Lȧȧz Rockit ( Speed / Thrash Metal, USA ) 12" Vinyl LP DIscography and Album Cover Photo Gallery

  Lȧȧz Rockit a Speed/Thrash Metal band from Berkeley, California, USA. It was formed by Michael Coons (singer) and Aaron Jellum (Guitars), their most successful period was from 1982 until 1992. This page has a selection of their vinyl records.


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Through the Fire and Flames: An Illustrated Journey of Laaz Rockit's Vinyl Discography

Band Information:

  Laaz Rockit was a thrash metal band that emerged in the early 1980s and gained a dedicated following throughout the decade. Known for their aggressive music and politically charged lyrics, the band released several critically acclaimed albums and influenced many other thrash and speed metal bands that followed.

  Formed in 1982 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Laaz Rockit's original lineup consisted of Michael Coons (vocals), Aaron Jellum (guitar), Phil Kettner (guitar), Willy Lange (bass), and Victor Agnello (drums). The band quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy live shows and their ability to blend elements of punk, heavy metal, and thrash into their music.

  In 1984, Laaz Rockit signed with Target Records and released their debut album, "City's Gonna Burn." The album showcased the band's technical musicianship and political lyrics, with songs like "Fire in the Hole" and "Last Breath" addressing themes of war, government corruption, and social inequality. "City's Gonna Burn" received positive reviews from critics and helped establish Laaz Rockit as one of the leading thrash metal bands of the time.

  Over the next few years, Laaz Rockit continued to release albums and tour extensively, both in the United States and internationally. Their second album, "No Stranger to Danger," was released in 1985 and included the popular tracks "Euroshima" and "Shot to Hell." The album showcased the band's growth and maturity as songwriters, while maintaining their trademark thrash sound.

  In 1987, Laaz Rockit released "Know Your Enemy," which was produced by Metallica's Kirk Hammett. The album saw the band experimenting with new sounds and incorporating elements of funk and rap into their music. While some fans were critical of the album's departure from the band's thrash roots, "Know Your Enemy" remains a unique and innovative work that showcases Laaz Rockit's willingness to take risks and push boundaries.

  After several lineup changes and a brief hiatus in the early 1990s, Laaz Rockit released their final album, "Left for Dead," in 2008. The album marked a return to the band's thrash roots and received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. However, the band ultimately disbanded in 2018, after over three decades of making music.

  Laaz Rockit's legacy continues to be felt in the thrash and speed metal scenes, with many bands citing them as an influence. Their music and lyrics remain relevant and powerful, addressing themes of social and political injustice that continue to resonate with listeners today. While they may not have achieved the same level of commercial success as some of their peers, Laaz Rockit's impact on the world of heavy metal is undeniable.

LÄÄZ ROCKIT - Annihilation Principle 12" Vinyl LP

Thumbnail Of  LÄÄZ ROCKIT - Annihilation Principle 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

Enigma ENVLP 521 , 1989 , EEC

  "Annihilation Principle" is the fourth studio album by American thrash metal band Lȧȧz Rockit. This album was recorded August-September 1988 at: Prairie Sun Recording Studios, Cotati, California and was released in 1989 on Roadrunner Records/Enigma Records.

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LÄÄZ ROCKIT - Holiday in Cambodja 12" Vinyl EP

Thumbnail Of  LÄÄZ ROCKIT - Holiday in Cambodja 12" Vinyl EP album front cover

Restless Records – 72302-0 , 1989 , USA

  "Holiday in Cambodja" was originally written and performed by the "Dead Kennedys" , this version is a cover performed by "Laaz Rockit"

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Lääz Rockit - Know Your Enemy 12" Vinyl LP

Thumbnail Of  Lääz Rockit - Know Your Enemy 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

Enigma 3305-2 , 1987 , Netherlands

  "Know Your Enemy" is the third studio album from Californian thrash metal band, Lääz Rockit. It was released in 1987 on Roadrunner Records/Enigma Records and follows 1985's No Stranger to Danger.

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