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This web-page has detailed descriptions and background information on AGENT STEEL and the complete discography of this band Agent Steel is an American speed metal band from Los Angeles, California that was formed in 1984 by singer John Cyriis (birth name disputed, possibly João Campos or Jean Pierre),and drummer Chuck Profus.


The Agent Steel band released two full length albums, and one EP before disbanding in 1988. They were most notable for John Cyriis's high-pitched vocals, catchy songs, melodic riffs, and fast tempos mixed in with their unusual (in heavy metal) UFOs, and differential Anthropology -as the band's song/lyrical themes. The band reformed in 1999 and has released three full length albums since.

Agent Steel is a Los Angeles-based heavy metal band that formed in 1984. The band is renowned for their unique style that combines elements of thrash metal, speed metal, and science fiction-themed lyrics. Their music is characterized by fast and intricate guitar riffs, thundering drums, and soaring vocals that evoke a sense of power and intensity.

The band was formed by guitarist John Cyriis, who is considered to be the driving force behind Agent Steel's sound and vision. Cyriis' vision was to create a sound that was fast, aggressive, and innovative, while also incorporating elements of science fiction into their lyrics. This combination of high-speed metal and imaginative storytelling set Agent Steel apart from their contemporaries and helped them to build a dedicated following of fans.

One of the most notable aspects of Agent Steel's music is their incorporation of science fiction themes into their lyrics. Their songs often depict epic battles between good and evil, intergalactic wars, and the struggle for survival against hostile alien forces. These themes, combined with the band's powerful musical delivery, create an immersive experience for listeners that draws them into the world of the song.

Agent Steel's first full-length album, "Skeptics Apocalypse," was released in 1985 and received widespread critical acclaim. The album featured fast and aggressive thrash metal tracks, as well as more melodic and atmospheric songs that showcased the band's versatility and musicianship. The album's standout tracks, such as "Mad Locust Rising" and "Agents of Steel," have become fan favorites and remain popular to this day.

In the years that followed, Agent Steel continued to release critically acclaimed albums, including "Unstoppable Force" (1987) and "Mad Locust Rising" (1988). These albums further solidified the band's reputation as one of the leading lights of the heavy metal scene, and their music continues to inspire new generations of metal fans to this day.

Despite their popularity and success, Agent Steel faced numerous challenges over the years. The band experienced numerous lineup changes and personnel difficulties, which often resulted in long periods of inactivity. Despite these setbacks, Agent Steel has remained active and continues to tour and record new music to this day.

In conclusion, Agent Steel is a heavy metal band that has left a lasting impact on the world of metal music. Their unique style, blending fast and aggressive metal with science fiction-themed lyrics, has earned them a dedicated following of fans and critical acclaim. Their music continues to inspire and captivate listeners, and their legacy as one of the pioneering bands of the heavy metal genre remains unchallenged.

About John Cyriis

John Cyriis is an American vocalist primarily known for his involvement in the early years of the progressive and power metal band Agent Steel. Agent Steel was formed in 1984 and gained recognition for their high-pitched vocals, sci-fi-themed lyrics, and fast-paced music. Cyriis played a significant role in shaping the band's sound during their formative years.

Cyriis was the vocalist on Agent Steel's debut album, "Skeptics Apocalypse," released in 1985, and their critically acclaimed follow-up, "Unstoppable Force," released in 1987. His unique vocal style, characterized by high screams and falsettos, set him apart in the metal scene at the time.

After leaving Agent Steel, Cyriis remained relatively inactive in the metal scene for many years. However, in 2019, he resurfaced with the announcement that he had formed a new version of Agent Steel, called "John Cyriis' Agent Steel." This led to some controversy and legal disputes with the original members of Agent Steel.

Index of AGENT STEEL ( Speed / Thrash Metal, USA ) Featured VINYL RECORDS

AGENT STEEL - Mad Locust Rising (England)
Thumbnail Of  AGENT STEEL - Mad Locust Rising (England) album front cover

Music For Nations 12 KUT 124 , 1986 , England

Agent Steel's "Mad Locust Rising" is a seminal 1986 EP, the band's second release, featuring three intense speed metal tracks: "The Swarm Is Upon Us," "Mad Locust Rising," and a cover of Judas Priest's "The Ripper." Originally released by Music For Nations, it gained significance in metal history. A 1999 reissue by Century Media introduced it to a new audience, adding further value to this classic vinyl release.

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AGENT STEEL - Skeptics Apocalypse (Netherlands Release)
Thumbnail Of  AGENT STEEL - Skeptics Apocalypse (Netherlands) album front cover

 RoadrunneR – RR 9759 , 1985 , Netherlands

"Skeptics Apocalypse," the inaugural testament by the American Speed/Power metal force Agent Steel, reverberates on a 12" Vinyl LP Album. This debut release, recorded "somewhere in Los Angeles" as cryptically mentioned on the album cover, solidifies Agent Steel's position in the metal realm. Released as the band's first official album, "Skeptics Apocalypse" showcases their speed-infused power metal sound, marking a crucial chapter in their journey and contributing to the dynamic landscape of American metal.

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AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force (UK Release)
Thumbnail Of  AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force (UK) album front cover

Music For Nations MFN 66 , 1986 , United Kingdom

"Unstoppable Force" is the second and final album by the Speed Metal band: "Agent Steel", after the recording of this album the band split up. This album "AGENT STEEL UNSTOPPABLE FORCE UK MFN " includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos. If you like "King Diamond's" high-pitched singing style, you will definitely like "John Cyriis's" singing on this album

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AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force (CanadianRelease)
Thumbnail Of  AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force (Canada)
 album front cover

Relativity Cobra Records CL 1019 , 1987 , Canada

This is the Canadian release of "Unstoppable Force" release on Cobra Records.

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AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force (USA Release)
Thumbnail Of  AGENT STEEL - Unstoppable Force (USA) album front cover

Music for Nations MFN 66 / Combat Records , 1986 , USA

This is the American release of "Unstoppable Force"

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