Procol Harum Broken Barricades 12" VINYL LP ALBUM


High Resolution Photo # Procol Harum Album Front Cover Vinyl Record

Music Genre:

UK Progressive Rock

Album Production Information:

Produced by Chris Thomas

Label Information:

Green Chrysalis 6499 657

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Country of Origin:  Made in Germany

Track Listing of: Procol Harum Broken Barricades

The Song/tracks on "Procol Harum Broken Barricades" are:

    Side One:
  • Simple Sister
  • Broken Barricades
  • Memorial Drive
  • Luskus Delph
    Side Two:
  • Power Failure
  • Song for a Dreamer
  • Playmate of the Mouth
  • Poor Mohammed

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