are confronted by the captivating cover art. The cover, designed by artist Gawlik, features a mysterious, ethereal image that encapsulates the otherworldly aura that Blue Öyster Cult is known for. A skull adorned with a crown of thorns emerges from a celestial backdrop, an intriguing visual representation of the band's fascination with the supernatural and the unexplored.

The Conjurers of Sound: Blue Öyster Cult Band Members

The creative quintet behind the album consisted of some of rock's most talented and distinctive musicians. Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser's virtuoso guitar work and distinctive vocals set the tone for the album's musical landscape. Eric Bloom's dynamic vocals and guitar contributions infused the music with a powerful energy, while Albert Bouchard's drums and Joe Bouchard's bass formed the rock-solid foundation of the band's sound. Completing the ensemble, Allen Lanier's keyboard work added layers of texture, enhancing the band's sonic diversity.

Summoning the Sonic Spirits: The Album's Tracks

The album kicks off with the hauntingly atmospheric "Transmaniacon MC," a track that immediately immerses listeners in Blue Öyster Cult's sonic universe. The driving rhythm and layered instrumentation are a testament to the band's intricate musical craftsmanship.

As the album unfolds, tracks like "Before the Kiss, a Redcap" and "Stairway to the Stars" showcase the band's ability to seamlessly blend melodic sensibilities with hard-hitting rock elements. These songs lay the groundwork for the signature Blue Öyster Cult sound – a blend of intricate songwriting, anthemic choruses, and captivating lyrical themes.

"Then Came the Last Days of May" showcases the band's storytelling prowess, transporting listeners to a vivid narrative-driven experience through its poignant lyrics and emotive guitar solos. The album's climax arrives with "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll," a track that exemplifies the band's fusion of heavy rock riffs and thought-provoking lyrics.

Behind the Veil: The Production and Recording

Murray Krugman, Sandy Pearlman, and David Lucas guided the album's production, capturing the essence of Blue Öyster Cult's live energy and channeling it onto vinyl. The album was recorded at the Warehouse in October 1971, a venue that would go on to become a landmark for live music recordings. The production team's meticulous attention to detail ensured that the album's sonic intricacies were faithfully preserved, allowing the listener to delve into every layer of the music.

The Legacy and Influence

Blue Öyster Cult's self-titled debut LP album was more than just a musical offering – it was a portal into a realm of imagination, mystique, and aural escapism. The band's fusion of hard rock, intricate songwriting, and esoteric themes laid the groundwork for a musical legacy that continues to influence artists across genres.

Music Genre:

 Psych, Acid, Metal

Album Production Information:

Produced by Murray Krugman & Sandy Pearlman, David Lucas.

Recorded at the Warehouse October 1971. Cover by Gawlik

Record Label Information:

 CBS 64904

Media Format:

 12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 

Year & Country:

  1972 Made in Holland
Band Members and Musicians on: Blue Öyster Cult - self-titled
Track Listing of: Blue Öyster Cult - self-titled
    Side One:
  1. Transmaniacon MC
  2. I'm On the Lamb But I Ain't No Sheep
  3. Then Came the Last Days of May
  4. Stairway to the stars
  5. Before the kiss, the Redcap
    Side Two:
  1. Screams
  2. She's as Beautiful as a Foot
  3. Cities on Flame with Rock 'n' Roll
  4. Workshop of the Telescopes
  5. Redeemed


Front Cover Photo Of BLUE OYSTER CULT - Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP Album


BLUE OYSTER CULT - Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP Album  front cover

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Photo Of The Back Cover BLUE OYSTER CULT - Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP Album


BLUE OYSTER CULT - Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP Album  back cover

Close up of record's label BLUE OYSTER CULT - Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP Album Side One

"Blue Oyster Cult" Record Label Details: Orange to Yellwo Colour CBS 64904

"Blue Oyster Cult" Record Label Details: Orange to Yellwo Colour CBS 64904
Index of BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Vinyl Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery

 Blue Öyster Cult is an American rock band formed in Long Island, New York, in 1967. They are best known for their classic rock hits, including "Don't Fear the Reaper," "Godzilla," and "Burnin' for You." The band's music is a blend of hard rock, heavy metal, and science fiction, with lyrics that often touch on themes of science fiction and the occult.

 The band's lineup has undergone several changes over the years, with founding members Eric Bloom (vocals, stun guitar) and Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (lead guitar) remaining constant throughout. Other members have included Albert Bouchard (drums), Joe Bouchard (bass), Allen Lanier (keyboards), and Danny Miranda (bass).

 Blue Öyster Cult has been praised for their musicianship, and the band's intricate arrangements and tight musicianship have been a major part of their appeal. They have been influential in the development of the heavy metal genre, and have been cited as an influence by many other bands in the genre.

 The band has released several albums throughout their career, including their self-titled debut album, "Blue Öyster Cult," in 1972, "Agents of Fortune" in 1976, and "Spectres" in 1977. Their music has continued to be popular over the years, and they have maintained a dedicated fanbase.

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - self-titled
BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - self-titled

CBS 64904 , 1972 , Netherlands

Blue Öyster Cult's self-titled 12" vinyl LP. Released in 1972, this album showcases the band's signature fusion of rock and mysticism. With haunting tracks like "Transmaniacon MC" and "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll", the album's intricate musicianship and captivating themes continue to resonate, marking a timeless exploration of sonic mystique   

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BLUE OYSTER CULT - Extraterrestrial Live
BLUE OYSTER CULT - Extraterrestrial Live

CBS 22203 , 1982 , Netherlands

Blue Öyster Cult's "Extraterrestrial Live" 2LP album. Capturing the band's 1981 tour, it delivers electrifying performances of hits like "Burnin' for You" and "Godzilla." With special guest Robbie Krieger, the album's interstellar sound, produced by Sandy Pearlman and George Geranios, immerses you in a celestial spectacle, leaving an indelible mark on rock's cosmic landscape.

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BLUE OYSTER CULT - The Revolution By Night
BLUE OYSTER CULT - The Revolution By Night

CBS 25686, AL 38947 , 1983 , Netherlands

"Experience Blue Öyster Cult's 'The Revolution By Night' 12" vinyl LP, a sonic voyage through the band's 1983 prowess. With tracks like 'Shooting Shark' and 'Take Me Away,' this album masterfully blends rock with atmospheric allure. Produced by Bruce Fairbairn, it's a nocturnal odyssey that encapsulates the band's evolution and enduring impact on the music scene".

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BLUE OYSTER CULT - Secret Treaties
BLUE OYSTER CULT - Secret Treaties

CBS 80103 , 1974 , England

"Delve into the enigmatic realm of Blue Öyster Cult's 'Secret Treaties'. Released in 1974, this album weaves a mysterious tapestry of rock and intrigue. With tracks like 'Astronomy' and 'Harvester of Eyes,' it's a mesmerizing fusion of dark melodies and thought-provoking themes. A testament to the band's artistic depth, 'Secret Treaties' continues to captivate and mystify listeners".

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